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: : : : : :I'm sorry I'm not pretty.....:::: </3
Uploaded: 4 November 2007
how to draw
Yes, that's me.
Well, I'm suffering heartbreak currently.
Oh well.

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‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   4 November 2007   873927  
*In luv*

I really like this.

Especially the heart.

Nice work
Camilleh says:   4 November 2007   487442  
Thank yew hunni!
I have no computer art experience of anything, so that means a lot.
xThexGhostxOfxYoux says:   4 November 2007   323655  
That Is A Really Good Oekaki~
But Tis Sad ):
I Bet Camille ish Pretteh!
I Really Do Love This Though.
Camilleh says:   4 November 2007   218173  
Camille ish not.
:D I luff it when pplz luff meh art.
It makes me feel like a artist who's actually good at art.
I said art a lot.
MissDori says:   4 November 2007   732231  
Awww...don't say that about yourself!!! D; But the picture ish luffley. ;D
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   4 November 2007   768573  
Ya tis.

Create moar!!! <3333333333333333333333333
clairexHURRICANExx says:   4 November 2007   461287  
aww, cammile. you dont have to be pretty to have people love and care
baout yew. :D youre a beautiful person on the inside ;3 *pokes your
Miboki says:   5 November 2007   656628  
Yeah, even though you haven't talked to me for ages....
I still have to say that your picture is ROCKIN'
Don't hurt your own feelings!
You are very prettyful.
Don't worry, I'm going now....
clairexHURRICANExx says:   5 November 2007   879585  
yeah... but no offence, your gut probably isnt that pretteh... O.o
‹Mikandycane› says:   5 November 2007   755954  
u think ur not pretty,? think again, why dun u look at me? oh- wait-
u cant, my dad wont let me put pics. lol. but i love the oekaki. sooo
Camilleh says:   5 November 2007   578371  
Aw I'll talk to you Miboki! Sorry. ><
&& Clairrre...are yew insulting meh?
D: Oh well. I never thought myself as fat. I probably am. I should
exercise more.
&&Tearz...You are probably gorgeous. I should put up pics, you
reminded me. (:
&&KickyourSunday-ily. <3
You deserve a hug.

bunniNANGEL says:   8 November 2007   956788  
Camilleh says:   8 November 2007   595473  
I just got back from a run.
hate_new_year says:   9 November 2007   336174  
nice ;3 i had to live that thing through too... its so sad realy...
but i luv how u did it ;D
Camilleh says:   9 November 2007   916628  
Aw thnx. 
:D Hay,
I've seen yew aorund.
_dead_emo_girl_ says:   9 November 2007   469152  
don't say that!!
if some one thinks ur ugly, their just too afraid to admit they think
yewre pertiest thing they have ever seen!!!
ima kidnap this one too!!!    keep it up!!! i looove it!!!
Camilleh says:   9 November 2007   456636  
Chase doesn't think I'm pretty, I promise.
But I'm trying to be braver and talk to him...
So thnx!
fireskull_007 says:   11 November 2007   349447  
ur not ugly if any1 ses ur ugly they just 
cant  admit ur the pretiest human on Earth!!!!!!!!
keep it up i love it!!!!!!        u might be an artist
 wen u grow up u never know!!!
fireskull_007 says:   11 November 2007   338943  
by the way i luv it!!!!!!

especially the heart

keep it up 

NICE WORK!!!!!!!!
Camilleh says:   11 November 2007   296153  
Thank yew so muchh
Melody14 says :   14 February 2008   167196  
OMG!!! sooo awsome
u r way better @ oekakis than meh
I bet u r pretty & if ppl think ur ugly then theyre just insecure or
have nothing better 2 do
I think Im ugly & fat too so Im wit u 
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