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This public Oekaki was created by Mewmewkitten   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Mewmewkitten
Uploaded: 3 September 2008
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I just wanted to draw some Keroro Gunsou fan art~ You could say, Koyuki? :3 (Hehe~
Keroro Gunsou fans will get that. ^__^ )

This is Koyuki, Dororo's friend. <33 I love Keroro Gunsou! It's my obsession right
now. I started it a few days ago and I'm on episode 78 already. >:3 Don't like how
this turned out, though. T___T

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mewmewbunii says:   3 September 2008   871253  
kutie_smile says:   3 September 2008   629413  
aw, cute! ^_^

‹ravieve› says:   3 September 2008   172991  
Koyuki's sooo cute! >3<
She's my favorite character in Sgt. Keroro :3
The oekaki looks amazing :D
‹ERASED› says:   3 September 2008   586634  
Oh no.. I fail. e_e

This is so beautiful.
‹ERASED› says:   3 September 2008   272517  
You did this with mouse, right? ._.
Mewmewkitten says:   3 September 2008   218173  
Thank you. =^__^=

nekoprincess: You watch Keroro Gunsou? :3 Yay! Another fan~ o^__^o

Tesa: Yay. <3 Thanks. :3 Yeah, I did. :D
‹Tailsie!› sings:   3 September 2008   358859  
WAD I think that the most amazin oekaki ye did so far maybe but ya
... JEbsu ...
Mewmewkitten says:   3 September 2008   389355  
Thanks, Tails. :3
‹emo-queen› says:   3 September 2008   348413  
Oh, wow! :O xD It looks great! x3 I'm not very good with a mouse,
though. :P
machidagirl says:   3 September 2008   656789  
this is so good!
xChibixVampirex says:   3 September 2008   374232  
H-How did you draw this with the mouse!?

This is amazing. Truly, I assure you. :]
xChibixVampirex says:   3 September 2008   173358  
You, sugartastic, and Doo are such great users with mouse, and you
are family!
Mewmewkitten says:   3 September 2008   942469  
_Rikku_Mayli_ : I like the way you draw, though. ^__^ And thanks. :3

machidagirl: Thanks. :3

xcChibixVampirex: Thank you. =^__^= Hehe~
‹Duckie♥› says:   3 September 2008   421699  
You drew that! THAT LIKE Supercalafragalisticexpelaladoshiz (sp? LOL)

OMG do u take reguest? (lol and how much)
Mewmewkitten says:   3 September 2008   586615  
wah: Thank you. o^__^o Ehh.. it might not get done in a while, and
they take so long to draw. T__T I don't know if I will... Depends on
the price. XD
‹Duckie♥› says:   3 September 2008   379893  
its alright if u dont! U dont hav to!
Mewmewkitten says:   3 September 2008   447539  
Well, I only accept requests that pay me a lot, because I'm poor, and
they take hours. XDD Heheh~ I'm greedy. :3
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   3 September 2008   851616  
It isso cute. :D
I love it all. <3
But who is Koyuki-Dono?
Are you going to finsh my reqused? xD;
Just asking. :3
‹sexybitchingApple› says:   3 September 2008   649588  
Sweet That is awesome! Good Job!!!
‹??????› wonders:   3 September 2008   467278  

Looks very professional like 
Nice work<3
‹Goth One› says:   6 September 2008   773545  
heh heh heh... by his (or her, my first guess was a girl) xpression,
i can guess how he/she might be sying it.. when it plays in my hed,
its this kinda, high-pitched, happy voice like "koyuki? KONNICHIWA!!!
hai, genki desu! domo arigotou! anata wa?"
Mewmewkitten says:   6 September 2008   362244  
Lachy: I will get to finishing it. Sorry it's taking so long. -.-; I
am too distracted by Keroro Gunso, and now that I watched all the ones
that have been subtitled so far (more are coming! YAYA. <333), I may
get to finishing. I think I might re-do, though. Don't like it
anymore. ^_^

Lil_Goth_Boy: It's a girl. :3 -points to bow and girl middle school
shirt- :D She kind of does have a high pitch voice. :3 She doens't say
"Desu", but Tamama does. (Character from the anime. ) I want everyone
to watch Keroro Gunso~ So I can talk about it to everyone! >:3 Hehe
<333 :D

And thanks everyone. ^__^
‹Goth One› says:   6 September 2008   175371  
i thought the bow was a backpack.... that doesnt look ike a middle
school shirt, it looks kinda like kagome's shirt, and isnt she in high
school? or is she just a more developed, taller, more mature 8th
grader or something?
Mewmewkitten says:   6 September 2008   824288  
People have backpakcs that big? XD

Different kind of one. :3 Hehe. And Kagome is a girl, so why would you
think it was a boy? XD Anyway, she's in middle school.. says so in the
anime. :3 I dunno if she is, just found a picture and drew it. ^_^
‹Goth One› says:   6 September 2008   522433  
i have a backpack close to that big... i thought maybe it was a boy
because of the lack of obvious female breast development... if you had
made her breasts bigger and more apparent, id have leaned more to the
thought of a girl...
Mewmewkitten says:   6 September 2008   451113  
Wow. :/
‹Goth One› says:   6 September 2008   838328  
SkyressShun says:   6 September 2008   627474  
O_O... awesome o3o....
yuyu says:   6 September 2008   135316  
<3 I love the eyes and hair.
Yurichan123 says:   6 September 2008   299154  
Wow I actually thought that picture was printed! Great job!!!!!
‹Shadow♥› says:   6 September 2008   996236  
thats cool!
eSPIRIT says:   6 September 2008   444244  
It's cute, Jasmine!
AmyGRAWRR says:   6 September 2008   536484  
That's like good.
Really good.
Looks more like it was pasted into it or something.
But no, I can tell it was truly drawn by computer.
Electronica says:   7 September 2008   432219  

mad skillz, yo. ;B
‹Greece 1-0 Portugal <3› says:   7 September 2008   161476  
DelightfulNightmare says:   7 September 2008   539851  
I say, very nice. I've never heard of the anime itself, but she's a
good looking character ;D.
I envy your clean lines, did you do this with a mouse or a tablet?

Be cautious when ticking the "allow to modify" option:

Even though this doesn't happen often, members will take advantage of
that button D;
Mewmewkitten says:   7 September 2008   851578  
DelightfulNightmare: It's my favorite anime. :3 It's not only about
stupid girls with their skirts flying up. e__e It's about aliens and
stuff. <3 And one of the girl characters usually wears shorts. :3
Which I like~ Koyuki is one of my favorite characters. :3 But I like
Tamama, most. <3  I love you drawing style. =^__^= It's so awesome.
o^__^o I drew it with a mouse. :D I don't have a tablet. XD

I don't mind. XD Should I? :3 It's not like people will not see the
thing at the top saying I drew it. :3 Someone drew on my Pikachu one,
too. :3 I didn't mind that, either.

I like when people "allow to modify". I like drawing over it sometimes
and messing with the layers. XD I never upload, though. :3
DelightfulNightmare says:   7 September 2008   291614  
You use a mouse? OMG I WANT YOUR HANDS [runs at you with a very sharp
axe and surgical equipment] D'''':

Well even though the character and design of your character isn't
yours, the art work is and it's your right for it to be proudly
presented to people by you and not duplicated and altered by other
people for their own entertainment without your permission, so it's
sort of both art theft and vandalism. Disrespectful D:. Thought I
should alert a fellow artist. I saw a "I drew this all by myself, line
art colour everything. no help or nothing" done once with someone's
lineart. Just making sure this doesn't happen again D;.
Mewmewkitten says:   7 September 2008   749699  
DelightfulNightmare: Heheh~ =^__^= -runs- Don't take my hands. T__T

Well, they didn't say they drew it, so I'm kinda happy for that. XD Oh
my gosh. D: Who did that? T__T Someone took one of my sisters'
(Sugartastic) oekaki and uploaded it on Deviantart. :O I found it
while I was searching Kupika there. They said something like it took
them an hour and they had some help with the boy and stuff. e__e
DelightfulNightmare says:   7 September 2008   586566  
Art theft is something that never happens on kupika and hope it never
I've seen one bad attempt, but that person isn't active anymore.
I don't really remember who it was who did it, but I remember thinking
it was really stupid since they uploaded it whilst the original
lineart was on the recent oekakis page. Both on the same page .Oh you
silly art thief.
And oh my, did you and your sister manage to deal with them and get it
taken down?
Mewmewkitten says:   7 September 2008   258922  
DelightfulNightmare: I hate when people steal art. T__T I think I saw
that. XD It was someone sitting down in a big dress, right? :3 Yeah.
The girl actually liked my sister's art a lot and apologized. =^__^=
anime_witch12 says:   7 October 2008   645941  
r u kiddin!?!?!thats amazeing!!
AppleCore says:   28 November 2008   292871  
Great artwork!
sportz_girl says :   28 November 2008   545592  
thats so good
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