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Registeel is a bitch.
Uploaded: 20 June 2009
how to draw
That faggot. I took me 43 ultra balls, 12 great balls, a net ball, a luxury ball,
and finally a poke ball.
I used my Relicanth to put it to sleep, but the Regi used Superpower, which then
drove me to insanity.
I started to brib it.
We'll kill all the people who put you away! -pokeball- it moved three times, then it
got out.
I screamed.
That woke up Clarissa and she took the gameboy from me and caught it. 
She used Icebeam on it, and then used a pokeball.
I'll see if she can't catch the Regirock for me.

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uchihafan says:   20 June 2009   165935  
random but i see how painfull that must have been
‹duckie› says:   20 June 2009   738793  
is that the front or the back
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   20 June 2009   564476  
Man, all those Regis take forever to catch. Dx
Regirock I think was the easiest. :X
Of course, that was before my game deleted itself. D:<

That really, really, REALLY looks like Registeel. Good job. :DD
‹[~ ♥Kanashimi♥ ~]› says:   20 June 2009   133419  

I brib the legendaries ALL the time. xD
I'm always; "If you come with me, I'll make you the STRONGEST!"

I don't think he wants in, but cute pic. xD MAKES ME LAUGH.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   20 June 2009   614691  
My eyes bleed for you.
iSpeakMyMind says:   20 June 2009   488664  
That sucks.
I was playing for a friend,I found it[not knowing it was rare-ish]I
attacked it and like when it's hp was like 94,I threw a regular
pokeball and caught it.
My friend was like WTFFFF?
Great job^______^
‹VaginaDust› says:   20 June 2009   824488  
lolz XD
PhD says:   20 June 2009   117546  
lol nice
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   21 June 2009   788658  
psh, wow interesting story. i cuaght registeel on the 2nd try.

lol. :3
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   21 June 2009   551616  
emmapupster says:   23 June 2009   929424  
very detailed! it looks almost exactly like da cartoon!
Feliks says:   23 June 2009   552239  
I found you!
I knew you would draw here as soon as I found the oekaki thingy! WOW,
I've never actually seen you draw here. 
Are you a popular artist??
‹IisWurmple;;HearMeRAWR♥› says:   23 June 2009   895452  
Oh did you? LOL. Oekaki thingy, I'ma use that name.
Well know you have!
... wouldn't go that far! ^^;;
MoonBunny says:   23 June 2009   715956  
Nice oekaki! But the Regis weren't such a bother for me. :/ they were
pretty easy to catch. Oh, don't use timer balls. Timer balls are CR@P!
They NEVER worked for me.... 
lunasan says:   23 June 2009   291527  
after about ten pokeballs of a higher calibur i usually use a plain
pokeball out of fustration. it's fun. usually works, too. i just sad
the pokeballs don't change color anymore D:
‹- Charleene(:› says:   24 June 2009   288469  
Really? I only used a Pokeball. xD
catloverextreme says:   27 June 2009   516267  
lawl ive always wandered how they get the very BIG pokemon in the
pokeball thats like 8 times smaller then they are
‹IisWurmple;;HearMeRAWR♥› says :   28 June 2009   859241  
xDD Like right?
How in hell do they do it? D:
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