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Will Draw Again
Uploaded: 6 September 2007
how to draw
I'm taking a break from drawing requests. u_u

So I drew dark Alica and light Alice. n_n What's the difference? Nothing! They're
both nuts. Plus, I think I wanna switch their hair colors. It's sooo typical that the
light one has blonde hair and the dark has black or brown. And I wanna do a neat

Hope you like it! :D

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Saduko_chan says:   6 September 2007   767962  
‹<3mad_for_you<3› says:   6 September 2007   532885  
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   6 September 2007   938428  
Thankies. n_n
danielle1010225_2nd says:   6 September 2007   977727  
Ka squeak cutesey =D

ha ha i likey both doo :p 

he he you should draw. . . . 


now thas a great idea XD

hya ha sorry I'll stop. . . >__>

still i like it  >W<
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   6 September 2007   494337  
Man! I totally agree with you! Requests are the chains holding
creativity down. u_u Thanks for teh comments. :3
Kiwpido says:   6 September 2007   259363  
thats sooo cute i love it! even tought it looks kinda sceachy lol
Ciel_Kitty says:   6 September 2007   823837  
i likt it :3
is so cute
Mewmewkitten says:   6 September 2007   518241  
Pretty ^_^
NinjaMewStrike says:   6 September 2007   963753  
i really like it! but u no u cant change the pic, only the info
danielle1010225_2nd says:   6 September 2007   668783  
hya ha >=D

your last 20 oekakis are requests  S.S

so ya =D it's nice drawing for yourself at times XD
famachan says:   6 September 2007   397181  
Aww so kute!!

I like the way you did their clothes...Sooooo awsome!!!

I really like it! I luv it!♥ I luv the  blue one! I adore the
red one!!

Omg this oekaki is shooo awsome!!

Heh, well at least you get a break from requests. I herd their pretty
evil, but the requesters luv 'em, and luv u...xDD
Good thing you got a break, you were beginning to worry me. ^.^
RaindropsOnRoses says:   6 September 2007   237818  
that is really cute i love it!!!
kathryn963852 says:   6 September 2007   259175  
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   6 September 2007   663447  
o.O Pretty
Beachbum77 says:   6 September 2007   557487  
That is really pretty, and good too
Glamgurl says:   6 September 2007   323621  
Doo :D Great Job Once again

So Artisic And Very Talented.

I Have a Request.

Draw what Doo wants to draw :D
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   6 September 2007   661733  
Thanks for teh comments. Yeah, it's like a rough draft I guess. :3 I
know! There are tons of requests but I had to. Thanks for
understanding famachan. n_n I do like it when teh requesters see their
pictures and get really happy wich is probably why I didn't charge or
say no. Sure Glamgurl! That's the best request I've gotten! ^_^
iluvenasaur says:   7 September 2007   866363  
Pretty!Long time no talk!
kiwily says:   7 September 2007   782579  
aww! I love your maid uniforms. they're prettyful @_@ 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   8 September 2007   959153  
Totally! :0 I've been expecting more pictures from you you know. u_u
Thanks for teh comments. I love designing outfits. :3
kristino says:   8 September 2007   285816  
cute dresses! *envies*
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   8 September 2007   872712  
Hehe. X3 Thanks.
xcottonxcandyx says:   9 September 2007   621735  
alice and dark alice looks so cool
except doesn't light alice have blonde hair?
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   9 September 2007   644684  
I guess. :0 But I dun wanna do that. It seems too... predictable.
Thanks for teh comment. X3
Jakeriin says:   9 September 2007   169148  
You use alot of soft colors, it makes the oekakis pretty. :3
Good job! I love Alica's dress.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   9 September 2007   455923  
Thanks for noticing. n_n
ponyperson113 says:   9 September 2007   147678  
very very very cool
Glamgurl says:   9 September 2007   959928  
Haha No problem xD
sadanime_freak101 says:   10 September 2007   166189  
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   10 September 2007   676966  
Thankies. :D
LillyX3 says:   14 September 2007   681736  
How kawaii ^-^
‹♥ Doo ♥› says :   10 October 2007   941159  
Thankies. n_n
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