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Uploaded: 19 May 2008
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Ahaha, I finally drew Hina! =^^=

I hope he likes it~ ♥ I loved drawing the rain last time, so I tried it again
on this picture. Except in this one, Hina is happy. n_n <3

I hope you like it Hina! *3* All of us Kupikans love you. :')

(This is for Hina and also a bit for Lyncheh LOLS.)

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‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   19 May 2008   859427  
cute! >< *glomps Oekaki*
Ciel_Kitty says:   19 May 2008   518182  
Aww.Thas so cute.
We love you, Hina! :D
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   19 May 2008   731726  
Lovely C:

WE love you Hina ;D
‹VaginaDust› says:   19 May 2008   174749  
nice and cute!:3
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   19 May 2008   621615  
Great job. :D
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   19 May 2008   734113  
AWWW....How nice of you!I wish he could see this!!.CUTTEEE
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   19 May 2008   363649  
YAAYY!! You drew!!....or maybe I just didn't see your other

<3 I luff it!!
karolinacake says:   19 May 2008   879432  
oh god this is soo cute!
i could die :D
Picklez101 says:   19 May 2008   387761  
This is so pretty.
I love it.
Scrubs_fan1 says:   19 May 2008   699961  
OMIGAWD -topples over and twitches- @_e
rainbow_sushi says:   19 May 2008   334488  
i have to say that's so cuute
 i like your drawing tecnique
XxRainbowsxX says:   19 May 2008   375316  
Ah, >W<
It's really, really, really cute :D
‹ikaeros› says:   20 May 2008   689363  
Adorable! And yes, We love you Hina!
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   20 May 2008   566482  
What a cute sign of affection for Hina.
nataval says:   20 May 2008   239985  
Awww >w<

That's so cute :3
nataval says:   20 May 2008   886427  

It's one your best too ;-;

‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   20 May 2008   165853  
For some odd reason, I think he's hiding his sadness with that smile.
It's that or I'm thinking too much.
emo_vampire_gurl says:   20 May 2008   468585  
Sweet, I love your oekaki's
haku12 says:   20 May 2008   459382  
=D now i'm happy even tho its pouring outside
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   20 May 2008   516846  
That's amazing!
I wish I could draw better =C.. I can't even draw a straight line, but
it doesn't matter ;;. I'm just as happy looking at how great other
people are xD.
Very good. Hina will love it .. and so will Alex ;D
Lyncheh says:   20 May 2008   733629  
"(This is for Hina and also a bit for Lyncheh LOLS.)"
"Very good. Hina will love it .. and so will Alex ;D"

But of course, nice picture. >D
hina says:   20 May 2008   752466  
Of course, I LOVE IT!

I am smiling in the picture, yet I look a bit sad...
A very nice melancholic touch ^^

Well. I can only say a big THANKS. 
Namina says:   20 May 2008   867755  
amazing as always sugar!
sugartastic says:   20 May 2008   336375  
Thank you everyone. ;__; ♥
I'm really happy you guys like it. =^^= <333

@Kirsty: Lols, drawing a straight line with a mouse is like,
impossible. XD When you draw an oekaki use bezier, it's the secret
tool of the gods! O_O <33 I wanna see some of your stuff. X)
@Lyncheh: AHAHHA you know you love... okay I'll stop there lols.
♥ But thank you Lyncheh. ;D <3
@Hina: Yey! I'm so glad you like it. n_n ♥ You're very welcome.
=^^= <3

And Jonan and Hina, you guys are very good. O_O That's what I was
trying to do, you're not thinking too much -- my intention was to make
him look like he was trying to hide sadness even though it was
raining. Wow, I'm glad some of you noticed! n_n ♥ Observant
JessyRAWWR says:   20 May 2008   348212  
That is sooo CUTE! It's how you might say... SUGARTASTIC!
machidagirl says:   20 May 2008   935725  
This is so amazing! I love it a lot! It's so beautiful!
‹??????› says:   20 May 2008   599323  
Wow, it looks very cool, awseome!!

The background of rain is cool too, just like the last =DDD
‹??????› says:   20 May 2008   636344  
=C Sorry for my spelling

MewmewkittensOekakiAccount says:   21 May 2008   466344  

u drwz gud
did u drw dis w/ a mose?!?!11?!


Dang it, Nicole. D:
I'm drawing Hina! If you draw Hina you get lots of comments. :3 And
get KupiPoints when you ask because a lot of people see it! -goes off
to school-
sugartastic says:   21 May 2008   133622  
It's raining sideways because IT IS. It rains sideways sometimes, you

n ya i draw w/ a moose. wutz it 2 ya .? no i will not draw u, inles u
giv me 50000 kp lol. LOL BISCUITS

You're drawing Hina? o.o When? I don't ask for KP. XD The only time I
ever did was when I first joined, I asked on the FT because I drew
everyday and wasted them... everyone gave me a whole bunch. n_n -feels
special- ♥
‹ERASED› says:   21 May 2008   148153  
Wow. I really need to get back to drawing on here. T^T

Nice Oekaki, by the way. :D
Unwritten says:   22 May 2008   936154  
Can you draw an oekaki of me. wease. I don't have many kp...
Kanashii says:   22 May 2008   545378  
oh i want a oekaki of my kupika :D
‹IcePath› says:   22 May 2008   398384  
awesomeness i love the smirk
kikiyo says:   23 May 2008   889864  
i luved it so totally awsome
sweeney_todd_92 says:   23 May 2008   132817  
Ahmi_sama says:   23 May 2008   885351  
You have a very unique style of art .
FishE says:   23 May 2008   222649  
It always rains sideways down here :D

He looks luverly and your shading technique stumps my brain for a
minute and a half...
cindyMEW says:   23 May 2008   727251  
Its so AWESOME!!!
Nick_Zilla says:   24 May 2008   197871  
Gasp!! This is really good! 

I envy your awesomeness. o3O
possibletoast says:   24 May 2008   851958  
So cute! I want to pinch those cheeks. Not buttcheeks, mind you.
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   24 May 2008   429985  
Those ears are so life like. He looks soo cute ^_^
EMO4life says:   24 May 2008   467627  
‹Ðark Fox› says:   24 May 2008   657334  
looks almost like Lucy from Elfen Lied, when she was younger and
blushed smiling at Koutha
shadamy22 says:   24 May 2008   689615  
Hina looks sooooo Kawaii!!!
shadamy22 says:   24 May 2008   514232  
Can u do one 4 meh?^^
COLIN says:   31 May 2008   429932  
It's adorable!
sugartastic says:   8 June 2008   188847  
Thank you very much everyone. n_n -hugs-
♥ And thank you for the kidnaps too! ;3

Also eee I love Elfen Lied. :D Though it scares me sometimes.

Also... uhm. I don't do requests. I'm really sorry. ;_; -hugs- I might
take them at one point though, but I can't now, I don't have enough
time. Really really sorry~ ;;
Lyncheh says:   23 June 2008   187595  
*Kidnaps* >:D
Lyncheh says:   23 June 2008   591731  
Kidnaps hina, that is. :3
Sgowner says:   24 June 2008   292245  
Awsome, you have a drawing gift
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   24 June 2008   132942  
Hina looks hot in this. ;]
‹Callie;Calls herself CRUISE. TOM CRUISE ♥› says:   11 July 2008   821742  
:D this is awesome. :3 me luff how u draw!
katie15 says:   30 July 2008   441789  
your good at drawing
maxdaisy says:   1 August 2008   643933  
i love his ears and him you ROCK!!!!!!!!
Clarity says:   5 August 2008   452724  
Very nice :D Your art is outstanding.
‹Sossidge› says:   19 August 2008   864314  
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   9 October 2008   245383  
spam :V
Mystic_DarkIllusion says:   16 October 2008   753983  
This is cute..........!!
AnonymousPerson says:   17 October 2008   432257  
swim_dory says:   9 November 2008   274538  
I luv how u drew the rain!
‹IRuinEverything;;GetOverIt♥› says:   28 November 2008   332251  
Yotsubato says:   23 July 2009   822656  
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says :   19 November 2010   138975  
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