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There She Is!
Uploaded: 25 August 2008
how to draw
This is my fanart to one of the cutest love cartoons that I ever saw. 

And I really need the cutness now 'cas my basketball team just lost in beijing x__x
dam you argentina for taking bronze! And dam you carlos delfino for being so hot 

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‹PerfectShame;› says:   25 August 2008   753863  
(dramatisku balsu)
Kaip jie taip galejo?!?
Labai grazu.
Man irgi labai patiko ta filmuku serija.Zauriai miela. x3
Drop says:   25 August 2008   585942  
Mhm bet ir ju smerkt negalima kadangi padare wiska ka galejo :/ 
O tas delfinas kiek ikale ir wiswien ant jo pykt negaliu kadangi sexas
belekoks xD

Jo tik ketwirta dalis liudnoka :/
PressPlay says:   25 August 2008   518243  
Oh, i love that cartoon :D

Really cute ^___^~
machidagirl says:   25 August 2008   397894  
this is so cute!!! I love the video!! It's so adorable!!
‹ERASED› says:   25 August 2008   573134  
I have watched the video a long time ago!!

This is very cute. :D
Drop says:   25 August 2008   515471  
Thankies ^^ This is a series of 4 videos total you should really
watch them all 
Danielle10 says:   25 August 2008   627329  
Oh, that's adorable! 9/10!
MissBliss says:   25 August 2008   385726  
Woah, that animation is so old. xD I remember it about 2 or 3 years
ago. Have you seen Cake Dance? Absolutely adorable.
Sabukii says:   25 August 2008   594251  

I loved these videos!
Drop says:   25 August 2008   661512  
Really that old? xD yeah I have seen all the series
Mewmewkitten says:   25 August 2008   768124  
I watched it a long time ago with my brother. :D They are so cute. >w<
I was prolly two years ago, so yeah, it's old. :3 Nice job, by the
‹[Claire Nadwina Spoonhands]› says:   25 August 2008   419971  
Oh god, I love these! :D My best friend showed them to me last year.
This makes me want to do a fanart! *o*
Drop says:   26 August 2008   113922  
 yeah I love these too
Sandwich says:   28 August 2008   251728  
Awh, co cute, I remember watching these.
I like the one about the cake (#2) XD
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   28 August 2008   536293  
Ooo~! I love this cartoon! X3 It's so adorable. :'D
What great fan art. :3 Good job~! :D
punk_kid_oooo says:   29 August 2008   648923  
i just watched the little video and that is really cute!! you drew
the exact drawing for it you did a very good job!!
sin_script says:   29 August 2008   117557  
I've been following that series since the first one, ^^

This is really good and cute, actually, nice job!! And I love how you
added the hearts and the sign.
‹Goth One› says:   29 August 2008   147562  
i see a sociopathic rabbit with fangs, evil eyes, blood around its
mouth and dripping off its fangs and a cat with the same features
holding a bloody knife and meat cleaver
xChibixVampirex says:   29 August 2008   712644  
That is so cute! <333
Panda9000 says:   29 August 2008   292947  
luv the vid!
Shorty_9756 says:   29 August 2008   983299  
SithWedgie says:   30 August 2008   566155  
episode number 4 of this came out! :D
Drop says:   31 August 2008   481566  
Thankyou all :D [free hugz]

[Lil_Goth_Boy] you have a very twisted mind xDD
CrumpetChan says:   29 September 2008   456614  
the bunny girl is sooooo cute ^^
Drop says:   28 December 2008   152264  
Ja but she's kinda obssesed xD
trainer_kohaku writes:   24 May 2009   913685  
The video is funny lol

Oh and nice picture!
Katt_Chan says:   24 May 2009   633822  
WOW! That is beautiful! XDD The bunny is cute.
‹Jinx Ellise› writes:   24 May 2009   341266  
Wow yours rly good! I luv the Sign! Good job!

XDoodle_SoupX says:   10 February 2010   205122  
they ended the series D:

i loved it so much!
sagebff says :   11 February 2010   678243  
Awwhh, I hate that its overrr. 
they were soo amazingg x33 <33
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