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Lilblueangels' Request!!! ;D
Uploaded: 16 November 2007
how to draw
This one was a bit fun, but I don't like the background. ;3;
Please forgive me. <3333
I hope you like it!! :D

Please comment and subscribe.
n_____n <33333

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‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   16 November 2007   683832  
awwwwwww thats soooo cute
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   16 November 2007   798259  
can u plz draw me
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   16 November 2007   338252  
Omg that is so cute!!! Can you do me???

MissDori says:   16 November 2007   948431  
Thank you!!! :D I could, I'll message you. :3
MissDori says:   16 November 2007   746272  
Both of you. xD
kiwily says:   16 November 2007   265871  
aww, it's very cute.
especially. the. baloon. 's mouth.
MissDori says:   16 November 2007   962921  
Thankies!! :D
Bakaa_Kitten says:   16 November 2007   511982  
aww.. your chibis are so cute! =^__^=
and your shading is.. wow ♥
MissDori says:   16 November 2007   139342  
Why thank you!!! :D Your sweet. n____n <333 Overall, this might be one of my best yet. =P
BriBriRox_xox says:   16 November 2007   865516  
OMG that is so good!
I also LOVE the shading.The background looks great too =]
lilblueangel says:   16 November 2007   587198  
ARRG!!! i LOVE IT!!! X3
thank you SO much!!! ^_^
MissDori says:   16 November 2007   837957  
Thank you, Bri!!! :D <33333 Your so nice. :3
rakkow says:   16 November 2007   618922  
this is soo cuteh awwwwehh!
ToxicDuck says:   16 November 2007   474943  
Dori-chan, this is awesome. :D
Mweeheehee, I have to draw you and moi. It's long overdue.
MissDori says:   16 November 2007   115181  
@rakkow:: Thanks!!! :D @@ToxicDuck:: Thanks!! :D I have to draw both of us too... o: You don't have to. =P
ToxicDuck says:   16 November 2007   552396  
But I am going to.
 Though I'll do it on because I'm broke.
bluejay29 says:   16 November 2007   239112  
another adorable work of art by miss dori! ^-^ great job!
‹ikaeros› says:   16 November 2007   321954  
yuyu_art says:   16 November 2007   691265  
<3 awww.....
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   16 November 2007   219566  
That's so adorable!!!
I sense popularity on this one :3
ZanyZeldaFan says:   16 November 2007   922238  
nyahs! i think that backround is soooo cute! x3 i love this! =D must
i say that all your chibis are sooo adorable?
MissDori says:   16 November 2007   453266  
Yes ma'am. O: Lol, ok. xD @bluejay29:: Awww...thankies. :3 <3333 @@hontouni_shiawasa_daOMGAnimeXD:: Thanks!!! :D Lol, whenever I type your name out I start laughing hysterically. xD @@@yuyu_art:: I got complemented by yuyu....??? o: SWEETNESS! xD Spazz is over. :3 Thank you, hun. n____n @@@@JimPi:: Thanks. :D I sure hope so!!! xD That would be cool. :3
bunniNANGEL says:   19 November 2007   599134  
awwww thats soo cute!!
Little_Kim says:   19 November 2007   223267  
meema says:   19 November 2007   488917  
awwwwwww so CUTE!! :D
Lilrockin2 says:   19 November 2007   448853  
Could you do me? That's good!!
MissDori says:   19 November 2007   754538  
Thank you all!!!! :D @Lilrockin2:: Let's see if I remember!! xD
MissDori says:   19 November 2007   399135  
Kewl, I'm on the front page!!! xD
ritacat says:   19 November 2007   823148  
ooh.... *.*  wow pretty!

can you draw me? (im a follower) "dies"
bunniNANGEL says:   20 November 2007   565928  
Kittenluver73 says:   20 November 2007   414547  

*puts a gag on the oekaki, stuffs in a bag, runs away with it*

MissDori says:   20 November 2007   265682  
@ritacat:: If you want a request, please message me. I'll forget if you don't... xD;;; @@bunniNANGEL:: Come back!!! D:
Kittenluver73 says:   20 November 2007   371837  
oh and by the way.. do me???
MissDori says:   20 November 2007   177539  
Woah, your gonna kill it!!! D:
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› cries:   21 November 2007   223147  
cooleo ^_^
MissDori says:   22 November 2007   776982  
Thanks. :D
mew_mewichigo says:   12 December 2007   336374  
do u make requests?
MissDori says:   14 December 2007   574545  
babygurllol says :   25 July 2009   287956  
like it
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