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Commission for: MusicMarjorie
Uploaded: 17 July 2009
...o.o; I forgot that you asked for no pink, yellow, and orange. :D;;; 


Well I experimented with a different type of drawing...xD I think I might like
drawing like this...

Music, I hope you like this. :D

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MusicalMarjorie says:   17 July 2009   131686  
My breath was just taken away by your artwork.
It is seriously incredible.
I like love you for this.
I am like so speachless right now.
Thanx so much!!
~hugs to an extreme~
Kyun_yo says:   17 July 2009   345251  
@ Musical Marjorie

xD Ahaha, you're welcome... 
I completely did the opposite of what you asked to do... and I think
your hair is long in the front and short in the back? (that's what I
saw when I looked at your two pictures.)

I'm sorry if I messed up a bit. It's been a pleasure drawing it. :D 
Yurichan123 says:   17 July 2009   891368  
I really love this new type of drawing. It gives a warm, bright, and
peaceful feeling to the drawing. Love it.
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   17 July 2009   782259  
wonderous and beautiful. as always.
i ADORE how you coloured it.
imuffin says:   17 July 2009   375656  
i liek the flowers
lunasan says:   17 July 2009   757775  
i can't believe it! 
another one i love even more!
i could just HUG your artwork (and i'm not the huggy sort of person)
i would give it actual crit, but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY?!?!
papillon says:   17 July 2009   656592  
omg, this is beautiful!
They way you colored it is amazing.
nataval says:   17 July 2009   873913  
Hahaha, wow -ogles-

THE LIGHT. THE COLOURS. Everything about it just makes me go all "O__O
sksjiowe3jrie". I love the softness of it all. And the SHADING. Oh my
god the shading. You experiment well :D It seems so... serene and
calm, really o.o

Oh and the eyes <3 That's all I need to say.
lollylovex3 says:   18 July 2009   126781  
nomnomg says:   18 July 2009   473361  
wow you improve every oekakis you draw 
my little kyun kyun is growing up so fast D: 
the excellent color choice the nice picked 
opacity this picture shows warmth and calmness
i really like this oekaki D: i think this is the best one
you've made xD
‹??????› says:   18 July 2009   162748  
Ooh, many warm colours! I really love the feel, and those flowers are
a quick and nice touch.It's very beautiful.♥
stickyrice says:   18 July 2009   985296  
i love the colors and how they work together <3
kiNGdoM_heaRTs_haTeR says:   18 July 2009   732886  
u suk penis!
Kyun_yo says:   18 July 2009   266217  
@ Hope, imuffin, papillion, nataval, Rae, Yanely, stickrice:

xD Ahaha...thank you guys... 

@ Jin.

Gah. D: You shush please. XD I think this was a nice experiment
actually. Though I know I can do better. I messed up big time with her
shoulder. e.e; Best one? 

XD Ahaha.... I have no favorites though... ._.

@ Kingdom

...=D Please spell 'u' and 'suk' correctly before trying to insult
me. :D

Thank you for taking your time to look at such a lowly form of art
such as mine. ^^ I'm really honored by your consideration and time
that you tooko type up such complicated three words. I am graced by
such words of criticism. :D Thank you so much again. 
karolinacake says:   18 July 2009   523718  
Aww this is really pretty, it kind of makes me want some sherbert
icecream :3
(u suk penis by the way, i hope ur proud of yurself.)
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   18 July 2009   133648  
This is amazingly pretty. But unfortunately, it's too bright for my
eyes and I can't look at it longer than five seconds. Seriously. </3

Nevertheless, I adore the style. I like the flowers in her hair the
most though. <3
‹Luvvy♥› says:   18 July 2009   341979  
That is jsut amazing.
‹fuminori› says:   18 July 2009   244816  
snaappp wowww godly muchh -worship-
‹fuminori› says:   18 July 2009   128724  
i'm commenting again because DAMN MAN YOU INSPIRE ME 8(
Hyperpixie says:   18 July 2009   949552  
pastels....ah...calm....MahoRomatic music...ah...
‹H.T.T.M.G.› writes:   18 July 2009   675391  
it's very unique-ish like the person is pure, he's something that's
special.. and nobdy cannot touch it o__O
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   18 July 2009   845111  
rofl. no pink yellow or orange?
xD this is ALL pink yellow and orange.


i love it once again. ^-^ you amaze me, dear friend.(ish)
‹PerfectShame;› says:   18 July 2009   866334  
I just saw you're  last oekaki and, although this one has much
brighter colors, it still seems so..
Well, calm isn't exactly the word, but somewhat like that. :P
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› writes:   18 July 2009   538244  
This is a very beautiful art piece! It looks so..soo delicate and has
a soft soft SOFT touch to it....I don't see ANY way I could possibly
critic on this..This beautiful art work......

Kyun_yo says:   18 July 2009   153291  
@ PerfectShame

Thank you. XD I don't know what it is... maybe blinding? xP

@ lil L
Thanks. XD I think I can make a crit for it. 

"her shoulders are whacked out. :D" 
"it looks painful to have her shoulders shrugged that way." 

then again it's my own art...XP It doesn't really fit my criteria of
what's good... e.o; 
hapiemoalice says:   18 July 2009   133564  
incredible! very pretty, indeed. :3
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   19 July 2009   232727  
thats absolutley gorgeous!!!
xxxIndulge_yourselfxxx says:   20 July 2009   523713  
gasp i luv the lightness of it is looks beautiful
catloverextreme says:   20 July 2009   173496  
when i saw this oekaki, it made me feel good X3
it really made my day kyun, good job! *thumbs up party!*
Danielle10 says:   20 July 2009   566344  
Beautiful style of art...
Auratt says:   20 July 2009   333965  
I love the coloring! It's so beautifull!! :3
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   21 July 2009   956629  
That is beautiful!!!!
‹/3Hate Is essential </3› says:   22 July 2009   471523  
This is really cool!
awsomeguy3546 says:   22 July 2009   653335  
this is amazing!
Brokencyde says:   23 July 2009   954683  
its really pretty
Shinju says :   29 December 2009   542911  
beautiful, ^ ^
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