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The Pinheads
Uploaded: 24 December 2008
how to draw
Williston Theater presents an Elephant Man Production staring:
Maddy, Dierdra, and Steph as the Pinheads. 

Coolest play ever! I am the one on the right side. 
Dierdra's the middle and that obviously leaves Maddy to be on the left. 
I loved being a pin, mostly cause we were soooo sketchy!
we had to kill the elephant man and sing this song:

darkness darkness
lights true flower
here is eternities finest hour
sleeping like others you learn to admire
be like your mother be like your sire
(and then we kill him)
haha best EVER

this took like...2 and half hours cause i was taking my sweet time doing it. 
this is the first time i have done more than one person in an oekaki and felt proud
of it! but i am SO proud of this. it turned out SO well. and i hope you all like it!

edit: we all had to cake the makeup onto our faces everyday and it was so funny. and
every day we had more and more makeup on. and then the tutus!!! omg i loved it!
except it was really hard to menuever the stage without knocking things or people
over. haha. and our hair legit looked like that. it had to basically be piled on top
of our heads. and i didnt have space but the shoes were AMAZING. i wanted to steal
them after. they can only be described as witch shoes. they has cool heels and came
up onto the ankles. it was amazing. 

that is all 

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Nunie says:   24 December 2008   637816  
hidanluver says:   24 December 2008   783795  
Darlingg says:   24 December 2008   385887  
Mmm I like it! You did great on the proportion. :D
‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   24 December 2008   498398  
nice shading and use of colors :D
‹ERASED› says:   24 December 2008   978943  
saralyn247 says:   25 December 2008   866172  
Hey, home skillet, this looks awesome. :D Scary, but very well drawn.
ASilentHarmony says:   28 December 2008   148375  
Awesome. Kidnap
Inane_Nobody says:   28 December 2008   615238  
Nice oekaki.
I like the colouring. ^^
PRACTICEACC says:   28 December 2008   229376  
Whoa, awesome coloring!!!
‹MichelleMuffinPants.♥› says:   28 December 2008   259222  
awesome :D
MollySUPERSONIC says:   29 December 2008   755156  
 Thats Great :o
JunoSarah says:   29 December 2008   286446  
i love it!!! =DD
Xoe says:   1 January 2009   823776  
:o I really like it :D
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   2 January 2009   532714  
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   2 January 2009   889147  
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   2 January 2009   259363  
‹<$Heartz4romJesse<3› says:   2 January 2009   772645  
coolio! i like the gothness! whatever that means! x3
‹iFUCKINGloveHATS› says:   14 January 2009   364959  

more in the vein of pin ups, and still cool.
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   14 January 2009   895472  
that is really awsome the clostes are amazing its like one of my
favorite drawings on here
pupapika says:   14 January 2009   914752  
WOw, you should be an artist someday....I love your picture so
much...I wish I could draw like you...I love it....
‹♥|DeathBySadness|♥› says:   16 January 2009   914635  
wow that's very good.
squidtastic11 says:   19 January 2009   822384  
Hmmmm...........interesting but a little to goth for me but it's a
nice peice.
FreekTheTheory says:   19 January 2009   851698  
beautiful i really love it!!!!~
skittle16 says:   5 February 2009   613357  
ya know how the song goes "it keeps gettin betta" Christina Agulera
‹i love Jasper Hale <3› says:   8 February 2009   348177  
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   11 February 2009   879856  
I love their makeup~!  :D
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says :   23 January 2010   698495  
Wow...that is amazing!!

This one is one of your best ones yet!!!
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