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iTunes Gift Card! xD
Uploaded: 26 April 2008
use as a template
how to draw
I was just playing around with the tablet, and I wanted to know if I could trace
stuff with it. So I traced an itunes Gift Card. I actually think it looks pretty
cool. :D

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julygal1998 says:   26 April 2008   466357  
woa... thats so kewl!
‹ravieve› says:   26 April 2008   857482  
oh...*W* black and pink! :DDD
nice color combination :3 though I'm not a big fan of pink D:
but this shade/hue of pink rocks :DDD
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   26 April 2008   121543  
amazing if this was an actual commercial i would be sooo impressed :D
Skittles_ says:   26 April 2008   181752  
Woah! This is AWESOME!
Even though it isn't is awesome!
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   26 April 2008   795731  
Oh, that's too awesome :D
XComcastxSucksX says:   26 April 2008   593754  
I want one, my sister stole mine and used it!!
Damn sister.
Hypahalien says:   26 April 2008   696382  
soo cool! Awsome.Terrific.Radical.Cool. >=D 
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   26 April 2008   842799  
it looks like the real thing! Totally cool!
Ventertainsh says:   26 April 2008   956787  
I Have that =]]
‹AlwaysTomo♥› says:   26 April 2008   933995  
saralyn247 says:   26 April 2008   473166  
Wow, thanks everyone! I just traced it... but thank you for your
comments. <3
Maddie_Wolfluver says:   26 April 2008   377418  
That is AWESOME! :D
saralyn247 says:   26 April 2008   399134  
Thanks! ^^ I didn't think it would be this popular. O.o
sand_ninja says:   26 April 2008   451938  
awesome :D
Namina says:   26 April 2008   372384  
saralyn247 says:   26 April 2008   176831  
Namina: Omigawd, really?! -spaz dance- I'm happy. But confused. xD
Whenever I spend a ton of time on something, and actually like it, it
gets about 4 comments. But something like this that I do in 15 minutes
is like..... whoah. xD Oh well... thanks to everyone for the comments.
kikki10 says:   26 April 2008   584679  
i luv these pics
KOTORgamegirl says:   26 April 2008   431612  
thats neato
emo_vampire_gurl says:   26 April 2008   194132  
It is awesome!!!!!!!
Neko_Naruto_Luver says:   26 April 2008   495542  
saralyn247 says:   26 April 2008   628852  
Seriously, people! I'm not that creative!!1!!one!!1 xD I TRACED IT.
(Reading the artist's comments is a good thing...)
‹VaginaDust› says:   26 April 2008   244772  
on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 13
saralyn247 says:   26 April 2008   442315  
Wow, that's... awesome. Thank you!
xCrazyChickx says:   26 April 2008   935986  
thats amazing!!! i luv the colors
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   29 April 2008   224542  
what is a tablet and where can i get one???

you mean all oekaki's arent drawn with the mouse!?!?!? WTF!?!
saralyn247 says:   29 April 2008   347699  
A tablet is like drawing on paper... it comes with a pen, and what
you draw on the tablet appears on the monitor. I'm so bad at
explaining... but depending on what country you live in, you can get
them at stores like Best Buy or Circuit City. you can buy them online
julygal1998 says:   29 April 2008   482366  
that is amazing!111!1!!!!!!!!1
maxdaisy says:   29 April 2008   986616  
cute pic.
popsciclexdino says:   29 April 2008   741956  
ky_bear33 says:   29 April 2008   826238  
thts maddd good!!!!!!!
Xkarleh_SKANKFACEx says:   29 April 2008   767126  
thats perty ballin (:
_cookie_ninja_ says:   29 April 2008   547336  
‹emilyFTW› says:   29 April 2008   232711  
Ohemgee;; iTunes giftcard!
Haha. Funny stoory about that. xD
I love it. It looks grreat.
-high five-
saralyn247 says:   29 April 2008   543566  
Thanks everyone... except maxdaisy the spambot. ^^
Orca1234 says:   30 April 2008   219225  
I have Ipod too!!! And I have that gift crad also!!!!

Oekaki::: That is sooooooooo cool!! Maybe I can draw it , but maybe
I'll draw it bad XD
‹XxSadisticMuffinxX› says:   30 April 2008   663692  
i love it!
saralyn247 says:   30 April 2008   733551  
Orca: Well, if you have a tablet you can just trace it... that's what
I did.
Shade and everyone else: Thank you. ^^
cutepimp says:   30 April 2008   221183  
that looks so realistic!!!!!!!!!
super cool!!!!!!=)
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   30 April 2008   363789  
That looks great :D
Looks like the real deal.
saralyn247 says:   30 April 2008   291869  
Thanks both of you. <3
Kanashii says:   30 April 2008   274698  
punk_kid_oooo says:   30 April 2008   959343  
OMG!!! I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!
‹LoveIsDeadInHerEyes› says:   3 May 2008   957134  
awesome! *kidnap*
saralyn247 says:   3 May 2008   291679  
Thanks everyone... 19 kidnaps on this one. (I didn't expect that
AnnaLovesYoh says:   3 May 2008   139147  
It doesn't matter to me if it's traced, it's still awesome! :D

saralyn247 says:   4 May 2008   267527  
Haha, thanks. :D
abc_gum says:   30 May 2008   246845  
i love it so so so much i am going 2 kidnap it!
Oroborus21 says:   5 June 2008   223984  
ok so it turend out nicely, but i dont think i can consider it as a
worthy first for the not sure that no one else have
used "traced" any parts of theres before....
saralyn247 says:   5 June 2008   412847  
Well unless they claimed it as their own, i searched 'traced' and
nothing came up. It's fine if you don't want to use it though. ^^
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   9 June 2008   118954  
I like it!
I love the ipod ads, theyre cute!
This oekaki is really nice, good job!
saralyn247 says:   9 June 2008   928682  
They're so plain, but interesting at the same time. ^^
‹duckie› says:   15 July 2008   854519  
OMFG how the... thats awesome. imma speachless
lunetta says:   12 September 2008   483983  
it luks lik da real thing X3
WarriorSpottedpath says:   25 September 2008   872519  
That rox pigs!
saralyn247 says:   26 September 2008   516324  
........ Thanks. xD
MassDestruction says:   5 February 2009   452774  
Im going to copy you on this whem I'm not tired. :B
‹??????› says:   6 February 2009   851566  

orangelove47 says:   12 July 2009   649622  
That looks awesome and exactly like because seriously I am holding
one up to it right now!
emo_bbz_4_eva says:   12 September 2009   949648  
hehe luv it ^^ awsum
KonaChan says:   16 September 2009   658447  

i wish i had a pic of the green one
its even cooler
‹crèème♥› says:   19 February 2011   456816  
It was drawn really well(:
JunoSarah says:   19 February 2011   181015  
This is awesome! <3
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says :   19 February 2011   624387  
Haha cool x]
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