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ouran high school host club,honey senpai
Uploaded: 9 May 2008
how to draw
ok i think this isn't my best oekaki,but i tried,
and i think the final results are good, and this is too
for ciel_kitty (and ouran fans) but most specially for her
  because she looooves ouran, and this is a gift for an early first aniversary on

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‹Northern Italy♥› says:   9 May 2008   237112  
Awwwww its Honey-kun. <3
I love all of it. :D
Its so cute. ^-^
rainbow_sushi says:   9 May 2008   468278  
thanx lachia
‹AlwaysTomo♥› says:   9 May 2008   445796  
SO cute!! I luff Hoeny-sempai!! ♥
karolinacake says:   9 May 2008   293742  
haha and i was just about to go check if chapter 62
in the manga was out yet :33
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   9 May 2008   723129  
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   10 May 2008   517476  
:O OMG Honey!!!!!!!!!

so cute!!!!
foxgirl331 says:   10 May 2008   414691  
omigosh!!!! its hunnie-senpai :3!!!!!!
really kawii!!!
DeidaraLover says:   10 May 2008   342851  
Hunny-sempai! xD kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I luvs u! xD
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   10 May 2008   572642  
Hehe <3
Honey-sempai is so cute!
aiichanxP says:   10 May 2008   532871  
i just ahd to say the real name
HarajukuDinosaur says:   10 May 2008   857335  
;-; thank youuu!
you drew him! >w<

-kinaps 46763873478 times-
rainbow_sushi says:   10 May 2008   144811  
HarajukuDinosaur says:   11 May 2008   614821  
por cierto, es senpai, no sen-pai.
rainbow_sushi says:   11 May 2008   676864  
o perdon
Namina says:   13 May 2008   735466  
gahhh i wuv him!!!!!!!!
i love his super duper ninja usa chan kicks and what-not
‹XxSadisticMuffinxX› says:   13 May 2008   935592  
i love you honey-senpai!!!!
and i love you Mori, Kaoru, and Hikaru! x3

yeey i love your drawing!
maxdaisy says:   13 May 2008   892197  
cool pic.
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   13 May 2008   832921  
<33 He's really cute! Go Honey!!
rainbow_sushi says:   13 May 2008   656413  
thanx ^^
‹??????› says:   13 May 2008   927129  

I love honey!

Looks adorable  ♥

And such good coloring-very kawaii =^.^=
Sarcasm says:   13 May 2008   593395  
;-; Honey is love.

-brainless fangirl-
peace4ferrets says:   13 May 2008   488744  
I LUV YER OEKAKIS!!!!!!  They are so awshum!!!
SpicySushiiRoll says:   13 May 2008   677713  
That's soo kawaii!! xD
Kanashii says:   13 May 2008   857474  
ohhh thats cute =3
rainbow_sushi says:   13 May 2008   462155  
thankies,yey this is getting popular
‹♀evilmonkeyactress♀› says:   16 May 2008   679584  
kawai!!!!!!!!! I totally love that show... Honey isn't my fav but
he's the only one I've found so YAY!!!!!!!
Kururu says:   17 May 2008   195727  
Aww Ouran fanart! Whoever can stare into Honey's eyes and not fall
under his cuteness spell is strange. x3 Great work.
Demonic_angel says:   25 June 2008   754524  
Honey-sempai!!! x3
he is so cute!! >w<
Lirael says:   26 June 2008   237892  
Cute picture!  Great job.
Mitsukuni_Haninozuka says:   7 April 2009   749571  
Oh my that's so cute~!
I'm a fangirl AND a cosplayer of Hunny...
Ain't he just the cutest... =3
carmin7 says :   13 May 2010   755011  
HONEY! <3 i like honey, but the twins are the best I <3 TWINS
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