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L= Love! Lmao (: ♥
Uploaded: 20 July 2010

L= love? ;U
Idk. :'D
I was bored. D;
I like Deathnote too much.
Dont tell me what happens..
I already know L dies. But I love him anyway.

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‹CaptainLlama~› says:   20 July 2010   913099  
Gaahh. This is really cool. Cx
I love the L in the corner. That's pretty hard to do. ;3;
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   136855  
Thanks a bunch. C:
Its no way as good as your ones though!
Cx ♥ 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   20 July 2010   327127  
I agree with Marmite :D L is inded, LOVE. 
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   625382  
Ive already told you how much I love him 
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   20 July 2010   781466  
Don't be silly. >:C
And even in they were, I've had a lot more practice than you. xD 
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   20 July 2010   420457  
@ICouldUseAWishRightNow Oh I know ♥ You can't help but
LUURVE him  
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   100913  
They are!
And true, I guess :3 ♥ 
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   155465  


‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   471966  
Oh, I failed D;
‹harvestmoon♥› says:   20 July 2010   947293  
@ICouldUseAWishRightNow LOL TYPO ♥ 
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   418411  
LOL ♥ 
‹Cybering Slut... x› says:   20 July 2010   232746  
Im not emo are any of that shit, but I like this.
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   221585  
Err. Thanks P: 
‹♥impact♥› says:   20 July 2010   121778  
awesome, when i frist saw this i knew that you drew this
‹Ello Mello› says:   20 July 2010   691841  
@121778 Haha, thankss (: ♥ 
‹KAORUUU-CHAN; lorai 'n'› says:   20 July 2010   271643  
‹KAORUUU-CHAN; lorai 'n'› says:   20 July 2010   756412  
DAMN. >c
‹Ello Mello› says:   21 July 2010   173599  
Im not onto matt yet.. Im still reading detahnote C:
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says:   23 July 2010   843650  
Very Prettyful :3
‹Ello Mello› says:   23 July 2010   226732  
Thankyouh ;3 
shina94 says:   23 July 2010   215825  
that is so cool!^-^
‹✖ѕтαяѕιηmyєуєѕ&мυѕιcιηмуєαr› says:   23 July 2010   498711  
‹Arkansas_Girl1990› says:   23 July 2010   898006  
thats really good i like it
Ancient_Locket says:   24 July 2010   727888  
*strangles Light and killz him*
We shall never forget L....♥
‹Tama_♦› says:   24 July 2010   289833  
Technically, everything is Ryuk's fault... but, I like Ryuk, so I
blame it on Sidoh^^
Do you cry easily at movies and such?
If so, you will cry for sure when you reach the final volume, or
especially if you watch the last anime episode ='(
And it's not even L dying, but it's such a shame^^

Oh, btw my latest picstream is me cosplaying you-know-who =D
‹Ello Mello› says:   25 July 2010   803863  
Thankyou very much! ♥

I cry easily, yes. And omfg Im checking your picstream! :D ♥

*hides Light's dead body in her warddrobe" o.o
We never shall forget him, Rip the best detective in the world....♥ 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 July 2010   382272  
L is the shit!!! *kidnapps*
‹Ello Mello› says:   27 July 2010   251683  
Well done! :D
♥thanks for the kidnap 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 July 2010   300787  
yesh! ^_^ I is L! (even kinda look like him)
sure thing. 
‹Ello Mello› says:   27 July 2010   878053  
Nah, Im L. I may look nothing at all like him and be a girl, but, Im
going to get his tshirt, therefore I must be him. >.< 
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 July 2010   117035  
you mean this shit, right here, that I'm wearing?
‹Ello Mello› says:   27 July 2010   214035  
That may be an awesome tshirt, but Im getting one with the letter 'L'
on it, its a black tshirt with white font.
Oh yes.
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 July 2010   578949  
sweetness... special order?
‹Ello Mello› says:   27 July 2010   492403  
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   27 July 2010   716069  
kool, where you gettin it form then? 
‹Ello Mello› says:   27 July 2010   734311  
If I tell you, you will buy it. I wanna have it and be special ;3; 
xXx___BrokenWings___xXx says:   28 July 2010   995724  
OMG I cried for two days straight when L died. :'(
luv_life says:   28 July 2010   459412  
this is awesome!
‹Ello Mello› says :   29 July 2010   552937  
I cried slightly, but I saw it coming. Somebody told me.

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