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Uploaded: 20 February 2008
how to draw
Taking a break from RQ and stuff.  

Random images out of the head!  I really wanted to do a dragon and so everything else
evolved around it.  Little detail this time, I don't have much patience today.

Enjoy!  ^^

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‹Pâtisserie› says:   20 February 2008   545232  
Wow! This is so realistic and beautiful. It's amazing!
‹Pâtisserie› says:   20 February 2008   412454  

‹duckie› says:   20 February 2008   975661  
OMFgosh thats so FUCKING good i love it
ducksrock says:   20 February 2008   539789  
omg i love that
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   20 February 2008   635678  
The_Addict says:   20 February 2008   585363  
dragons ruled the planet once >.>
Torchic373 says:   20 February 2008   962239  
Wow! I love how you did the water! And the colors are so vibrant~
It's great!
iluvElmo says:   20 February 2008   215516  
omfgosh its Wicked Awesome!!!!
NeonStars says:   20 February 2008   111127  
That's beautiful.
Your art never fails to amaze me~
Foxleopard says:   20 February 2008   111392  
^^ Thank you for the comments, and I'm glad people enjoy it. 

Tweaked it - 
‹ERASE› says:   20 February 2008   344753  

How did you do that?!

That is very impossibe for me...
‹ravieve› says:   20 February 2008   428797  
cool! 8D

that is so awesome! ohhhhh~~~~♥ the ripples on the water is
BattleofOne says:   21 February 2008   467767  
how can you make the water look so freaking real!
this drawing is crazy!
I loveeee it <3
sweetdevil says:   21 February 2008   781683  
Jimpling says:   21 February 2008   922516  
You never cease to amaze me D:
I should be used by your amazing art, but still, everytime I see them
on my subscriptions, I'm blown away x]~<3
saralyn247 says:   21 February 2008   921829  
It's beautiful, and I love the water. ^^
KOTORgamegirl says:   21 February 2008   184267  
so CUTE!
Foxleopard says:   21 February 2008   755732  
Thank you!  ^^
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   22 February 2008   698638  
Thats amazing. I really love the sky. Beautiful. <3
RobinScorpio says:   23 February 2008   118259  
‹BoredomSquad› says:   23 February 2008   997819  
this is amazing 
the shading is perfect! color is fantastic wow!!
u are on ur way to greatness!! ^_^
xExotic says:   23 February 2008   498119  
that is amazing. I love how you make everything look so real <3
It's beautiful!
MARIEx says:   23 February 2008   886741  
That is amazing. :O
‹goodfornothing› says:   23 February 2008   824525  
That is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! >o<
EmmaCHU says:   23 February 2008   384317  
thats awsome I like how you drew it 
fuck a doodle doo
Foxleopard says:   23 February 2008   454493  
Thank you for the kind comments.  ^^
claire564 says:   23 February 2008   641398  
wow thats amazing fokleapord
ashleeredger1 says:   23 February 2008   588677  
what is rq?
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   23 February 2008   863648  
beautiful.....simply beautiful :3 i like da ocean the most.
cloud_nine says:   24 February 2008   272663  
i love the sky.
Foxleopard says:   24 February 2008   593498  
^^  Thank you!

rq stands for requests.
Tobey_cat says:   24 February 2008   216285  
It's beautiful!!!!!!! i wuff it! i will kidnap it of course!
‹ERASE› says:   24 February 2008   365727  
‹Ambulance› says:   24 February 2008   313219  
Macymm says:   24 February 2008   773497  
omg you are my next inspiration
Death_Deamon says:   24 February 2008   945948  
I LOVE it!!! How the heck can you do that? Let alone on computer!!! I
kidnap it!! *kidnap* You will NEVER get it back *laughs evily*
Foxleopard says:   24 February 2008   841393  
lol  ^^

Thank you for the comments!
lynn10 says:   24 February 2008   267729  
no jk thats strait out of a crazy scary dream i had... O_O" are you
in my head? *hides*
hhallh13 says:   25 February 2008   847542  
little detail?!?!?
Foxy your amazing! lol 
hottie2001 says:   27 February 2008   286623  
.................................OMG IS SOOOOOO
Bella2010 says:   27 February 2008   593634  
Awww...It's so cute!  I wanna cuddle it.  ^_^
supercandy says:   2 March 2008   146877  
how the h-e-double hockey sticks did u DO that!
popsciclexdino says:   2 March 2008   832295  
very mystical
i_am_not_emo says:   3 March 2008   264481  
Holy crap!  How did you do that?!  Especially the water, it looks so
Green_Buddy says:   9 March 2008   244935  
I KNOW!!!!!!
She a friggin genious in art!!!!!
Green_Buddy says:   9 March 2008   362922  
if i printed this off and showed it to the art teacher at our school,
wat do you think shed say????
Foxleopard says:   9 March 2008   663439  
Thank you for the comments.

@Green Buddy- I think she'd say "Foxleopard has too much time on her
hands."  ^^; 
‹► Asim ◄› says:   11 March 2008   214252  
‹IcePath› says:   25 March 2008   383147  
I love it I want that dragon on my arm at all time's
Foxleopard says:   25 March 2008   182163  
Thank you! ^^

(don't we all  )
lemma says:   4 April 2008   312999  
Its so amazing
gummi_bearz says:   16 May 2008   683794  
OMG! I just admire ever piece of your work!
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   16 May 2008   578195  
<3 how pretty!!!
Foxleopard says:   16 May 2008   843363  
^^  Thank you very much!
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   28 June 2008   818358  
WOWZERZ!!!!  That's so cool!!!!  The water looks so real!!!!!!!1
Zinc_Neon_4ever says:   27 September 2008   949648  
Tis a dragon!
On a post!
Tis a dragon on a post!
Dinosaur_rawr says:   16 October 2008   293633  
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says:   6 December 2008   169723  
how do you draw like that!
Inane_Nobody says:   11 December 2008   385747  
I don't know how to draw water!
You're like, a REALLY good artist!
Ignore the "like" part of that sentence, 'kay?
Zovesta says:   26 December 2008   822391  
This is fantastic!
Mode4 says:   14 October 2010   708363  
you should try drawing more landscapes.  again, i wish it was bigger.
‹ANΩNYMΩUS› says :   21 December 2011   694050  
you knew about skyrim before skyrim knew about skyrim
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