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This public Oekaki was created by Broken_Passion   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Broken_Passion
Uploaded: 17 October 2007
-Burps- :] Fan Girls taste geeeeewd~ <3! -Cuddles Yuu-Plushie- o.o;

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shukaku says:   17 October 2007   265681  

I'm totally kidnapping this|This is awesome!
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   18 October 2007   971837  
I bet they do.

I bet they do.
SithWedgie says:   18 October 2007   472186  

‹ikaeros› says:   18 October 2007   856794  
Lawl XD
cereal says:   18 October 2007   754698  
yep. i can see it already. youre an artrist. OF BLOOD! i likey it ;3
consider it kidnapped even if its not a kid lol
meema says:   18 October 2007   211111  
awsome oekaki !! XD
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   18 October 2007   145469  
famachan says:   18 October 2007   832868  
Yay me next me next! Wait. I was kidding aHHH!!!

Heh, I luff it! Sho evilish and cute! Kidnapping right away!
Cannibalism huh?

Lol! Love the oekaki! Sooo kawaii! ♥
kiwily says:   18 October 2007   377662  
aww!! cute!! 

for what..? XD
Divine says:   21 October 2007   733433  
That's so radd. xD
‹Goth One› says:   21 October 2007   436148  
people taste good... damn it... now i wanna eat someone...
MitsukiWolf says:   21 October 2007   585177  
Rawr to u too. lolz! =3 that's cute!
animangagirl_27 shouts:   21 October 2007   767198  
i tell you that fangirls are all retarded XD  *kidnaps*
‹pıɐSʎןdɯıS› says:   21 October 2007   729912  
thats so cool *kidnaps*
Bootheghost says:   21 October 2007   984317  
OMG! totally awesome! >:D
mishichigo says:   21 October 2007   489563  
‹ERASE› says:   21 October 2007   661477  
Ahhh!!! The chibiness of doom!!!
I_wonder_Y says:   21 October 2007   169288  
awww! that's so cute! 
Yamanouchi_Satomi says:   21 October 2007   217461  
*giggles a bit*
Heh, blood does taste good.
I love this oekaki.
Fangirls are so annoying..
spunfsx says:   21 October 2007   252119  
loves it.
ritacat says:   21 October 2007   685916  
awesome! thats the most believable chibi vampire I've ever seen! no
Jamgirl0808 says:   21 October 2007   942878  
Aww, that's a good little gremlin, Yes you are, yes you are. >w<
xXlazybumXx says:   21 October 2007   489167  
nice...funny too
dark_winged_dragon says:   24 October 2007   742675  
OMG! I love it! It is soooo cute, and it oddly reminds me of
www.suta-raito.com...oh well.^_^"
Ninja_Kairi says:   30 November 2007   761663  
omg!!!<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" 
value="http://www.youtube.com/v/TPN8hWa4wNI&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param></object>
Ninja_Kairi says:   30 November 2007   831293  
one of my fave movies has pics WeIrD!1! really wierd
Ninja_Kairi says:   30 November 2007   219431  
big kh fan!!
OtakuChan says:   28 December 2007   517747  
I suck at drawing blood o_o;;
Fangirls taste like really sour gummy bears. n_n

Oekaki's cyuuute! :3
wolfgirl2_0 says:   1 January 2008   726614  
xD That's halirious...... Poor fangirls.... They shouldn't be so
fanish..... -shifty eyes- -huggles Orochimaru drawing-
1sasukelvr says:   5 January 2008   454482  
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :O
TentenXNeji says:   10 January 2008   335865  
orange_x3 says:   7 September 2008   129343  
so i heard yooh lyk mudkipz  ._.''
Broken_Passion says :   11 September 2008   892256  
MUDKIPZZZZZZ~~~~~ <33333 :'D
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