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God Food~
Uploaded: 5 June 2011
how to draw
Frenchie dropped by to give me pocky today~ i've already eatten half the pack XD and
that was in the first 30 minutes of having it! 


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‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   5 June 2011   102428  
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   5 June 2011   633623  
OMG POCKY!! Who doesn't love it? xD
GreenBox says:   5 June 2011   927042  
this makes me hungery.
strawberry is meh favorite 
‹TonTon› says:   6 June 2011   203978  
I haz a box that I pour nerds and gobstoppers in and nom. .-.
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   6 June 2011   333958  
why would you do that to a pocky box? that's like skinning a god and
putting mice and bugs inside! 
‹TonTon› says:   6 June 2011   681563  
not a pocky box. Just a tupperwear box.  (gladwear. twas a box that
had sammich ham, but we gave the ham to the cats)

And nerds and gobstoppers is delicious. 
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   6 June 2011   392959  
oh. well they are no god food. 
‹illegal› says:   9 June 2011   482081  
O: I bought two packs of these today.
God bless China Town xD
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   9 June 2011   994525  

My favorite Pocky is chocolate covered kiwi. It's sold only at
conventions in America....I think.
‹Cellar Door› says:   9 June 2011   266192  
I think in most conventions in general cause I went to one about two
or three weeks ago (not in the u.s) and they had some c: 
‹Prince-Mew› says:   9 June 2011   503969  
Mmmm pocky =w=
Wish I had some right now ;3;
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   9 June 2011   530534  
i can get mine at walmart~ and if i want any special flavors i have an
international store pretty close by that i can get it at. i think it's
called oaisis or something like that.
look for an international store or something nearby. my brother would
bring home the weirdest flavors from going to international stores.
i just go to the mexican isle of my walmart and there they are right
above the fortune cookies~
i've never been to a convention so i dunno. i just saw it on an anime
i watched then went looking for it at walmart~ and i don't live in a
very big city so it surprized me that i found it~ 
‹Cellar Door› says:   9 June 2011   683523  
I remember borders selling the strawberry coated ones. Some other
places too. But it is quite rare to find some c:
But god do they taste good 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   9 June 2011   994176  

In America, it's only sold at conventions. 

That's how it was supposed to be phrased. 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   9 June 2011   361778  
You could get it at Walmart. Target. F.Y.E. 
‹Cellar Door› says:   9 June 2011   594258  
XD not if you go to China Town or something xD
..Not to sound racist or anything ._.
I've bought pocky in china town ..just saying o.o 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   9 June 2011   885883  
I was naming the more common places..the nearest Chinatown is 150
miles away, in Chicago. 
‹Cellar Door› says:   9 June 2011   358644  
Ever tried a comic book store? :o
Maybe they have some there? I don't know :P 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   9 June 2011   967079  
None where I live. 
‹Cellar Door› says:   9 June 2011   637973  
One day when I go to chicago I'll look for some and I'll notify you
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   9 June 2011   485485  
I'm going to a convention in Chicago, so tis fine. 
PuddingCakes says:   10 June 2011   718358  
The logo looks real O.O
I love Pocky<3
Those seated at the back row in class (including me xD) spent our
mornings munching on it while lessons are on =X
School starts so early we can't even have breakfast T~T
saiharatwin says:   11 June 2011   161523  
POCKY FTW!!!I freakin' love that stuff!
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   11 June 2011   735889  
thanks about the logo. that part was tough.  and i hate using the
mouse to draw on here but i dun have a tablet or anything....
and  i bring pocky to school and i have to hide it >.>' everyone begs
me for some if they hear i have some. 
rawr_salsa says:   12 June 2011   460264  
zey are DELICIOUS. omnomnom >w<
orangecherrysoda says:   12 June 2011   388657  
I can get a whole bunch of the flavours at my 7 11. :D
‹blue_emo› says:   28 June 2011   655312  
yuyupuu says:   28 June 2011   148473  
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says :   28 June 2011   835697  
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