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Would You Like Some Fries With That?
Uploaded: 4 July 2009
how to draw
You know who are probably your most unbiased critics? Your parents. While I was
drawing this dad came over and commented that she resembles a bird. ='| Been thinking
that. Thanks!

Well, I definitely improved.

A few years ago when I showed them my drawings they would go all, "What's this
thing?" xD

What're your experiences? And enjoy the Oekaki. ♥

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‹Luvvy♥› says:   4 July 2009   865731  
Wooh First Comment.

Its really good.
She looks so Adorable.

I havent really seen your first oekaki.
Do you use tablet or mouse!?
Missingno says:   4 July 2009   751773  
My first Oekaki is pink, and shiny, and girly. :D

A mouse. Meow.
lollylovex3 says:   4 July 2009   281557  
This is sooo awesome! :D My first anime drawing would be... deformed
ninja cat-like girls. I was trying to draw like Naruto, but failed soo
bad D:
Missingno says:   4 July 2009   539976  
Hahaha. xD Show it?
do0e says:   4 July 2009   817354  
oh so pretty ; )
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   4 July 2009   195712  
very sketchy, very nice.
my first oekaki was....crazy....i'll show you it and i'll show my most
recent. well...one of my most recent. xD
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   4 July 2009   592949  

lol. like, wow rite? i hope this worked...xD
Sabukii says:   4 July 2009   934287  
My parents aren't too unbiased; they look at everything I do and go
extent of my parents' involvement in my art.

I hope my oekakis have gotten better...
-looks back-

Oh yeah.
No competition.

Also, I love your name~
I crashed one of my friend's Red game with Missingo...
sakura_o_light says:   4 July 2009   733789  
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   4 July 2009   289374  
Aw, it is so cute and very well made.
I thought the title was funny, thought.
You are a good drawer.
Missingno says:   4 July 2009   762879  
@ Kotonii : Yeah, wow. o.o You improved a lot over two years!
Especially the shading... O:

@ Sabukii : YES THAT'S WHAT I MEANT. They give critiques that are
considered harsh if they're said by different people. :'D But that's
why I love them.

O_o I got my shading skills from you btw ;3;

xDD Inorite.

@ lachia : Uhuh. I never squeak, so I'm good aren't I? ♥ 
‹Jamssy› says:   5 July 2009   248745  
I want chicken soup :/
Missingno says:   5 July 2009   322118  
She's not food. : (
saralyn247 says:   5 July 2009   496376  
Haha. My old drawing suck so badly now that I look back... but that's
good I guess.

Missingno says:   5 July 2009   914577  
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   6 July 2009   643374  
True, it DOES look like a bird. <3 But it looks so cute. <3

Yeah. I looked through my old stuff and found the sketch pad I used
for Grade Six. Then I looked through my first year drawings and saw
that I really have improved. 8D

My parents are biased when it comes to art. :0 Except when it comes to
my brother. They're quite BLUNT about it. =__=; They aren't very into
art and would rather see me doing algebraic equations halfheartedly
than draw with all my heart. >3<
They don't comment on my CG. xDD
Missingno says:   6 July 2009   197614  
Birdy. :D

Hohoho, sketchpad? 8D I wanna see!
O_o You started drawing when you're in your first year? That's so ...

What about your brother?

xDD Haha. Sounds like you have it worse than I do.
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   7 July 2009   114527  
all my drawings look like crap. My parents don't care. I consider you
hapiemoalice says:   7 July 2009   267753  
I think this is beautiful.  = w =
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   7 July 2009   427322  
I think my parents are defiantly biased. xD
Or at least... when it comes to big projects.
Little projects, my mom will critic here and suggest an adjustment
But neither of them will come right out and say, "EWW. She looks like
a distorted vampire child"

Anywho, I love this. xD She's absolutely adorable. <33
Missingno says:   7 July 2009   542152  
@ Dark_Madder : Why thank you. I'll remember that.

@ alice : Right. = w =

@ Jimpi : LOLL what

big projects? small projects?
define them? D:

My parents would definitely say that if it's true, without the "Eww".
:D Thanks! 
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   7 July 2009   368468  
Gym Class Heroes Approve.
Missingno says:   7 July 2009   475956  
Thank you.
LALADINO says:   7 July 2009   385746  
<3 Kyoot.

I actually started drawing on here.
With my mouse.

And it was fun, so i kept drawing, untill i got my tabby.
And i'm so happy i found this site.
I would have never started drawing if i didn't.

-This is an extra account- c:
lindworm says:   7 July 2009   728727  
i know i deleated one because of it
karolinacake says:   8 July 2009   371773  
This is seriously adorable, I love how you colored it :33
I really like your name too btw! :D

and man, I kind of wish I had your parents,
my mom is just always like "oh yeah, thats good, good night"
It makes me sad ;_;
nanda_96 says:   8 July 2009   912156  
This is likee awesomee :D
‹Luvvy♥› says:   8 July 2009   146914  
Well done Inu!
Its on the popular board.
Its really good.
5th time I saw it.
ChaosSilver says:   29 July 2009   512523  
So this is the maid you were talking about huh...
Souka souka... well, yes you've surely used some improvement from last
time, but I think she would look better with a bit longer hair. WAIT,
I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS BAD! It's definetely good looking.
Missingno says:   31 July 2009   429173  

LOL Nyan, you didn't really have to say that.... I know you don't mean
anything bad. :p Thanks for the criticism. I'll experiment more with
long hair~
ChaosSilver says:   4 August 2009   789497  
...You don't have to call me "Nyan" in public, it's embarassing.
Missingno says :   5 August 2009   811271  
Okay.... Noted.
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