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Hair, skin, and eye tutorial (colour)
Uploaded: 5 April 2007
use as a template
how to draw
So...many...steps! Dx
This tutorial was made in Shi Painter, and the steps will use directions according to
the layout of Shi Painter.

Step 1- Lay down a base colour.  Any colour will do.  If you're trying to do white
hair, lay down a light grey first.  Using a white base colour won't work here.
Step 2- Add 3 (or more) LARGE streaks of highlights using the dodge tool.  The
lighter the colour of the base, the lower the power you want to set the dodge tool
to.  You can change the power by clicking on the grey bar and dragging it either
right for a higher, more intense shine, or left for a softer shine.
Step 3- Start adding in small highlights by setting the dodge tool to size 0 and
colouring along the curves of the hair.
Step 4- Repeat Step 3 until the head is completely filled with highlights (it's time
consuming, but it's a fairly easy technique with practice)
Done with hair.

Step 1- Lay down a base coat of the colour of the skin ON A SEPARATE LAYER BENEATH
THE ORIGINAL LINEART.  This is important, because if you were to do it on the same
layer, chaos would ensue in the future.  Trimming away at eccess colour with the
eraser tool is an easy way to  make the colouring seem drawn on one layer.
Step 2- Using the airbrush and a slightly darker colour than the base, add in shadows
where necessary.  I can't tell you where exactly to place the shadows, because each
drawing is different, from the style used by the artist to the skill of the artist.
Highlights are optional, but a very good idea.

Step 1- Draw an eye in black.
Step 2- Fill in the iris, leaving the highlights and pupil their original colours.
Step 3- Using the dodge tool at size 0, draw lines that radiate from the center out
to the very edges of the iris.

Suckeh tutorial, I know.

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darkoekaki says:   5 April 2007   218181  
Must kidnap.

I love the way you do the hair.
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   5 April 2007   428865  
omg this totaly rocks
Nat342 says:   5 April 2007   222316  
cool, i could never be able to do that though
naruto_fangirl says:   5 April 2007   875262  
xd can i kidnap it.
Wolven_Dancer says:   6 April 2007   456364  
Yay! Pretty tutorial!

*ahem* It looks really proffesional!
xeinotsu says:   6 April 2007   983133  
Feel free to kidnap!
oresama whispers:   8 April 2007   424612  
Kawaii~.  :3
burberry_girlie says:   9 April 2007   753996  
plz plz plz do an oekaki of me plz????? ill give u kupi points?????
navygirl says:   9 April 2007   174182  
wow awsome!
MoonlitTearsGabriella says:   10 April 2007   958522  
^^ Gifted, I tell ya.
GRRR_DOGLUVER says:   14 April 2007   452624  
Pink_Pantha says:   14 April 2007   893634  
I used your oakakie  as a template is that okay?
You can go see what it looks like if you want 
Sorry if that is offending to you!
Okay Thanks SO much!
From, Your admirer in oakakie drawings, Pink_Pantha
lil_miss_annie says :   9 January 2008   428594  
i have to kidnap this it helps me soo mcuh
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