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everyone in the world is EMOtional
Uploaded: 9 June 2009
how to draw
everyone is emo. some take more drastic measures than others. but i honestly dont
understand why hurt youself? u start off hurt and then just hurt more? doesnt add
please comment

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trainer_kohaku writes:   9 June 2009   545264  
Nice picture :D

Yeah I don't get the hurting part either :T well unless u rlly hate
urself I guess or if u hate everybody and wanna die to be alone O_e
NeverShoutNever says:   10 June 2009   885934  
the blue is really vibrant 
‹x-ςμίcίδαι τεδεηcίες-x› says:   10 June 2009   628936  
It doesn't make sense until you get to that point

I used to thing the same way...

Till it got bad
LittleMissEccentric says:   10 June 2009   713355  
I thought this was a Vocaloid at first.
I've seen a picture with the same pose as this.
I, too, don't understand the hurting
xxxsilverstienxxx says:   11 June 2009   839794  
ummm well i really like the idea......but ummm the exicution kinda
makes me really sad........nice use of color
and i like the hair
mynameissecret says:   11 June 2009   692934  
nice hair and dress good job!!!
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   11 June 2009   621768  
People hurt themselves sometimes because it distracts them.
Bracken says:   11 June 2009   364183  
I love the shading on the top, and the hair rocks ^^
‹FlyingCrow› whispers:   11 June 2009   789341  
then again why do poeple commit suicide? it's because... they want
attention and they want it bad. that's what i think. thats what
allconfusedpeoples thinks too (i think)
‹H.T.T.M.G.› writes:   11 June 2009   681264  
Love the title and her outfit.
rythm says:   12 June 2009   961532  

I guess I am emotional!
Good oekaki anyways :D
sevensack says:   13 June 2009   998328  
I agree with what has been said:
You probably won't understand it until you get to that point yourself

Love the pic!
Hot shades of blue! ;D
‹☼TouchingDarkness☼› says:   13 June 2009   563591  
this is...
sexy XD
‹Saurfang› says:   13 June 2009   661551  
Emo =/= emotional

emo = a form of music

real emo's = people who like the kind of music

wemo's = people who call themselves emo to justify cutting themselves

emotional has nothing to do with the emo culture...
Akami says:   13 June 2009   663756  
thanks for clarifying that.
sin_script says:   13 June 2009   965468  
The coloring on this is very nice, it gives an icy look on the light
blue. The pose fits the title perfectly.
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   13 June 2009   327997  
THANK YOU! ive been trying to tell so many people that EVERYONE is
i_love_sos14 says:   13 June 2009   244741  
okay I swear I'm the only one that know distinctions on earth.
or even cares.
I don't cut and never have but I have friends that do.
some people cut to distract themselves.
some cut because they'd rather feel physical pain rather then
and if you cut it releases and something in your brain that makes you
feel better like ciggarettes.
I'm not saying either is good, but thats just what they do.
and mostly cutting is a cry for help.
some do, do it for attention
and everyone has emotions so therefore everyone is emo
sorry that was so long
‹☼TouchingDarkness☼› says:   13 June 2009   731753  
uhmm people hurt themselves to make them focus on that certain pain
and not the more serious pain in thier life kinda like a distraction,
like koneko said 
Akami says:   13 June 2009   349841  
i have serious pain in my life, i wont explain what my pain is, but i
find cutting silly.
MyRiverOfTears says:   13 June 2009   288517  
wow i like the hair  and the blue and black combo
‹The~Labryinth› says:   13 June 2009   713991  
cutting , in a sense, is a way of showing that your screaming on the
inside. But the only way some people show it is the pain of
blood..some people just can't, nor, like to speak about their painful
‹EvaEcstasy♥› says:   14 June 2009   447354  
It's to transfer the emoptional pain into physical pain, something
they can grasp.
‹Kimi Korrupt.› says:   14 June 2009   452238  
This picture looks awesome as. I love the colours you chose
And cutting somehow makes them feel better... I never really fully get
it. I few of my friends have before and I don't like when people do..
NaturalNicolle says:   14 June 2009   837978  
thats awesome
in sooo many way
Like, everything blends together very nicely.
catloverextreme says:   14 June 2009   218941  
wow, this oekaki is very epic, and blue, and ummm red XD
Shaded_Eyes says:   22 June 2009   181614  
haha kinda looks like my friend.
Rantas says:   21 September 2009   399837  
‹DeepFriedGrapeFruit› writes :   21 September 2009   999113  
I didn't notice the blood until just then.. xD
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