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Ino -- don't mess with me
Uploaded: 28 August 2007
how to draw
Don't mess with Ino, guys. D:

AHHHH this took me FOREVAR! I need to eat. I is hungry. Also, gonna go take a bath.

Yes, I used a reference, some Naruto picture I found that sorta looked like this. I
know the shadows and colors and proportions are all wrong but ah well. I tried. ;_;

Enjoy, Ino fans! ^-^ <3

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danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 August 2007   884731  
oh I like =D

I'm not much of an ino-fan 

but still very pretty X3

especially the blood *0*

blood is smexy :D
sugartastic says:   28 August 2007   444963  
Hehe! Ino's not my favorite either. XD (Hinata is! :3) And thank you!
:D I enjoyed drawing the blood even though it was just about the first
time I ever drew blood. X3
Vowie says:   28 August 2007   648816  
Oh I love this!!!!!!!!! <3<3 ><  yay! xD  *kidnaps*
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   28 August 2007   125182  
wow O_O
HinataH says:   28 August 2007   163439  
‹YUPPIE~~♥› says:   28 August 2007   531455  
sugartastic says:   28 August 2007   193788  
Uh-oh, Hinata! D: I think she heard you. :0 RUUUUUUN O____O
kiwily says:   28 August 2007   537766  
that is cute and awesome at the same time.

and yah,
dont be an ino-hater.
be a sakura hater if you must....
but dont be an ino-hater!!
hhallh13 says:   28 August 2007   676838  
ohhh its cool i like it mucho!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   28 August 2007   747468  
I like it,it is so cool^^
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   28 August 2007   859224  
can I do a request?
danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 August 2007   473566  
Your very welcome =3 
I also like Hinata. Both Hinata and Temari I like very much ^^
I;m not a fan of the rest. >_O
Chibineko says:   28 August 2007   711147  
yaeeh cutie!!! Imean it's cute nya ;p
Kira_ says:   28 August 2007   286775  
Ino. . . very interesting . . . .
she's in jail for killing sakura
EEEHHHHH. . . Ino is fine but not me 
favorite. . . still I like the way you drew her ^^'
_Ino_ says:   28 August 2007   754467  
Thats right don't mess with me!! 
Nice drawing of me by the way!! 
And Hinata I heard you....>.<
darkoekaki says:   28 August 2007   839914  
I absolutely love how you color the eyes.
Pixegirl101 says:   28 August 2007   314942  
thats so cute im...going to...*kidnapps*
Bunnyoxox says:   28 August 2007   789239  
thts awesome!Dont kill meh!!!lol,nice job
Vintage says:   28 August 2007   538263  
-Glomps and kidnaps-
Very amazing, I love Ino!
Details says:   28 August 2007   936533  
i like this one its very good drawing
_Ino_ says:   28 August 2007   467194  
Yay!! Finally I have a fan!! Thank you Vintage!!
iamino says:   29 August 2007   129337  
*jumps up and down*
That's meee!!
I look so.. erm.. dangerous O.o
MetalDOG says:   29 August 2007   957113  
That...... is............ cool......... :D
Kiwpido says:   29 August 2007   317267  
cool! meyo its Ino chan!
fluffball says:   29 August 2007   622238  
the proportions aren't wrong! we all have are own stiles, if you can
make yours unique its way better, and your stile is really cute! inu
sugartastic says:   29 August 2007   797735  
Aww! =^_^= Thank you guys, and I'm glad you like my style! <333
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   30 August 2007   147292  
i love it !!!!!!!!
it's so awesome !!!!!!!!
bellepomme says:   31 August 2007   674112  
so cute!!! ^_^
iamino says:   31 August 2007   713148  
*jump onto table*
yesh yesh.. do not mess with mee!!
...and _ino_..
*runs off laughing*
Kim_Kam says:   31 August 2007   985874  
this is awesome!!
‹Saurfang› says:   31 August 2007   427982  

she's all bloody!

who died?
sugartastic says:   31 August 2007   572681  
Who knows?! :0
I'm guessing Sakura, though! XD
-gets punched by Doo-
sasusaku says:   31 August 2007   141125  
OMG!!!!! thats sooo cute, kidnaps!!! ahahahhaha
XxKillxMexNowxX says:   31 August 2007   586755  
thats so awesome and i like that yuo added the blood it goes good
with the pic *kidnaps*
Lovely_Mistress says:   31 August 2007   762941  
I know where you got the reference from its like where the girls'
headbands are over there eyes and they are like sticking there tounges
out and stuff.

Although Im not an ino fan(go TenTen!)  I really like this pic!
‹Haileyplz› says:   31 August 2007   749628  
Omg love it -kiddnapps-
‹duckie› says:   31 August 2007   357259  
i love it
EtrnlPeace says:   31 August 2007   851566  
Snarf. Reading over these comments hurt me. I love Ino, just as I
love every other Naruto character--in a strange fangirl obbsession
way. o.O

The picture looks BEAUTIFUL! You're very good at what you do, and I
give you a high-five. X3
ISayWat says:   1 September 2007   843629  
Thats so cool. nice work =]
Rayquaza says:   1 September 2007   245451  
hotty2k says:   1 September 2007   371895  
Kool i like it
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   1 September 2007   699593  
Tanoshii_Miki_xx says:   1 September 2007   614977  
Waaii~! It's so good =3. The eyes are lovely!! =3=
StellaStevens says:   2 September 2007   342336  
oh my god that is the best!!!!
punk_gril says:   2 September 2007   553776  
princess_isienie says:   4 September 2007   888446  
princess_isienie says:   4 September 2007   368718  
eragon_gal14 says:   9 September 2007   312866  
Lina_Dono says:   12 September 2007   362379 Even though I don't like Ino much,this
oekaki rocks!The eyes are so cool,though I think you should have used
a brighter shade of blue.
ZanyZeldaFan says:   17 September 2007   226359  
omgosh that is amazing! who knew ino was so lethal!? it's a great pic
and nice job!
Sakura_Haruno149 says:   19 September 2007   941391  
panda_girl says:   5 November 2007   948189  
this rocks *kidnaps*
sugartastic says:   6 November 2007   396376  
Wow... thanks so much everyone. ^_^
And yeah, the eye color is off. XD
LunaMaria says:   17 November 2007   355447  
(^o^)  <> <  )
lil_miss_annie says:   10 January 2008   761539  
omg this is soooooo awesome love it has sooo mcu hspicyness oohhh
Ximayo says:   12 January 2008   412664  
Ino gonna kill me with that knife!!!! D: -dies- X3 I likey this pic!
sugartastic says:   12 January 2008   984596  
Thankses! X) <33
ANIME_RoxsGirl says:   9 April 2008   285218  
Thats really cool!
I ♥ Ino
Princess_Emily says:   27 July 2008   468266  
im not much of an ino fan myself (cause in the show she is a whiny
blonde that looks like a man...) but in this one.. she looks like a
girl lol good job ^^
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   9 October 2008   699843  
lushontea says:   9 October 2008   382313  
i  love  this
popsciclexdino says:   9 October 2008   824524  
She Looks ANGRY!!!!!
Dinosaur_rawr says:   9 October 2008   957247  
OMG this is amazing!!
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   1 November 2008   383863  
-pokes Ino-
Think she would kill me?
anyways, SHE IS SO CUTE! Ino, Hinata, TenTen, and Temari FTW!
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   1 November 2008   959983  
oh yeah, No offense, but the hair looks cut off D:
still excellent!
‹Calamari</3› says:   9 December 2008   522669  
This is amazing, Nikki. ^^ yes, i adore you.
Malia_Tayamara says:   17 February 2010   857147  
I love the crazy look in her eyes.
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says :   5 December 2010   432283  
It cute.

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