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This public Oekaki was created by ‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure›   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by ‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure›
Uploaded: 4 January 2010
how to draw
yeah, i was bored and attempted to draw the  Na'vi face on the promotional poster
for avatar... i really like that movie..some bits were really sad though...tried and
i think failed at this oekaki

listening to the motion picture soundtrack 
leona lewis ~ I see you

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RoxRox says:   4 January 2010   813445  
am i the only one who doesn't want to see this at all? : (
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   105693  
i dunno ~ but i guess its ur choice i just loved the storyline and the
effects...but the 3D does tend to give you a headache XD 
‹CallMeTom~› says:   4 January 2010   981622  
This is fucking awesome.
It's like~
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   523419  
@tom_amir  thankyou 
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   4 January 2010   396128  
That's really really good, you chose the colours awesomely.
‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   4 January 2010   184784  
WHOA. This is like win.~
It's staring at me. o_e
Your really good.
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   561915  
@Suzukee thanks XD 
‹cut_up_and_scattered_around› says:   4 January 2010   681648  
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   398091  
!! YAY !! 
iMickey says:   4 January 2010   619767  
I've seen that movie like 6x already and gonna watch it again w/ my 
buddies this weekedn >D 
love this artzo <333 glad to see someone who did a fanart of Avatar 
I was gonna do it too probably today or tomorrow rofl xD
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   4 January 2010   587657  
so with you. This is one amazing drawing but it doesn't appeal to me 
‹AoiKatori› says:   4 January 2010   631118  
i luve the movie it was awesome!! XDD

btw nice coloring!
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   254550  

wow i wish i could see it again!! ~ cant afford it though but i'm
definitely buying the movie when it comes out XD
cool u still gonna do one?

i know right!! ~ thanks 
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   4 January 2010   460480  
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   367595  

D'aww ya thinks sho??!! thanku 
hannahboo says:   4 January 2010   364662  
thats soooo cool 
its mine!!! from now on if you dont mind 
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   4 January 2010   882584  
well i do mid ..but u can borrow it though lol
‹/3Hate Is essential </3› says:   5 January 2010   901509  
..... It's OK.... But it looks nothing like the one
in the poster... but this it's pretty good i guess...
SnakebiteHEARTwithaBUBBLEGUMsmile says:   5 January 2010   982364  
I lovee the eye <3
great job!
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   7 January 2010   846954  
well, i never sais i made it to look exactly like the poster..i even
put i think i failed in the info iunder the picture..if u didnt like
it then why did you bother to comment 
‹IcePath› says:   7 January 2010   180125  
Blue man group thats all i got from that movie
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says:   7 January 2010   414405  
cool eye
SuperTechDude says:   7 January 2010   515367  
Very cool!+ Avatar is epic.
‹alohahutch› says:   7 January 2010   745887  
this is AMAZING, its SO GOOD, this is so kidnapped ^ ^
you are a really good artist XD keep it up:D
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   7 January 2010   337156  
@ itsEllmo_Rawrr 
thankyou soo much i will 
‹Tama_♦› says:   8 January 2010   539185  
This is awesome! Is Avatar good? I don't know whether to see it or
‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥› says:   8 January 2010   542940  
i think twilight series was better than this!
also it made more money
but this is a very pretty picture
‹PalletTown› says:   8 January 2010   111314  
‹wolfkid_hates_war› says:   8 January 2010   643296  
One word SWEET
RoxRox says:   8 January 2010   422156  
well i would much rather watch this than twilight,nothing can be worse
than twilight,honestly. 
RejectRicky says:   8 January 2010   816985  
‹Kairos› says:   8 January 2010   934585  
this is a good picture!!! but somehow...the movie kinda freaks me
out. lol. :]] but good picture i swear!
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   8 January 2010   621974  

thankyou for the comments..


yes i think the movie is brilliant and is definitely a must see..some
people might not agree with me but eh' me and  over half the
population of where i live loves it 
andy_pandy says:   8 January 2010   957042  
i just got back from seeing that movie xD
it was like the best movie xD

this is a really good pic tho, i really like there glowing freckles 
there just amazing xD

‹*tHe_CrOw*› says:   9 January 2010   576697  
that is sooooooo amazing!
‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥› says:   9 January 2010   740883  
my parents went to watch this movie
they said it was good
probably they were right
Lulas67 says:   9 January 2010   512694  
in my opinion I would draw the whole face but the part you drew looks
really good
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   10 January 2010   472046  

i agree i probably would have drawn the whole thing but it would have
looked really bad i think 
hannahboo says:   11 January 2010   140190  
it was on the sine in page
jessiejames says:   11 January 2010   508736  
how did you do that its really like a na'vi i just watch the avatar
last Sunday i really really sooo nice
Narodo_Chan says:   30 January 2010   125935  
HuntressEvey says:   31 January 2010   323620  
My goodness you have talent my dear.
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   31 January 2010   838086  

yes yes it is..

why thankyou 
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   7 May 2010   338026  
wow my most commented oekaki i think XD
animefairy says:   16 August 2010   894371  
thats cool!
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says :   18 August 2010   330868  
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