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Lost Talent
Uploaded: 21 December 2008
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My first drawing on Kupika. 

Estimated time: 2 hours (Only because I had to go to sleep and this was like a night
Music: Безумие
Tools: Water color, Pen, Pencil, Tad of Air Brush, Some Dodge..around..

エレキ ♥

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‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   21 December 2008   661496  
like how you put the shine in the guitar. like it's dripping cool XD
ihope_somethingwill_eatyou says:   21 December 2008   684489  
That's so good 
You're talented ^^
Keaven says:   21 December 2008   294283  
I like the face. The guitar is kind of lumpy, but better than I could
sand_ninja says:   21 December 2008   841543  
This is cool.
Came out great :]
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   21 December 2008   247495  
This is amazing!  X3  I love the color in the hair!
Amy_Bby says:   21 December 2008   563959  
wow - thatss really pretty
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   21 December 2008   571456  
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trainer_kohaku says:   21 December 2008   149634  
Very nice pic!
betheshroom says:   21 December 2008   321629  
thats purdi~
Nunie says:   21 December 2008   769134  
ThereBloody: I always thought of it as purple filth.
Somethingeatme: Thank'o m'dear.
Keavn: I can't draw guitars.
SandyNinja: Thanks.
Peacemaker: That's my favorite part.
BbeAmy: Thanks.
Nyrad: Thanks for showing me that.
TrainedKohaku: Thanks.
Nunie says:   21 December 2008   128657  
Shroomie: Purdilicious dah-ling.
MonsterDork says:   22 December 2008   539796  
this is amazing
‹VibrantTwist› says:   24 December 2008   428466  
how do u draw so well on here!? do u use a tablet??
lil_miss_annie says:   24 December 2008   685224  

Want to share some cereal.....O.o?
Rodney says:   24 December 2008   916629  
Your first?nice
MassDestruction says:   24 December 2008   983642  
I love this.
This is better than  anything  I could ever manage.
LenaMoon says:   24 December 2008   886642  
Cute!!! :D
Nunie says:   24 December 2008   517659  
MonsterousDorkious: MUU! Thanks. 
LuvrOfSunshine: Actually, I do use one.
MissyAnnie: Swweett! And...of course. o.o
Rodnayy: Yup, thanks.
OMGDestruction: I'm sure you could manage good things.
MoonyLena: Thanks.
Yoshi_Fukuhara says:   24 December 2008   466697  
wow ur 1st is great
‹Greece 1-0 Portugal <3› says:   24 December 2008   943933  
‹Greece 1-0 Portugal <3› says:   24 December 2008   447663  
Darlingg says:   24 December 2008   772173  
Aww <3 :D
cutie_giselle says:   24 December 2008   823846  
it's awesome! i luv it!
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   24 December 2008   569638  
wwowowowoow thats awsome its better then i ever done
‹PerfectShame;› says:   25 December 2008   473547  
Are you sure it was lost, and not just passed on or something, 
Because the way you captured it..
It's simply beautiful.
Very nice for a first.
RyusakiFanGirl sings:   25 December 2008   211132  
THATS SO SEXY!! Lovee ittt!! ♥
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says:   25 December 2008   438788  
I like the hair
Misa_Seika says:   25 December 2008   336358  
wow this is really good i like it ^^ great work
‹MichelleMuffinPants.♥› says :   25 December 2008   656585  
wow >__>
awesome for your first :D
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