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Vincent Valentine
Uploaded: 4 October 2008
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omg its vincent! *fangirl squeal* continuing with the "i'll draw all the ff7
characters one day" vow, i give you teh vampireness. 
after 9 kp (safety saves) and 9 hours ( looooong breaks) i think this is my best
digital work ever. approx. 4.5 hours drawing time total. many refs, especially for
his gun (so hard  ) 

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Rena9000 says:   4 October 2008   244741  
good job! u have ur own style. keep up the good work! lolz
‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   4 October 2008   992192  
thats amazing
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   4 October 2008   259216  
Wow, very amazing. :D
You did very good!
trainer_kohaku says:   4 October 2008   991518  
‹duckie› says:   4 October 2008   893584  
‹VaginaDust› says:   4 October 2008   695175  
The_Fluffy_One says:   4 October 2008   376844  
Like all of your works, it's amazing.
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   4 October 2008   723338  
Wonderful X3
NessaxBaby says:   4 October 2008   451243  
This is sooo Nice.O
‹ikaeros› says:   4 October 2008   274494  
Yaaaaaaay <3
Vincent <3
This is amazing *O*
killerxkai says:   4 October 2008   259362  
ThE_dEvIlS_kId_ says:   4 October 2008   662968  
kutie_smile says:   4 October 2008   715934  
Eoe that is amazing. =D
‹ERASED› says:   5 October 2008   145589  
Yay!! Vinny-kun!! xD
Kairi says:   5 October 2008   669724  
Vincent! :DD
‹ERASED› says:   5 October 2008   753782  
Vincent is so awesome. He is my 2nd favorite character on Final
saralyn247 says:   5 October 2008   376979  
Definitely one of your best, I love the hair. :D
Dinosaur_rawr says:   5 October 2008   825175  
this looks amazing!!
skittle16 says:   5 October 2008   376361  
nice its very cool
yami says:   7 October 2008   623856  
Aerith228 says:   7 October 2008   795731  
Vincent is sooo cool but there is a habit that I dislike: When he
starts to walk and when he turns, he swings his cape. It gets annoying
when your trying to watch the movie.

The pic is soo cool. I love it
‹IcePath› says:   7 October 2008   272518  
total bad ass!
Captin_Knuckles says:   7 October 2008   128518  
madman says:   7 October 2008   165848  
This is so great... Gah I wish I could say more because you put so
much work into it. I'm just not great with words. I just see people
typing like "cool!" just to get KP or something... It really is
amazing. The effort and the final piece.
haku12 says:   7 October 2008   614684  
thank you everyone ^^ 
@madman : thank you 2 u especially *gives u a cookie* =) 
madman says:   7 October 2008   748887  
Haha you're more than welcome. I think most of the people on here
just glance at pictures and make hollow judgments on them. They don't
stop and watch the "how to draw" things, but I love seeing the
processes of artists. I know very little about art (I only know the
basic people like van Gogh, Bosch, and Picasso), and I'm terrible at
drawing and everything, but I've always liked watching these things.
All the erasing and shading and doing over; I wouldn't have the
patience haha.

The most I've really done is Photoshopping in Graphics Design 1 during
my Freshman year haha. I was pretty decent at it, but we weren't doing
anything extreme.

Anyway, have you heard of Hieronymus Bosch? He's a very... unusual
artist haha. A lot of his work was religious and it's all very
abstract. It's not like Picasso though; the pictures are usually
realistically clear but the content is really strange haha.
haku12 says:   8 October 2008   833241  
o_o long comment lol ^^ I dont really know much about other artists,
i'm 99% self taught. I've never really liked picasso or van Gogh, Da
Vinci is the man XD *googles Bosch* wow o_o unusual is a little
understatement! but i like it :D
‹XD golden xD dragon XD› says:   8 October 2008   591511  
ninjagirl_999 says:   8 October 2008   745788  
u rule!
‹Ðark Fox› says:   8 October 2008   472934  
madman says:   8 October 2008   187469  
Haha yeahh sorry for the long comment. Some nights I just keep going
on and on. I think being self-taught is the most impressive way to
know how to do something.

I never liked Picasso either, but I like some of van Gogh's work. Most
of his simple still-life is boring but I like some of the other stuff.
I'm probably biased because he was unstable, since unstable yet
successful people interest me. The guy shot himself in the chest in an
attempt to kill himself, thought he was fine, and went to bed. He died
in his sleep later on. Christ, man. If you don't feel like you were
just shot in the lung with a large revolver at point-blank range, and
you're in such a small amount of pain that you can just go directly to
bed... Bah I lost my trail of thought. Oh well.

My favorite painting by van Gogh has to be "At Eternity's Gate". I
don't like many of his other paintings.

Ahh I don't know why I forgot to mention da Vinci. I love his art

Oh I know it's an understatement haha. I couldn't think of a better
single word to describe him. I wish he had more pieces though. He only
has 25 confirmed ones. They used to say he had more, but they keep
proving them to be fakes.
haku12 says:   9 October 2008   797627  
Yeah when people say "your a picasso" I say no thanks, i've got a
name p= Its too bad da Vinci only has 18ish known works, the guy was a
genius =) i think van Gogh had a very cool style, i was just not a
madman says:   9 October 2008   531342  
I've always wondered why people made up that phrase... It doesn't
make too much sense. Picasso was pretty damn boring before he went
into cubism...

Yeah he only has about 15 because he always would procrastinate or try
out new styles. He has so many drawings though. I'm not sure how many
but it's a lot. He really was a genius. He had so many ideas in his
head... He'd be the richest man alive if he was here today. And if
they didn't yet have all the things he thought up.

Van Gogh had an amazing style, but he usually didn't use it on more
exciting things. Starry Night and At Eternity's Gate were great, but
he did a lot of portraits that are pretty boring.
‹A role to play› whispers:   11 October 2008   265678  
This... is so awesome, it's not even funny. Vinceeeent, we luvs
you!!! Sephiroth? Oh, oh, please do Reno or Yuffie next! ^_^ I love
those two! *Nod* *Nod* My favorite part is the hair, it's just so
spread out and real looking. Keep up the AMAZING work!
haku12 says:   11 October 2008   119753  
already drew yuffie =)
monkey09 says:   17 April 2009   427286  
i made a profile just so i could say hi and i love your drawing. its
hope we can be friends!!! =)
‹ღJєѕѕιє яαωяѕღ› says:   17 April 2009   948941  
Nicce art
‹*tHe_CrOw*› says:   17 April 2009   643355  
antkiller says:   23 June 2009   194342  
i agree with madman, people just say wow because they dont take it
all in but im saying this from my heart this pictures is amazing, i
love drawing anime, manga, what other things do you injoy drawing, i
mean do you like to animate things wars for instance?
Rose_Baker says:   14 July 2009   431684  
yes another ff7 fan
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   14 July 2009   581894  
hes sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!
‹♥Strange Old Haven♥› says:   7 February 2010   665869  
i love Vincent
‹♥♥♥Rooftops♥Lostprophets♥♥♥› says:   7 March 2010   970869  
Smallzsuarez says :   20 December 2010   249579  
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