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Ooh... I'm not sure if I like it... -.-
Uploaded: 1 August 2007
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how to draw
Le eye... After messing around with layers and junk I finally found what I would
stop at. I don't like it too much, and It seems a bit blocky to me...

A few tips would be nice, just to see if I can improve. Thank you for commenting...
And please Kidnap if you feel it deserves it. I certainly don't. -.-

Oh, and thanks to the guys who commented on the last one. It made me smile. I don't
know what modifying will do, but your welcome to? I dunno. Please send my a link to
the pic if you do though. I just wanna see. *Smirks*



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NarutoFan_101 says:   1 August 2007   553844  
omg thats awesome
Kamino says:   1 August 2007   928744  
Thank yous. *Hugs* I appreciate it.
NotSoNice33 says:   1 August 2007   934519  
a pink eye?
i KNEW you like pink somewhere
x_Rebel says:   2 August 2007   684556  
Zomg! aweshum!
SexyEmoLlamaGuy11 says:   2 August 2007   241285  
I like it!
Kamino says:   2 August 2007   778851  
Aww... thanks...
Kamino says:   2 August 2007   613558  
AND I STILL HATE PINK!!! *Growls menacingly in the corner*
SexyEmoLlamaGuy11 says:   2 August 2007   286787  
If you hate pink, then why did you make it pink?
Kamino says:   2 August 2007   418385  
Because it was originally red... But then I messed with it and it
looked too cool to get rid of but not cool enough to like...

Hard to explain...
brunetbaby says:   2 August 2007   649628  
I like it!^^-^^
Kamino says:   2 August 2007   955377  
ShotgunPunk says:   2 August 2007   966866  
Oh, sweetness! I didn't know you could draw like that Kami...
Kamino says:   2 August 2007   955942  
I didn't either. o.0
a7xluver09 says:   2 August 2007   571252  
okay pisk IS good in SOME places haha take my earrings at the moment
lol BLACK skulls and PINK safety pins but they still rock lol pink
eyes= awesome.. i like this one kami i dunno why you dont! ^_^ *thinks
about kidnapping*
Kamino says:   2 August 2007   679691  
Aw.... thanks... I still don't like pink. Yesh, I know. I still hate
it with a passion.

Pink= Associated with preps. o.0 I don't mind it on/with others... but
not meh. -.-
a7xluver09 says:   4 August 2007   455714  
haha to each their own is what i say! lol i do like the occasional
pink because ya know me= still halfway a girly girl haha!!! XD but i
still rock, like this oekaki... haha
Kamino says:   5 August 2007   695853  
XD I see...

I bet pink would even look good on some people. 0.o (Prolly you,

I hope it doesn't on me. -.- Because then my mother will chase me
around trying to get me to wear this... or that....
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   5 August 2007   695167  
awesome eye dude! rock on
sk8erAlex44 says:   5 August 2007   616788  
thats so awesome
Kamino says:   5 August 2007   453977  
Hehe... Thanks again to both of the Sk8ers...
Die says:   5 August 2007   258726  
That's one nice-looking eye.
Kamino says:   5 August 2007   216843  
Hehe... I don't like that its pink... o.0
sugar_were_goin_down95 says:   5 August 2007   843411  
i LOVE this just not so found of the color... i HATE pink..... with a
passion i might add it is like the Preppiest OF Preppy colors and i
HATE preps (go read my profile if u wanna know more bout that lol)
Kamino says:   6 August 2007   592251  
Heh... Then Thats a compliment?
NotSoNice33 says:   11 August 2007   798399  
and you guys say people are discrimanating against emos
look what you pplz say about preps.

glad im prep and pretty in pink 2
Kamino says:   11 August 2007   949761  
*Smug look*

I'm not Emo. If you knew me in real life you wouldn't be saying

And if you look at my profile, then you'll see. I don't hate Preps...
I find them annoying, yes. But I don't HATE Preps. Thats a powerful
word, And I find that maybe, they could stop hating Emos? I think its
a bit unfair... 'Course, not taking sides but if I had to it'd be with
Emos... But Anyway, The whole point of this was that I stated I hated
pink. O.o

(Oh, and by the way Preps treat me, I would be rightful to dislike
Anime_Punk_19 says:   25 August 2007   969287  
Kamino says:   25 August 2007   916635  
song_of_lothlorien says:   11 December 2007   564455  
Yeah... despite the pink, it is still and eyeball. And eyes are
Kamino says :   12 December 2007   242863  
Indeedy doo.
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