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This public Oekaki was created by o0Semi_Automatic0o   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by o0Semi_Automatic0o
Uploaded: 8 July 2007
how to draw
I couldn't see the other oekakis for some reason. It might just be my account,

I like drawing wings. :x

I have to remember to draw The_One's picture too. =____=;

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pik0 says:   8 July 2007   481815  
It's rly nice!
You got an awesome style to.
And btw; i can't see'em either. x] 
keep it up, anyways. You rox!
o0Semi_Automatic0o says:   8 July 2007   825167  
Yay, I'm not alone! : D

Maybe hina is doing some re-vamping on the site..? o.O -feels closed

Thank you for the compliment! :3
finerzz says:   8 July 2007   812586  
Ciel_Kitty says:   8 July 2007   838574  
three with me. =_=
i love how you draw :3
can you make me? =)
Nunc says:   8 July 2007   787982  
Omg, this is so cool! Great job! :D
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   8 July 2007   322428  
T-T we can no longer see the new oekakis!
I liked looking here to see if ayone made a prettyful oekaki
but looks like I can't look anymoree -sniffle-
I'll be adding friends on my list
just to see their pretty oekkis

your oekakis are awesomfulz!!!
I love your style
I wish I could draw like you can
but of course I can't
I suck at drawing oekakis
can ya draw meh :D
I will attempt to draw your avvie
if ya draw me
so basically art tade =3
Bernie says:   8 July 2007   294246  
I can't see the other oekakis either. It's not your account, it's
hina. He's deleting everything, the new kupipages, the other diaries,
the new oekakis. Everything that he thinks might cause fights. If he
doesn't want fights to happen on kupika he should delete kupika.
Fights are gonna happen no matter what.
hina says:   8 July 2007   587184  
oh well, they are back.
bernie's right, fights are gonna happen no matter what.

*feels depressed*
darkoekaki says:   8 July 2007   159559  
Don't feel depressed, Hina.
Fights are life.

I think this is a magnificent oekaki.
I love your use of colors.
death_on_two_legs says:   8 July 2007   195677  
thats amazing!
kekasmai says:   8 July 2007   782385  
pik0- If you can't see other oekakis, then how did you post a message
saying it was nice??? lol...maybe I read it wrong...
ANYway, This is really amazing, If you drawa me I'll draw you!
Hypnagogia says:   9 July 2007   498954  
This is really cool~
You like drawing wings? XD I personally hate drawing wings and
feathers and all~
LyricWolf says:   9 July 2007   797924  
That is really awsome.  :D
NarutoFan_101 says:   9 July 2007   571298  
kool pic.
o0Semi_Automatic0o says:   10 July 2007   837113  

Yes, I like drawing wings, mostly mechanical ones. I draw feathered
ones when I'm too lazy to doodle parts. :'x

Thank you. ^^
Cookiz says:   11 July 2007   587978  
Holy Balony, that is beautiful. Love your technique.
meema says:   11 July 2007   377676  
WOW awsome oakaki !! ^________^!!
simple_plan_gurl23 says:   11 July 2007   566482  
Melody14 says:   11 July 2007   537687  
bobers says:   11 July 2007   511822  
wow thats good
dreamflame says:   11 July 2007   398321  
RandyOrtonGirl says:   11 July 2007   516991  
i love it!!
MeOw_ says:   12 July 2007   246618  
oooooh!! I like!! it's reeeaaally nice :DDD
Ciel_Kitty says:   12 July 2007   788986  
I just notice that he has four wings, or three.
berry_cherries says:   12 July 2007   585412  
oh you are so good ^__^
Gaia_girl says:   12 July 2007   839838  
Very good style. >w<
I_wonder_Y says:   13 July 2007   571961  
that's so good.
Shiina_kun says:   13 July 2007   663428  
WHOA AWESOME!  O:  I love how you drew the wings.  To me, wings are
even harder to draw than hands.  D:
fluffball says:   13 July 2007   691333  
wow! its ubber amazing! i love the way the hair came out~
chani says:   16 July 2007   279568  
Really cool.
Retro_Angel says:   16 July 2007   446149  
<3 love it!
lilblueangel says:   26 July 2007   768385  
:o. . .amazing. .  .
Kamino says :   11 August 2007   955956  
Sweet wings. O.o
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