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I'M going out with Sasuke!
Uploaded: 13 December 2007
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how to draw
This was my sister mewmewkitten's idea. XD I thought it was funny so I drew it. 8D

If you look at the "how to draw", the first outline you see in black was really what
I was going to submit. o_o;; It looks terrible, and Jasmine (mewmewkitten) kept
yelling at me not to upload it and that it was worse than anything I ever made and to
redraw it. XD So I did... even though I didn't want to. ;_; It's hard drawing with a
mouse. u_u So just colored it and made it pretty. My favorite part? Naruto. |D I just
HAD to do that. And ugly Ino and Sakura expressions ftw. ♥

Mm potatoes.

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‹ikaeros› says:   13 December 2007   569599  
OMG Lawl!
Poor Naruto XD
He wants ta go out with Sasuke...
Lucky potato!!!! XD
Demonic_Fox says:   13 December 2007   439915  
lol......potato......YAY! love your work sugar!
ZanyZeldaFan says:   13 December 2007   593628  
best idea since sliced bread! ...and do i sense ... yaoi! *gasp* =o
you evil person XD i liketh the styles of your peoples =3 and i love
their eyes XD sakura and ino's i mean, but they are all good
hhallh13 says:   13 December 2007   933838  
i absolutly love your little naruto comic strips! i love love love
them! and how you draw sasuke! so hilarious! and sasuke would go out
with a potato...which is kind of sad....
*blows up from trying not to laugh*
mewmewblossom says:   13 December 2007   233359  
lol the potato won
xDeathGurl63x says:   13 December 2007   822662  
omg thats freak funny!!! lol i love it
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   13 December 2007   134895  
XD the Potato! yay! XD
SithWedgie says:   13 December 2007   134447  
heheheheheh XD 

nice, very nice.
‹[[MaxEatBabies]]› says:   13 December 2007   131338  
LOL!! That's so funny!!
tropical_12 says:   13 December 2007   473343  
hehehe  thats funny
Scarysarez says:   13 December 2007   387124  
LOL its dead funny, 
potato.... heheh!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   13 December 2007   292226  
How do you get such straight lines??
kiwily says:   13 December 2007   873148  
ino's.... eye.. XD

mouse is ebil
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   13 December 2007   154492  
-laughs hysterically- XDD THAT'S HILARIOUS!

when I went into the kitchen with my friend I saw a bag of potatoes so
I grabbed one and said "I'm going out with this potato" XDD THIS
‹LoveIsDeadInHerEyes› says:   13 December 2007   527976  
lol this is very HILARIOUS!!! i luv it
myra101 says:   13 December 2007   914613  
its hilarious 
Kari8899 says:   13 December 2007   442586  
XD Sakura: I'll mash that spud XDDDD
Ciel_Kitty says:   13 December 2007   678871  
hooray for potatoes! :B
XD its lucky.
Ciel_Kitty says:   13 December 2007   997818  
and everyone knows it:
Making fun of sasuke its always cool :D
raynrayn says:   13 December 2007   717614  
chibi naruto characters!!!! *squeals* They are too cute!!!

I ship Sasukexpotato from now on! ^_________^

Yay for another great oekaki from sugartastic!!!!
‹ravieve› says:   14 December 2007   222466  
lol, that's funny! oh~ and a little bit of SasuxNaru! it's awesome!
Penny789 says:   14 December 2007   127893  
LOL! That's seriusly funny. ^.^
angel260 says:   15 December 2007   258915  
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is sooooooooooooo funnii !!!
Abandoned says:   16 December 2007   847461  
I was totally entertained!
xExotic says:   16 December 2007   275957  
Nice :D
Emerald145 says:   16 December 2007   774949  
That was a cute comic strip! I like the part when Naruto cut in too.
Great job with the thing. You are so talented in drawing Oekakis, I
envy you so.

Blue_Sugar_Bunny says:   16 December 2007   713324  
lol nice job! i don't blame sasuke going out with a potato they are
so good and yummy haha
iluvanimeal0t says:   16 December 2007   321939  
But but... Sasuke doesn't like Potatoes :<
x_dreamsASSURED says:   16 December 2007   642536  
kidnapping for SURE. ^w^
x_dreamsASSURED says:   16 December 2007   545328  

sugartastic says:   16 December 2007   553112  
"iluvanimeal0t says:

But but... Sasuke doesn't like Potatoes :<"

Don't tell anyone... but he does. X)
ZanyZeldaFan says:   16 December 2007   411253  
um no IM going out with a potato!!!
gabsiexomonsterr says:   16 December 2007   391328  
Lol I love it!
sugartastic says:   16 December 2007   421497  
I'M going out with the potato.

‹Puppeh.› says:   16 December 2007   518161  
How dare Sasuke steal meh potato from meh closet!


*Tackles him and makes fixes his hair*


All better now.
Celery_chan says:   17 December 2007   664119  
Hey, I LOVE potatoes too... XDDD

Too awesome to say anything else... XDDD This made my day...
kawaii_Kae says:   17 December 2007   349845  
that poor poor potato!
The_Raichu says:   17 December 2007   362377  
I wouldnt blame him fer wantin to go out with a poptato.
I would do that too if 3 people wanted to go out with him but he didnt
and there was only one poptato around with no date and that date wich
that poptato is his dadte so now that poptato has a date and that date
is sasuke who didnt have a date but now he does have a date because he
got a date and the date potato date date shop.
kiwily says:   17 December 2007   476717  
-r+pes potatoe- 

Ed_Elrics_Gal says:   17 December 2007   532155  
Poor Naruto.
He deserves love.
::hugs Naruto::
‹underage› says:   18 December 2007   328927  
LOL, that's hilarious Ren-chan.
You're great at comics, you should make more. ^^
sugartastic says:   19 December 2007   456547  
Aw thanks, Berry-chan. ^^

I'll make more soon... :D Just gotta come up with some ideas~
Sakura_Haruno149 says:   19 December 2007   469812  
shuurai_raitaro says:   19 December 2007   334285  
I Wouldnt want to be that potato
sugartastic says:   19 December 2007   439289  
Not with Sakura around...
Gaia_girl says:   20 December 2007   976146  
This is an awesome oekaki!! o3o
*Kidnap* >:3
Yorie_chan says:   20 December 2007   237772  
thats hilarious mew=3
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   20 December 2007   678852  
when u watch the how to draw it looks cool
xXlazybumXx says:   20 December 2007   223845  
lol nice
southpark_fan12 says:   20 December 2007   112487  
LOL! XD cant breathe!
‹ikaeros› says:   21 December 2007   239982  
What's the potato's name?
sugartastic says:   31 December 2007   752663  
The potato's name is Naruto ;DDDD
JUST KIDDING GUYS O: -dodges sharp objects- O_O !!

(but not really :DDD!11one)

Anways, thank you very much everyone~~ ^^ <33
I'm very glad you all like it! =^_^= ♥♥ -hugs-
GND_daniel says:   8 January 2008   661531  
That's funny!
sugartastic says:   8 January 2008   218173  
Hehe, thank you~! =^o^= ♥
lil_miss_annie says:   9 January 2008   989427  
that is soo funny and gawjuzz illustrations
sugartastic says:   11 January 2008   949638  
Thank you! :D <3
glampal says:   12 January 2008   446997  
hehe i like it
sugartastic says:   12 January 2008   572738  
Thank you. ^^
nickjr says:   13 January 2008   371989  
sugartastic says:   16 January 2008   719983  
Ahaha, thank you! XD
Murasaki_Triforce says:   21 January 2008   979697  
sugartastic says:   24 January 2008   733565  
Thank you. XD
So many people hate Naruto... :c
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   1 February 2008   431697  
you're good!!..i love naruto..woho!
Neko_Kitty says:   15 February 2008   445517  
that's funny Sasuke is going out with a potato
punk_kid_oooo says:   16 February 2008   313361  
chibi_eta writes:   21 April 2008   361488  
that's really funny *LMAO*  nice job too...
chibi_eta writes:   21 April 2008   865542  
a potato...... nice choice sasuke!!
sugartastic says:   3 May 2008   957956  
Oh yes, very good choice.
With Sakura and Ino around, he doesn't have much of a choice, does he?
MeepingMeep says:   30 June 2008   381633  
HILARIOUS! I don't even watch Naruto and I love your Naruto Okais....
I have spelling problems..
Grace_Zeigler says:   1 August 2008   794314  
OMFG! Thats so hilarious! rofl! X]
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   1 August 2008   448226  
Run away from Sakura, Potato! Great oekaki!
Yurichan123 says:   14 October 2008   889916  
LOL!!! Wow Naruto wants to go out with Sasuke! No words can describe
this amazing oekaki.....wait....I just used a word to describe
CakeMonster says:   14 October 2008   983859  
if sakura smashes the patato ill smash her
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   19 December 2008   933572  
gothix101 says:   19 December 2008   691279  
lol! this gave me a good laugh!!!!

aznboi says:   11 January 2009   731754  
lol this is freakin funny
‹>FineOMine<› says:   11 January 2009   284683  


Hilarious. I srsly fell out ofmy chair when I saw this.
I sence me putting it on my profile :O...
‹whtevr› says:   11 January 2009   796992  
That is so FUNNY!
limegreenlimabean says:   18 January 2009   117551  
Shinju says:   3 February 2009   879451  
...did the potato get it's say in all of this?
Sakuralol says:   3 February 2009   487252  
Lol that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
‹xBombastic.Bella› says:   23 August 2009   129218  
Malia_Tayamara says:   17 February 2010   302976  
I'll tell my baby bro, Sasuke!
‹☞☠ⓘηη☮☪єηт☣HⓘƃH☠☜› says:   19 November 2010   177056  
so sweet hahaha
‹~Confuzzlement~› says :   19 July 2011   796578  
:D this is awsome!!!! lol
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