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This public Oekaki was created by DoOp   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by DoOp
Uploaded: 1 December 2007
how to draw
^^ Gift

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‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   1 December 2007   697822  
so beautiful ^_^
Uneek says:   1 December 2007   298797  
thats really pretty ;3
the background looks like black hair 0; 
good job~
haku12 says:   1 December 2007   961665  
wow... where to start..? ^^ i think this is one of those pieces where
the artist adds extra details like the green lines and the many light
sources that wouldnt normally be there and take away from the picture,
but it really adds to the concept!! thats definitely not easy to pull
off. her expression is very good and i love the way you used different
textures to add details to the dress and drama to the entire image. 

i need to learn to type less!!!
pik0 says:   1 December 2007   929559  
I love the colors you used for this one. How you shade and make it
look so real are very very pretty, to. I like her expression a lot and
the dark surrounding, very nice!
ToxicDuck says:   1 December 2007   168435  
That's....ah.... wonderfully supercalawesome. Owo
So, so great, the detail and colors.... Kidnap. :D
Netter says:   1 December 2007   675314  
DoOp this is amazing :o
DoOp says:   1 December 2007   195847  
ahh thanks everyone :D <33
ed_elric_is_mine says:   1 December 2007   511184  
beautiful job, i like your style
xExotic says:   1 December 2007   314124  
Thats so pretty :3
I love the background and the hair O:
Good job Doop!
Stella_De_Luna says:   1 December 2007   998372  
Ah.. Doop..
Teach me O_o
DoOp says:   1 December 2007   656445  
:D -eats-
lovelylittleangel says:   1 December 2007   566342  
soo beautiful ^^
‹Audrey› says:   1 December 2007   963427  
It's beautiful, I think she'll like it. ^_^
Ciel_Kitty says:   1 December 2007   699648  
My god.. ;-;
thats amazing ♥
darkoekaki says:   1 December 2007   913189  
Thank you, but you really didn't need to do this.
DoOp says:   1 December 2007   865642  
I wanted to do this ^^ !
xDeathGurl63x says:   1 December 2007   997243  
thats awesome!
Grapeangel says:   1 December 2007   892364  
Blizz says:   1 December 2007   199774  
The crazyness of the lines and such reminds me of Silver.  I like the
energy portrayed here.  DARK
DoOp says:   1 December 2007   661678  
>:D EXACTLY BLIZZZ XD  I'm trying to imitate Silv. x.x I'm such a
loser ><
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   1 December 2007   551815  
It's busily amazing D:
PeachPearlPudding says:   1 December 2007   634197  
It's beautiful and amazing!
seal3 says:   1 December 2007   114893  
thats pretty
Abandoned says:   2 December 2007   894978  
It's quite dark, looking at this, I got this desire to play U2's
Where the street have no name:  I want to run, I want to hide.....
kiwily says:   2 December 2007   518176  
ohmigawd, how on earth did you do that?
i_am_not_emo says:   2 December 2007   473496  
OMG, that...is...so...AWESOME!!!!!  *glomps*
‹tea-anna› says:   3 December 2007   356824  
ZOMGFREEGINBBQ! This is so amzing! The colours are so attractive. You
are so talented, I admire all of your work! ^^
yuyu_art says:   3 December 2007   751836  
<3 you really deserve an internship. I love your designs and use of
artislife says:   3 December 2007   218868  
I freaking love this <3
imation_girl says:   4 December 2007   497558  
AHHHH! *screams*
this is SOOO cool.
i am putting it on my profile!
(dont worry, ill say u made it, i wont take the credit)
xxxnoseyxxx says:   4 December 2007   934199  
its so purty!
twitch007gld says:   4 December 2007   559686  
Man thats awesome
Yanely says:   4 December 2007   797747  
omg that's awesomez!!
*Stabs eye* :D
Night_Club says:   5 December 2007   453971  
No wonder it's popular
saralyn247 says:   5 December 2007   571273  
yuyu is definitely right... simply amazing. (i really do need more
adjectives... as i'm sure you've noticed)
Katilix says:   5 December 2007   844177  
This is one artpiece that deserves to be on the top ten list. You
should get freakin' AWARDS for this one.
xXBlackxOrchidXx says:   6 December 2007   614771  
Wow that's pritty!!1
Hawkeye15 says:   8 December 2007   922957  
This is SOO Freaking Beautiful! I love the pose!
wolfgirl2_0 says:   31 December 2007   522433  
THAT IS OMG WORTHY! xD Great job. I love the colors!
‹Sophie<3› says:   23 February 2008   196147  
nice i like it
Hardcore_MCR_Fan_4_Life says:   23 February 2008   893426  
so beautiful
popsciclexdino says:   28 April 2008   733693  

You -> Suprem Master of Art
mirandal13 says:   1 June 2008   293559  
thats really good
‹The~Labryinth› says:   14 November 2008   912885  
thats really really really GOOOD!
swim_dory says:   10 December 2008   497531  
Dat's amazing! 
Inane_Nobody says:   11 December 2008   327481  
How do you draw so cool!?
HP_Freak says:   11 December 2008   895719  
This is sweet!
Dinosaur_rawr says:   11 December 2008   838119  
this is so cool!!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   11 December 2008   644748  
wow! so amazing!! this oekaki reminds me of a hologram... I think
thats what its called. u know? like u look at it one way, and then the
other way, it's a different picture! the textures and the colors of
this oekaki resembles a hologram! at least to me it does. *kidnaps*
Tobey_cat says:   11 December 2008   473378  
thats awesome!
maxdaisy says:   17 December 2008   969999  
cute pic.
JoeJETPACK says:   5 February 2009   893446  
Wow, Just wow.
‹??????› says:   5 February 2009   434957  
I love you and.. :O
 Just WOW.
Syoko says:   5 February 2009   195879  
Wow. (:
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   5 February 2009   724732  
Awesomeness! XD
Inane_Nobody says:   6 February 2009   231487  

Lolol, awesome. :D
Xx_TravisLover_xX says:   11 March 2009   411392  
love the colors. =]
luckyreba88 says:   18 March 2009   284531  
AMAzing! I really like this!
Haribo says:   21 March 2009   263452  
reminds me of alice in worderland !
fawsome by the way!
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   21 March 2009   211752  
OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!!!! !!!!!!!!!
areka123 says:   30 March 2009   284481  
will u plz draw my avitar?
‹H.T.T.M.G.› shouts:   31 March 2009   921822  
Oh goodness. Close up is better than when you were about to click on
this. Wow i was surprise this is very good.!
xoxomonkeyxoxo says:   1 April 2009   812385  
wow that is so cool!! i cant even draw a stick figure!!! lol   
   :cheer:  :laugh:  ok i cant think of anymore smiley faces!!!!
xoxomonkeyxoxo says:   1 April 2009   868312  
sorry only 2 worked
Yotsubato says:   23 July 2009   637697  
this is a nice drawing.
Alicornia says:   13 August 2009   344476  
I love the combination of teal and purple! 
MiyuMiyu says:   23 October 2009   918733  
awesome O0O *A*
‹ʟεт's.jυsт.sтαч› says :   12 September 2010   134416  
Beaut c:
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