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--Fairy cake apology--
Uploaded: 28 May 2009
i dont know who im blinding if it's you or me but none of that matters to me at the

Things have been going rough and it's getting rougher, 
I stopped selling comics and prints and stamps blah blah stuff like that.
and my editor/friend got mad at me for that reason. We've been
through alot and i dont want us to stop being friends because i
stopped selling comics, she's the only one who i can trust
 when it comes to criticizing my artwork and the stories i make, and she's been
honest the whole time.. It was my fault i could'nt keep
my mouth shut, i told her straight that "i dont wanna sell comics!". 
but truthfully i love selling comics. I just have so much going on 
at the moment that it turned out like that. 

So i'm apologizing to her by showing her this oekaki. and i'll
give her an explanation. *wew.* ah and uh.. is it okay if i delete my other oekakis?
its also for her. she says she doesnt want to see artwork by me that i dont put my
heart in or work my butt off on (lol how'd i say that? xD). [ and this oekaki is no
different =w=|||] but yeah.. you guys get it!


i forgot to say, that the characters here were made by her! no credit to me thnx =)
thnx for the answer , i wont delete. okay so calm down lol *stares at erika* so yah .
thar =D


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‹emo-queen› says:   29 May 2009   348399  
So cute~~. owo
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   29 May 2009   622238  
Well, bullshit. :l
I don't think you should delete all these pictures!
And I don't wanna get into this n' all, but I'm not gonna act like
nothings going on. >:l
People love your art, and think of all the things you did from
They loved it, now you're gonna go off and delete them just 'cause one
person says so?! That's wrong, no offense, Sakura, but that's pretty
dumb, honestly.
And if she was your friend she should freakin' understand and not
throw a fit about how she doesn't want to see your art at it's best,
that's really just bullshit.

..Sorry for the rant, but it is true. But if you do decide to... who
in gods name will be able to stop you anyways... Definently not me.
Only you can, really. Just really think about what you're doing.
divi says:   29 May 2009   879836  
of course not....

if you didn't put your heart in all your oekakis

it wouldn't turn out to be awesome!!!

i genuinely think and i know a lot would agree,

that even your friend wouldn't want you to delete 

anything you have worked hard!!!

i dont know what's happening,

but i'm sure its just a misunderstanding!!!

i do hope things will be ok!!
‹Ayumu~Fujimoto› says:   29 May 2009   539971  
Just awesome. Very.
‹PalletTown› says:   29 May 2009   669356  

So cool
‹IcePath› says:   29 May 2009   175454  
Cute Picture :D love the detail
‹New Account: PreppySkater› says:   29 May 2009   481767  
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   29 May 2009   198396  
OH WOW ITS rly amazing!!
it looks like i'm reading a manga@.@

xxxsilverstienxxx says:   1 June 2009   445441  
wow ur amazing!>!>>!!>!>>!.1.1
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   1 June 2009   819445  
Everything a artist draws has some heart in it. I think this oekaki
would look great hanging on a wall.  hint for your skillz being
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   1 June 2009   634476  
You still get the credits.
xxxcheeriosxxx says:   1 June 2009   145441  
really nice i luv it!>!!>!>>!!>
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   1 June 2009   826621  
You have great talent. C:
catloverextreme says:   1 June 2009   413496  
its sooo shiiiny OuO
Dream_Dream_Dream says:   1 June 2009   313551  
This is adorable. ♥
emmapupster says:   1 June 2009   781629  
That is so coolio!!!!!!!!
gothix101 says:   2 June 2009   566136  
this is a wonderful picture my oekaki's pale in comparson - AND IM

And second of all : sorry to but in, but just becuse your freeind
doesnt like the oekakis you made and only teh one she did doesnt mean
yoou should delete them. 
What kind of freind does that top someone? a bitch , thats who. This
"Freind" of yourse isnt very nice if they said that. 
They musnt be a very good freind. Maybe You arnt really freinds at
This reminds me of a japenise manga a read called "Othello" the girl
had "freinds" who were jerks that used her ; and tortured her so much
, she developed a spilt personality. they ended up not being freinds;
she gets the guy she finally realizaed she loved 9and loved her back)
and her split personality made her a famous singer in the end. 
You should read it.
Dont delete your oekaki's just cuz some son of a bitch doesnt like it.
‹Abby;;WhyDoYouWantToDie?› says:   18 June 2009   358789  
Everything you do takes Art, you really have a talent and it's
beautiful, Never stop what you love, No matter who tells you
otherwise, Your artwork could make me cry its so beautiful, It's such
a soft touch. If you love this, don't stop.
‹Abby;;WhyDoYouWantToDie?› says:   18 June 2009   378921  
oh ok ty!
chestnutlollipop says:   2 July 2009   686376  
i respect your answersss, i really do.. er.. but don't call her a son
of a bitch D: ... its her job to criticize me, and her telling me she
doesn't want to see me drawing without heart, it touches me :D because
she knows that i have something i can show, not just a bunch of
doodles like these :D . but of course i wont be deleting these,
because you guys love them, and some sacrificed kupipoints for it xD
i'd be heartless if i deleted them knowing people had kupi sacrifices
on these :D ... i love you guysssss :D
‹ʟεт's.jυsт.sтαч› says:   4 November 2010   107208  
‹◄chery♦桜の木♦blosom►› says:   6 November 2010   832578  
woa my eyes the patterns make my eyes go crazy!
ella0137 says :   7 November 2010   518856  
ohmigoodness. It's amazing. :3
I really like it. :3
The different patterns gave off an.. interesting effect. It kind of
clashed in a way, to be blunt.
But it was still good, overall. ^ ^
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