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Uploaded: 13 April 2007
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this is sesshomaru from inuyasha. i drew him cuz i was reading some sesshomaru
fanfiction and decided i wanted to do one to.  its gonna be a romantic/action one. i
need a main girl so i need you guys to give me her personality and looks. plus i'd
like ideas for the fanfiction. plz send me some. thank you for reading this.

Ps there will be no lemons so dont ask.

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1_Daren says:   13 April 2007   943149  
animefreak411 says:   13 April 2007   992294  
thankyou. !^_^ any idea's ???
clouds12 says:   13 April 2007   252415  
very very good 10/10 XD
My_Chemical_Romance_MCR says:   13 April 2007   447462  
OMFG Thats sooooo awesome!! he really looks like him too!!!!!!!!...
maybe can you draw Itachi Uchiha?
xdrifting_dreamsx says:   13 April 2007   293836  
it is sooo real!
darkoekaki says:   13 April 2007   381957  
This is very well drawn, though the face angle bugs me a bit.
Other than that, good job~!
‹Puppeh.› says:   13 April 2007   291487  
Its actually looks like Sesshomaru
animefreak411 says:   13 April 2007   982434  
thankyou all!!^_^ do any of you want to hear the beginning of the
xdrifting_dreamsx says:   13 April 2007   111144  
sure! i will
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   13 April 2007   762853  
this is really great
animefreak411 says:   13 April 2007   167632  
Sashikineko3 says:   13 April 2007   978941  
animefreak411 says:   13 April 2007   283216  
here's the beginning.......

its starts out your in your room about to fall asleep. you tell your
self your
mystical sword needs to be used at tommorow's kendo match. then you
fall asleep. in your dream you see a man with a baboon pelt on.
(naraku) then he starts chasing you, in your dream. you wake up and
your in a forest. it looks nothing like japan. you see your sword
sitting next to you. you pick it up and tie it to your waist. you are
very confused at the same time angry and felt like to pumble the next
thing that challenges you.then you set off to get some food and water.
.... after hours of no food or water your exchuasted. your luck
changes when you see an small lake. you look at it and walk over to
it. not knowing two yellow eyes were staring at you.
you look at the reflection in the water. the water looks special some
how but you cant say why. you cup your hands about to take a drink
when you notice there's an shadow over you. you turn around and meet
with the same yellow eyes that were watching you. you jump back and
come face to face with a sword. well if its a fight he wants... then
its a fight he'll get. you think to
yourself grabbing your sword.....  

soooo what do you think??? ^_^
animefreak411 says:   13 April 2007   793842  
do yah like the story?? i wonder who the yellow eyes belong to.. ^_^
kunoichiforever411 says:   13 April 2007   681197  
i like it!!! lolz (i just commented myself) ^-^
kristino says:   13 April 2007   264273  
really good!
Mistress_Crystal says:   13 April 2007   258745  
wow!! i <3 it
yummiiXcookii says:   13 April 2007   765915  
Omgg aweshumm! :DD
It really looks like him. ^___^
But the Sora picture is still  my favorite. xD
animefreak411 says:   13 April 2007   874426  
lolz!! i made the first part to the fanfiction.
SithWedgie says:   14 April 2007   915365  
Wow thats really good :D
fuka_narutaki says:   14 April 2007   733629  
omg sessohmarus hot!!!!! 
animefreak411 says:   14 April 2007   683966  
i know!!!!! ;p
music_lova says:   14 April 2007   399159  
Tara009 says:   14 April 2007   819551  
animefreak411 says:   14 April 2007   818219  
sesshy hot!!!^_^
Blood says:   14 April 2007   149553  
Blood_Angel says:   14 April 2007   251771  
a_girl_who_can_kill says:   15 April 2007   142447  
This is a soon to be pouplar oekaki!!!
animefreak411 says:   15 April 2007   725156  
pizzas says:   15 April 2007   357247  
hes a HOTT cartoon character!
animefreak411 says:   15 April 2007   315259  
Demon_girl says:   16 April 2007   243217  
Vaporeon says:   16 April 2007   429355  
its so cool
TKDluver says:   16 April 2007   127983  
that's really awesome
kagome_is_cool12 says:   16 April 2007   928798  
Chirachira says:   16 April 2007   397685  
It looks so freaking like him!

For the main girl..... Maybe a quiet girl, but still sharp-tounged?

Just an idea.
animefreak411 says:   16 April 2007   392729  
mary_mae9 says:   16 April 2007   611536  
that is a really cool drawing i luv it
mary_mae9 says:   16 April 2007   699712  
can you do me and willyp kissing plz
animefreak411 says:   16 April 2007   727263  
uhhhh..... i have alot of request piled up soo...... maybe^_^
navygirl says:   16 April 2007   923796  
Thingie456 says:   17 April 2007   756628  
oooh oooh!! thats
from................................................ inuyasha, right?
I'm pretty sure it is. Inu's brother? or related in some way i thinks.
Any way, Awesome
Devils_boy0 says:   26 April 2007   866438  
animefreak411 says:   27 April 2007   178661  
Ninja_xoxo_Sakura says:   6 May 2007   355918  
2 words: SO AMAZING!!
cutiepinkal says:   28 June 2007   837766  
omg!! I love sesshomaru!!
Goth_Chelsie says:   26 May 2008   921753  
really awesome
carrot says:   26 May 2008   628795  
yay, an inuyasha character!
‹VaginaDust› shouts:   26 May 2008   322451  
OMG! its...its....Sesshomaru!!!^0^ hes soooo cute!!!
Mandi1122 says:   26 May 2008   111943  
My aunt said Sesshomuru is sexy lol but I think he's cute
raven1121hehe69 says :   3 August 2008   315622  
omg,i love sesshomuru
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