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ebil character
Uploaded: 3 February 2008
how to draw
My signature looks like a scribble. lol.
Oh dear, she looks like a stripper with the shinny clothing.
It's so messy. me = epic fail. TT_TT

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lub_art says:   3 February 2008   878188  
lub_art says:   3 February 2008   922189  
Welcome To kupika.
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   3 February 2008   552193  
thast so cute and good!!! haha I luv the bunny slippers XP So cute
great job =]
ebil says:   3 February 2008   951551  
lol. ty.
I thought my character's shoes were bunny slippers. so i drew em'.
wait. is this like myspace?
Can the artist even comment? O_O
lub_art says:   3 February 2008   922372  
Btw the hat is a panda hat, anyways again it's adorable
animegurl101 says:   3 February 2008   472928  
its so shiny!!
ebil says:   3 February 2008   441989  
lol. i'm guessing i can comment.
And yeah I think I made it too shiny. lol.
Jimpling says:   3 February 2008   252467  
Yes artists can comment xD
We do that all the time >;3

And the shineyness rocks.
It's not stripper shiney :D

And this is just too cute.
The hats is my favorite part >:]
And the face is so innocent <3
+subsribes and kidnaps+

Oh, and welcome to the world of Kupika!
Kupikians are fun to eat ^^~<3
ebil says:   3 February 2008   347886  
lol. haha. :]
Thank yew very much.
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   3 February 2008   376216  
Wah, you draw very well. D:

~NEW ARTIST ALERT~ Welcome. I'll be happy to help you, or just chat.

Beautiful drawing.
‹► Asim ◄› says:   3 February 2008   329219  
Bootheghost says:   3 February 2008   548684  
Very cute, and a nice style. This'll become popular.

Welcome to Kupika. If you need to know anything, just ask. I'm an oldy
on here. xD (Over a year of being Kupikian. xDDDD)

Nice work!
ZanyZeldaFan says:   3 February 2008   222264  
omgosh this is SOOO not fail! it is perfect!!! i love it! your style
of chibis is way too cute x3 i love all the blush and stuff. and the
shading is wonderful! the expression on her face = priceless <3
‹Puppeh.› says:   3 February 2008   267894  
Very cute and creative.

Welcome to Kupika!|
And like Bootheghost said we are here to help.
cloud_nine says:   3 February 2008   452719  
saralyn247 says:   3 February 2008   567755  
This is sooo adorably cute! *dies* I love it!
anime_is_my_life says:   3 February 2008   872795  
that is amazing!!!!
soo kawii :3
welcome to kupika!
the name is Jenny :D
‹goodfornothing› says:   3 February 2008   375594  
OMFG that is so kawaii!!!
krikee says:   3 February 2008   817727  
Very cute indeed :]
welcome to Kupika btw!
ed_elric_is_mine says:   3 February 2008   774692  
u r going to b popular i can tell
‹Kiwily<3› says:   3 February 2008   773572  
ohmigawd, shineh~!
ebil says:   3 February 2008   495511  
thank you guys! :3
i wish i had enough time to answer each comment. lol. 
purpy_kix says:   4 February 2008   385153  
ooohhh i like the way u draw can u make me one drawing?
Abandoned says:   6 February 2008   119895  
really good skills
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› whispers:   6 February 2008   729933  
kinda like a stripper thats afraid of cupcakes or somethin like that!
‹Naita› says:   6 February 2008   678867  
It is soooo awesome!! How'd you do that? You draw so awesomess!
chikapollo says:   6 February 2008   322385  
so cute @w@ 
yuyu_art says:   6 February 2008   112719  
!!!!! *0* cute!!!
FoxiiRoxiiGirl says:   6 February 2008   182246  
that is beautiful!!
so cutee!
sushii_ says:   6 February 2008   537749  
aww thats adorable x]
so cute ;3; i love those shines and the hat is absolutely cute! ~<3
ChocolateMoo says:   6 February 2008   744774  
Holly SHIT :O
That ,
t-that is so tight! x3
Shaysta7 says:   6 February 2008   867823  
that is sooo cute :]
Soflball_Queen says:   6 February 2008   286782  
it's a cupcake
‹goodfornothing› says:   6 February 2008   782314  
I must ask:
1. Do you have a tablet?
2. Do you have another account somewhere where you can make oekakis?
Because this is incredible!
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   7 February 2008   899168  
Cute, pretty hair.
LolliLocksPop says:   7 February 2008   226377  
‹??????› says:   7 February 2008   781563  
Welcome to Kupika.

Your very good. 0.0

I'm horrible at coloring my oekakis, for some reason,when I start, I
get nervous... :'[
Xxcute says:   18 April 2008   851887  
AWW..thats so cute ^__^ i love it especially the cute ^__^ hait she
is wearing ^__^ ...i love cute things ..

the muffin and the girl is cute ^__^ too ^__^ there all are cute
^__________^....you are a great drawer ^ keep it up ! ^
Xxcute says:   18 April 2008   284728  
O_O i meant hat ..LOL`
sakura_o_light says:   15 November 2008   131684  
Adorable this very nice and tender ;____;
chibikarla says:   23 November 2008   587386  
I love your style!
‹whtevr› says:   31 January 2009   251885  
Its so cute!
Roleplayer101 says:   27 June 2010   762416  
awww i love this
‹RushingStars★› says:   28 June 2010   772229  
it looks amazing, I especially love the hair!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says :   18 August 2010   509534  

I love the hair and the teddy hat!
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