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walk away
Uploaded: 19 June 2009
Hm... feeling almost angry... kind of. More so disappointed and miffed then that.
Channeled my feelings constructively into making this... 

And if anyone's wondering. 

That's me in the picture leaving behind the cat. 


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Kyun_yo says:   19 June 2009   473558  
...lmao, I noticed the face is a bit too chubby... -shot-
lollylovex3 says:   19 June 2009   991525  
Shites, that's fracking awesome. :D
Kyun_yo says:   19 June 2009   176845  
no it isn't, lmao. x__X
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   19 June 2009   539794  
Argh, I can't draw rain like that. I'm so envious of your skill. 

Poor cat. D:
‹[~ ♥Kanashimi♥ ~]› says:   19 June 2009   166583  
This is neat. I actually started sining; "Walk away from the sun,
come slowly undone, I can see in your smile I've already won. I could
bleed for a smile I could die for a gun. Walk away from the sun and
kill everyone. Yeah."
Anyways, I love this. ♥
I hope you start feelin' better, sweetie. D:>
‹IisWurmple;;HearMeRAWR♥› says:   19 June 2009   314671  
Do not diss yourself when your expressing some sort of sadness, (or
disappointment in this case) just let it roll.
And is you ever run out of space, and this just isn't helping life,
But only if you want.
Because honestly, (since I lack skill and spelling) I love this. :D
(LALALALA Parenthesis, Parenthesis. I used them a lot. D: )
‹In♥His♥Shadow› says:   19 June 2009   358591  
I hope you feel better! D: But this is really good, very emotional.
‹SkidRow~♥› says:   19 June 2009   472728  
u left a poor kitty in the rain!!!
lol jk
its good
i like how u channel ur emotions into artwork
its awesom!
iSpeakMyMind says:   19 June 2009   976153  
Really nice job:]
Feel better~
happyjoyjoyjoyjoy says:   20 June 2009   386217  
The cat : "I'm so sad, I'm going to lose detail D:"

It's very nice, and please excuse the joke. I had to do it. Perhaps it
was a bad cat. BAD CAT, making the girl's face look flustered. Also
she doesn't look very wet for being out in the rain. Still, I could
never do better on the blasted Oekaki program. Pen and paper are my
friends. The mouse however, is not.
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   21 June 2009   783859  
awesomenezz! :D
menchi says:   21 June 2009   868188  
aww kitty noooo D:
id bring it home and it shall be mine XD
xxxsilverstienxxx says:   22 June 2009   616517  
great hair
mynameissecret says:   22 June 2009   887398  
nice hair!
‹- Charleene(:› says:   22 June 2009   845258  
Animal cruelty! 
D: !

Anyways, nice drawing. ><
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› writes:   22 June 2009   942461  
Cool picture. :]

The drawing makes your emotion loud and clear,especially that you made
the rain add the nice effect in there too.
Mitsuki_Kobayashi says:   22 June 2009   846649  
poor kitty...I love the drawing!
‹Lexxii;;EveryonesFavoriteDrug› says:   23 June 2009   148859  
This is a beautiful drawing (:
-gives hugs-
you deserve a hug <3
Warriors_Fanatic_101 says:   3 July 2009   684684  
I love it!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   7 December 2009   108303  
Pretty. I love the Coloring in this oekaki.
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