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KHR: Belphegor Doodle
Uploaded: 11 June 2010
how to draw
8D Quick something before dinner. <3

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‹actual-mermaid› says:   11 June 2010   677830  
I love how sketchy it is <333
‹turntechGodhead› says:   11 June 2010   981532  
Danke liebe. <333 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   11 June 2010   379291  
‹turntechGodhead› says:   11 June 2010   912045  
Thank you. c: 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   11 June 2010   579006  
hey, i call it as i see it! ^_^ 
‹turntechGodhead› says:   11 June 2010   647259  
 ;w; That's so nice~ Thanks again. <3 
‹??????› says:   11 June 2010   467111  
Dfjrfehgaj I like this so much. And the colors, his smile, clothes,
hair. . D:
This is one amazing quicky. ~
‹turntechGodhead› says:   11 June 2010   249772  
Wahh~ You're too kind. ;w; My work hardly compares with yours.
lollylovex3 says:   11 June 2010   342983  
Oh, so damn hot *u*
‹turntechGodhead› says:   11 June 2010   269402  
LOL Thank you. XDD 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   11 June 2010   544330  
this is your frist picture in sooo long 
i thought you died ;A;
‹turntechGodhead› says:   11 June 2010   817635  
DDD8 You're right! I'm such a lazy bum. OTL I'll probably draw
some more for the next few days. ;w; Thank you~ You're an awesomea
artist to. <333 :Db 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   11 June 2010   943020  
^^ thanks

‹harvestmoon♥› says:   26 November 2010   875884  
 Kupika needs more KHR Fanart. 
‹turntechGodhead› says:   27 November 2010   628553  
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   27 November 2010   281905  
 You should draw Hibari someday. Or Dino. Or Squalo♥ 
‹turntechGodhead› says:   27 November 2010   120190  
FFFFFFFFYES. <33 Once I get a new tablet, I'll draw one of
those three (...or all three...?) to celebrate. 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   27 November 2010   265585  
 And until then, I shall stalk your gallery instead.
I'm only up to Gokudera's battle in the Varia arc though. ;__; 
‹turntechGodhead› says:   27 November 2010   907800  
Why, thank you love. C: You're too kind. <3 I can't even
remember what I'm up to OTL. I have to start reading/watching it
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   27 November 2010   264508  
 It's no problem at all. (:
Ikr? It's hard to find time to watch it now, and I really want to get
back into watching Reborn/Yugioh 5D's again. I love both of them, but
I'm really behind on episodes. :< 
‹turntechGodhead› says:   28 November 2010   334963  
WOAHHHH, I haven't even watched 5Ds yet. DDDDD: I was
rewatching the original Yu-Gi-Oh series. ;w; MEMORIES. <3 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   28 November 2010   621383  
 I finished the original&GX pretty quickly, over summer. xDD
 I really SHOULD rewatch the first series though- my memory is like a
sieve. Plus, I miss Bakura. Cx 
egirlpower says:   28 November 2010   882619  
That's so awesome.... *_*
‹turntechGodhead› says:   29 November 2010   932760  
OHLORD BAKURA. <3 My favourite was always Seto Kaiba though,
hahaaha. Him and his ego/money. Summer holidays just started for me
I can watch anything I want now. BWAHAHAHAHA. /triumph

Thank you, love. <333 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   29 November 2010   221081  
My Christmas holidays start on the 15th, so I'm gonna have an anime
marathon, hurr. :B
Kaiba will always be my  second  favourite, I like how he
reminds me of Chazz somehow. And Jack Atlas.
‹turntechGodhead› says:   30 November 2010   161451  
Ahhhh, I love Christmas holidays so much! /rollrollroll
My sister and I always love having an anime marathon together while
eating whatever. 
I'd like to think Chazz and Jack Atlas remind me of Seto, haha. Seto
is my favourite and...hmm...I'd have to say Yami Marik and
Bakura are a tie for being my second favourites. C: 
But for GX it would be Chazz and Crowler Atticus. /issuchaloser 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   30 November 2010   958149  
Ikr? They're so much more festive than the others,
And plus, my birthday is four days after Christmas!
Gawsh, you have a lot of second favourites! I don't blame you, it's so
hard to decide!
Ha, for GX, mine are Jesse, Chazz and Jim  I only like his
crocodile, really. .
‹turntechGodhead› says:   8 December 2010   142392  

Ahh, it was my birthday just yesterday. Cx More presents in December,
haha. Well, Atticus is my first favourite in GX and Chazz second. And
Jim's crocodile is pretty damn awesome, hahahaha. 
Solitairistic says :   26 July 2011   273132  
I really like the colour scheme. You draw so well!
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