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Uploaded: 23 May 2008
how to draw
Now comes with three new sayings:
"Dear diary, my life is spiralling downward in a black abyss"
"Why can't two... or three or four guys kiss without being gay?"
"I like tacos..."

All sayings were stolen from "Emo Kid Song"/"I must be Emo":

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Neko_Naruto_Luver says:   23 May 2008   851751  
i love that song..
and i agree tacos r awsum!
and as mi opinion the pictre wooks cute!
FishE says:   23 May 2008   867766  
WHy thankyar :D
punk_kid_oooo says:   23 May 2008   349574  
most emos have hair on their entire heads...
my emo guy friends do...and the only thing about me and the emo
sterotype is that I LOVE TACOS!!!! :D i agree with your little emo
dude...TACOS RULE!!!!! :D
FishE says:   23 May 2008   957976  
I realize that.
They charish their hair ;D
I guess he's Emo-Punk.
xExotic says:   23 May 2008   961671  
Awhiee <3
FishE says:   23 May 2008   871962  
Hee hee :D
rainbow_sushi says:   23 May 2008   198243  
wow that looks emo
FishE says:   23 May 2008   543376  
...That's the point...
‹VaginaDust› says:   23 May 2008   755714  
it is emo.
FishE says:   23 May 2008   684342  
...I think I made that clear
punk_kid_oooo says:   23 May 2008   821755  
to be emo punk he would have to have a mohawk.....he is just an emo
who got caught under a lawn mower!! XD
BangBangBetty says:   23 May 2008   939788  
Hehe cute, I like that song xD
FishE says:   23 May 2008   857492  
The orignal had that :O!!

maybe that's the reason he's emo.
JessyRAWWR says:   23 May 2008   426781  
I love the "Emo Kid" song! That's the real name!
JessyRAWWR says:   23 May 2008   148218  
I'LL BUY IT! How much? Gimme your lowest price! I'll give you $4!
FishE says:   23 May 2008   379225  
I know.

I won't go lower than 55 D:<
MewmewkittensOekakiAccount says:   24 May 2008   495999  
ME. :D
FishE says:   25 May 2008   195921  
I have paint on my nails, and make-up on my face.
I'm almost emo enough to start shaving my legs :D

[[Although I do xD]]
maxdaisy says:   25 May 2008   664983  
cute pic.
FishE says:   25 May 2008   322451  
‹ravieve› says:   26 May 2008   154323  
that's cute :3
his expression is cutely depressing D:3
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl says:   26 May 2008   428641  
I think the art is great, but the fact that you are basically
trashing all emos is making me mad. (not that yo care anyhow) Although
I'm not emo, I have friends who are and this is considered
offensive...so maybe for future reference, maybe you could think how
it's affecting others emotionally before posting rude pictures? 

I still like the artwork in itself though. and I'm not mad at you,
just stating the facts.
FishE says:   26 May 2008   783634  
Jeesh, people are so sensitive [[i am too xD]]
It's called stretching out the label.
Emo is just a style.
Real "emos" [[the originals, anyways]] are kinda like this.
‹tango_fiesta_in_mis_pantelones› says:   26 May 2008   961543  
ya im kinda mad that ur trashin emos
Scrubs_fan1 says:   26 May 2008   953844  
emo is a label. The song isnt funny.
 Drawing is awesome tho.
‹~AJ+Iz+Back~› says:   26 May 2008   498938  
ill give u $ 55.01
cocoTASTICtm says:   27 May 2008   473358  
I want one
It looks so adorable
kevo says:   27 May 2008   736323  
dude that is to cool man how do u draw like that
Emo_meat_Puppet says:   27 May 2008   754684  
how i love em0 kids 
marissamozart says:   27 May 2008   524291  
it looks kinda like a hobo COOL
FishE says:   27 May 2008   846984  
I ain't trashin' no one.
Just goin' back to the original emos.

Then you wouldn't last a day in our Junior High.
Everyone knows and loves that song.

Oooo, nice.
Got any higher bidders??

...How exactly does it look like a hobo?
Ahmi_sama says:   30 May 2008   258848  
Well, emo IS a streotype and a label and it is SO not funny. Emo is
also a life style and a type of music. All sorts of posers and fakers
think its cool just to look and act 'emo'

 Not cool. 
 But i like the drawing :D
Ahmi_sama says:   30 May 2008   217495  
Scrubs_fan1 was right, BTW
FishE says:   30 May 2008   323114  
I've heard about enough of you goody-two shoes that think it'll be fun
to ruin a joke.
I don't care anymore that it's a label.
I know it, y'all've typed it a thousand times.
Can't anyone take a joke these days???

Scrubs_fan1 says:   3 June 2008   575961  
Go ahead and delete, But:
 you think thats funny?
 your messed up in the head.
FishE says:   3 June 2008   327454  
That people used to act and dress this way to the extent that now its
something everyone makes fun of and some people are just to literal to
understand that we're not serious?
Then, yes, I think it's hilarious.
Good day to you, madam.
missvampiric says:   14 July 2008   139271  
lol  love it
Shukketsu says:   14 July 2008   772739  
People are so sensitive. =/
I think the true un-funny ones are the people who are stupid enough to
follow a way of life, instead of living in their own way. D=
"Oh, I'm going to dress like this, and do this, just because I'm
miserable." FEH!!! D=<
xD I personally think the song and the picture are hilarious.
FishE says:   22 July 2008   986427  
Thanks :D

That's another way to say I what I was thinking xD
Thanks for seeing my side :DD
Guplazeez says:   29 July 2008   342711  
Jeez, guys, shut up.

If ya don't like it, don't look. It's a funny picture, so I like it.
Nice job.
FishE says:   30 July 2008   468662  
Thank you in more ways than one :DD
Guplazeez says:   31 July 2008   642518  
No problem. =D
Guplazeez says:   31 July 2008   865999  
In more ways than one.
FishE says:   14 August 2008   958984  
LOL, nice.
Zovesta says:   28 February 2009   398258  
...High five? xD
FishE says:   3 May 2009   341322  
‹Xilovehimx› says:   23 December 2009   345121  

sagebff says :   24 December 2009   320633  
And you think this is a new thing.?
I know every word to that song. ; D
-former emo-
LOVE the picture thuogh! xD ♥
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