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Help me to fly before I fade away...
Uploaded: 1 June 2008
how to draw
Fly: Have an exciting life; love, laugh, LIVE.
Fade: DEATH.

Holy crap!
Or tummybutton D:

Iwould have drawn her without hair and cloth, but if my dad saw it, his head would go
throuhg the roof -_-;;

Deathbed by Reliant K.
Made me cry the first time I heard it.

P.S. Let the record show, this was the first of any oekaki to go in the mature
section. xD

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satsu says:   1 June 2008   842933  
thats awesome mind if i kidnap?
FishE says:   1 June 2008   471271  
Not at all :D
satsu says:   1 June 2008   265663  
tomcat9251994 says:   1 June 2008   775265  
im taking this....o.0'
kattany3 says:   1 June 2008   894233  
dood thats pimp
lol so mine
punk_kid_oooo says:   1 June 2008   399844  
that looks cool!! :D
Thuanohki says:   1 June 2008   431369  
Omg wow, Artist. ^^
‹ravieve› says:   1 June 2008   679566  
I love the gray-ish+colorful thing! ^^
I also love the wings!
Neko_Naruto_Luver says:   1 June 2008   287789  
that looks so cool!
she looks so gorgouse too!
cloudy_storm says:   1 June 2008   251682  
i love the wings!
12052_Life says:   1 June 2008   223998  
I like this it speaks to my heart
12052_Life says:   1 June 2008   421539  
need any more explanation?
AnonymousPerson says:   2 June 2008   935864  
Butterfly. ;D
xxemoxninjaxx says:   2 June 2008   858176  
Wow! awsome!
XxRainbowsxX says:   2 June 2008   822467  
Oh, you wanted to do artist nudity, but your dad wouldn't let you. .
pokemonprincess says:   2 June 2008   488987  
fly fly fly!
‹*Expired*› says:   2 June 2008   433699  
The wings are so cool!
maxdaisy says:   2 June 2008   686361  
cute pic.
Southern_Monkey says:   2 June 2008   751977  
omg tats beautiful! Dont now what else to say about this marvelouse
awsomely perty cool sweetly adorable oekaki.... O.o
help me think Of nice words to say about this oekaki! xD 
FishE says:   2 June 2008   546635  
Neko_Princess:: What do you mean by "thing"?
That's a little rude...

...Not really.
I'm not sure howto describe it...
It's like nudity without the parts actually showin'...?

I think you've said it :3
rainbow_sushi says:   2 June 2008   588711  
i really like this
xXkiwiXx says:   2 June 2008   251683  
no face
FishE says:   2 June 2008   272798  
xXkiwiXx:: I believe I would know that.
I even wrote it down if you cared enough to look in the description.
Scrubs_fan1 says:   4 June 2008   588523  
simplyyy beautiful. 
 gorgeous :]
shawnman says:   4 June 2008   441246  
OhMyGosh_shes_AhMazing says:   4 June 2008   955242  
Ahh I love it =)
wingedprincess says:   4 June 2008   621773  
what a great oekaki!
pwningMuffin says:   4 June 2008   692859  
Very pretty; and the wings are beautiful. :D
Yeah if I drew nude art, my mom would be like " >:| .... ARE YOU
She's rude like that. :/

But yes, verrrry pretty oekaki. :D
Random_girl123 says:   4 June 2008   623623  
where's her face?
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   4 June 2008   772921  
I think what nekoprincess meant was the effect of the gray+color

This is beautiful *-* The effect with the wings being the only colored
one. The rest is gray. Very marvelous effect. I personally like the
way there is no face.
ThE_dEvIlS_kId_ says:   5 June 2008   621181  
Omg!I love iy its so good!
myrandaxhill says:   5 June 2008   149566  
Ah! This is amazing! I love it!
xXDid_I_Scare_YouXx says:   5 June 2008   293693  
-crying- omg...  that's a prime example of why reliant k is the best
thing poppin'...  


FishE says:   5 June 2008   244823  
My mom would be fine with it, she even told me a pizie I drew would be
better clotheless xD
My dad just doesn't like this site as is.
If he saw me draw a nude picture, he'll think it's the influence of
the site and ban me.

It fell off because of acid rain pollution :P

That's what I thought xD

The face didn't make it as soft looking.
Like she was dying, y'know?

Of course.
I cried the first time I heard that song, too ;_;
Now it's my favorite one ever!!
>>High fives<<
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   5 June 2008   888468  
Her wings so beautiful *u*!!

LOL Bewbs ;D
FishE says:   5 June 2008   287279  
Of course.
You can't have an almost nudist picture without bewbs. ;D
‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   5 June 2008   349789  
i love this! the form is so angelic with the wings and ribbon :D

this picture is better than any of yer doodles i love it XD
cloud_nine says:   6 June 2008   267686  
yeah i definetely lost it at the end of the song.
EmoEmu says:   6 June 2008   477315  
I love the wings!

HsingChu says:   6 June 2008   642469  
it's beautiful!
FishE says:   6 June 2008   493971  
That's what I was getting at x]
Thank you!!

Awwww, you better not tell them that.
They'll be crushed D:

P.S. Love your name!

Everyone does v_v
‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   6 June 2008   511822  
good point -.- the doodles were funneh tho...
and yer welcome XD
P.S. i kno it's just my thing :] i'm just awesome like that x]
neko_san says:   6 June 2008   194353  
awesome ^_^
FishE says:   8 June 2008   797679  
That's what I thought B:

I just like the "AFI" part ;D
I love them.
‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   8 June 2008   938428  
i do too :D
FishE says:   9 June 2008   552428  
I like their song Miss Murder with the prelude.
abby_12 says:   12 June 2008   754713  
this is very pretty. i love it. great job!
FishE says:   12 June 2008   857126  
Thank you.
devils_home09 says:   14 June 2008   256857  
that is the best pic i have seen is it meant to be an angel
FishE says:   14 June 2008   264475  
I explained the meaning in the description, if you care to read it :D
Gothic_Gurl says:   16 June 2008   735447  
I love this picture. All the pictures i have kidnapped have been

Wierd, huh? ;___;

Do you like smarties? I mean, who doesn't

Lol. My favourite is the Yellow. Its yellowy.

Am i boring you? No need to listen nyways.

Tis purdy.
Gothic_Gurl says:   16 June 2008   489427  
I was just about to tell you something but know i cant remember what
it was and OH YEA i was gonna tell you that i kidnapped it. *runs out
of breath and dies, then gets up again* Sorry, i just got blood all
over your nice shiny floor.

*gets out mop and cleans up then puts the mop back into my pocket.*

Bubi. Hane a nice life. *Bumps into a monkey whilst walking away.
STUPID MONKEY. Any way, bubi. Lol. Im random.
machidagirl says:   16 June 2008   585161  
This is so awesome! This is amazing! I wish I could draw like that!
And i like the cloth on it, it makes it better! (^-^)
FishE says:   19 June 2008   656754  
Thamks for kidnappin' them all xD

I wish there was a blue smartie...
Then my life would be complete D:

In my opinion, the cloth ruined the point D:
‹duckie› says:   21 August 2008   616654  
tokio_hotel_rox says:   21 August 2008   712535  
pretty i agree
j_george_harrison_j says:   21 August 2008   798313  
it's so cool
‹kaylee<3› says:   22 August 2008   243218  
This is so pretty! =D
‹kaylee<3› says:   22 August 2008   934199  
The wings are beautiful! 
I could NEVER draw anything like this! XD
‹★♥♪MeLiiNa Thз MuSiiC FrEaK★♥♪› says:   22 August 2008   719592  
its beautiful
FishE says :   23 August 2008   134892  
Thanks :D
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