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Uploaded: 27 September 2007
well, here you go. i'll enter this one for brenna11's emo contest instead. i like it
way better

must be fun bein emo i should try it sometime

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‹Skull_And_Crossbones› says:   27 September 2007   433617  
Wtf? Who is it supposed to be for?
‹Skull_And_Crossbones› says:   27 September 2007   539128  
Kind of creepy, no offense.
‹Skull_And_Crossbones› says:   27 September 2007   591733  
Is he like emo or something?
emo_elle says:   27 September 2007   438655  
wow i like that soo much that is awesome and crazyjack has no idea!
sauce says:   27 September 2007   114684  
well, yeah cj, he's emo. it's for an emo contest.

thanx much emo elle.
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   27 September 2007   511983  
wow this looks so cool 
luvs it 
great great job =)
kiwily says:   27 September 2007   695174  
wow. that is awesome. I love the shading and the hands
this page took 5 minutes to load and five mintues probably to post.

and Its been taking all day for me to comment on everything.
Amilee3 says:   27 September 2007   414613  
look cool
sauce says:   27 September 2007   697748  
yeah thanks

kiwi>> yeah, kupika almost never works for me.....especially when i
login. i always have to do it twice
Jakeriin says:   27 September 2007   921612  
*jaw drops*
holy.. crap.
That is amazing!!!
That must've took you forever to draw!!
I love how you did the skin..
sauce says:   27 September 2007   916845  
jakeriin>>thanks heh it took me about an hour to draw.
Kari8899 says:   27 September 2007   448887  
COOOOOOOOOOOL! Your a great artist!!
sauce says:   27 September 2007   111334  
heh thanks
bellepomme says:   27 September 2007   174671  
WHOA! Cool. Only an hour to draw? It usually takes me like three to
five hours! Amazing!
once again, I AM UNWORTHY!!!!
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   27 September 2007   671244  
O.o *faints*
Dream_Day says:   27 September 2007   198175  
Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine! *kidnaps*
sauce says:   27 September 2007   413991  
x_Soliloquy_x says:   28 September 2007   776979  
Me likes.
*gives cookie*
‹Saurfang› says:   30 September 2007   817417  
asside from the hand this ookaki looks great!

just the hand looks kindoff... off
yuyu_art says:   30 September 2007   456383  
:D that's pretty awesome.
sauce says:   30 September 2007   928863  
thanx much

soliloquy>>COOKIE! *tackles* by the way, lov your profile name
"soliloquy" i have a tendecy to do that.

Dragongelf>>hands are......difficult. but thanx
jada_cuteness says:   30 September 2007   175314  
raveygurl says:   30 September 2007   962222  
im luvin it!!!! Keep it up
MySneakersArePoppin says:   30 September 2007   361563  
cheyenneluck says:   30 September 2007   795518  
i wish i could draw an oekaki
Lovely_Mistress says:   30 September 2007   161272  
no wonder this is a popular oekaki. I luffs everything but the line
between teh mouth and nose but everthing else Roxss!!!!
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   30 September 2007   588782  
sauce says:   1 October 2007   766496  
thanx much. i can't believe this got popular.....


cheyenneluck>>why can't you draw one?

lovely mistress>>yeah, i had a hard time deciding whether or not i
wanted that line......apparently it was a bad decision to keep it.
Camilleh says:   1 October 2007   258681  
He's gorgeous. :o Good job! c:
sauce says:   2 October 2007   944874  
gorgeous? nice. ^__n__^

Jwentzlove07 says:   6 October 2007   921177  
its the bestest
‹'lizee; ♥♬› says:   7 October 2007   467182  
ooo nice emo person..its emo rite?? anyways its good
sauce says:   14 October 2007   852231  
yeah he's more or less emo.
emoromance21 says:   12 June 2008   977495  
wow this is some crazy azz emo
digitalpunk says:   22 December 2009   598744  
emo is a fad. dont go around calling yourself 'emo' yew posuers. And
its not fun to be 'emo' if you are classified as one. emo doesnt
digitalpunk says :   22 December 2009   948394  
Anyhow, nice oekaki apart from the comments.
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