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Uploaded: 10 August 2007
how to draw
A picture of me, _Kuroodia_, and Sabreisk.
Because they're my closest friends on this site.

Anyway, this was actually just practice. I might delete it later if I feel up to it.

P.S. Pupils are for losers.

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‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   10 August 2007   626843  
*o* WHOOT!
this is awesome :D
don't delete it D:
I like it! ^_^
its realleh nice. AWESOME!
-kidnaps- :D
LoveMeOrHateMeIDontCare says:   10 August 2007   223712  
wow thats soo cool
LoveMeOrHateMeIDontCare says:   10 August 2007   659979  
lol kuroodia
Dreamgirl204 says:   10 August 2007   567545  
AWESOME!!!!! I love the thing u guys r holding!1
‹GatorBoots› says:   10 August 2007   259341  
Awesome!!!! *o*

xDD Sabreisk has Navi in her hands.
yuyu_art says:   10 August 2007   358783  
YAAAYYY!!!! Nirrum's back! <3 ...did you get over the
Dreamgirl204 says:   10 August 2007   712711  
crap time, lol!
nirrum says:   10 August 2007   248853  

I missed everyone, too.
‹kaylee<3› says:   10 August 2007   983775  
OMG!!! This has improved!! BIG TIME!

Sorry...I think your drawing shoudl be our characters on kupika! WOW!
‹kaylee<3› says:   10 August 2007   474698  
Sorry...shading is awesome. I seriously am I loser compared to your
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   10 August 2007   273358  
How cool! ^_^ Your style seems familiar. :0 I like teh blonde one. :3
little_black_peach says:   10 August 2007   518194  
thats relle pretty!
CookieDough says:   10 August 2007   894958  
Cowyeshia says:   10 August 2007   382657  
Lovley style
ShikaRules says:   10 August 2007   349621  
This looks soo cool!!
Nice Oekaki
SithWedgie says:   10 August 2007   364962  
Wow, I didn't think I'd see Kuroodia Onee-chan in here  ^ ^

Thank you very much.
kiwily says:   10 August 2007   189355  
wow. awesome shadin'.
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   11 August 2007   322426  
awesome !!!!!!!
oresama whispers:   11 August 2007   454538  
Very pretty~~!  :D
...Plushie!  O:
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   11 August 2007   246831  
OH! quick question :D
who's that little doll i'm holding o.o?
nirrum says:   11 August 2007   627544  
-nudge nudge-

It's the guy you like~
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   11 August 2007   872725  
oh.....the evil bastard who made me cry! >.< read this, this answer
to the question i sent him is the reason that bastard made me cry:

 2 days ago   

i don't care claudia.your just being a's probably your
period's PMS.i
don't care about you or love you.i love laura now.shes not sexy and
she IS mysex slave.Go ahead tell the whole school i don't care.
nirrum says:   11 August 2007   311468  

That jerk!
I'm sorry... If I had known, I wouldn't have drawn the plushie.
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   11 August 2007   119817  
hm, thats why its best to stick with the itachi plushies b ecause
thers no problems with that ^-^
nirrum says:   11 August 2007   755748  
I'll make a new picture just for you.
And this time Itachi will be in it.
nijntje says:   12 August 2007   355431  
its so pretty ^_^
yay pupils are for losers ^__^
xD lowl
MMORPG_Maker_To_Be_ says:   12 August 2007   727119  
O_O that's sooooooooo cool!!
Sabreisk says:   12 August 2007   494199  
YAY! *huggles nirrum* Its been my dream to be in one of ur oekakies!
YAY! I cant stop smiling! *huggles Nirrum more*
Sabreisk says:   12 August 2007   883343  
omg. It looks like im holding Tatl, Links fairy in Majora's Mask
nirrum says:   12 August 2007   542933  
It's actually Navi, but it can be Tatl if ya want.
Sabreisk says:   12 August 2007   733634  
O_O really? YAY! XD
lil_jaydee_is_playing says:   13 August 2007   978938  
kool ^^
kattany2 says:   13 August 2007   752434  
its realy cute lol (kidnaps)
I_Hate_You says:   13 August 2007   642852  
that looks awesome!
xxrissa2themaxx says:   13 August 2007   378929  
OoOOo. i thought they were charlies angels. ahaha.
alfieboots says:   13 August 2007   976285  
quote _Kuroodia_ 

*o* WHOOT!
this is awesome :D
don't delete it D:
I like it! ^_^
its realleh nice. AWESOME!
-kidnaps- :D

she is so right
KusuKusu whispers:   13 August 2007   469961  
spunfsx says:   13 August 2007   355239  
Very good. =P
BarlowGirl says:   13 August 2007   872521  
im not a loser!!!
lucy101 says:   13 August 2007   431493  
That is so cute!! I love it!!!!!! I really really do!!!!!!!

cutie_kat says:   13 August 2007   396628  
NIRRUM HOW COULD YOU! *curls up on the floor* OH GOD I AM A LOSER 

;^; *tries to pull out pupils* i dun wanna be a loser TT^TT
cutie_kat says:   13 August 2007   928852  
wait a sec... sabreisk knows nirrum! not only i'm a loser but i'm a
confused loser 

*still has pupils*
Sabreisk says:   13 August 2007   954683  
*hugs Kat sama* UR NOT A LOSER!
cutie_kat says:   13 August 2007   733362  
=3 *hugs back* yay~♥
raveygurl says:   14 August 2007   726447  
Awesome, can u draw me?please?
KitsuneChan says:   14 August 2007   548677  
yay no pupils!!
Princcess87 says:   15 August 2007   453114  
who  are thay
nirrum says:   15 August 2007   951526  
Princcess87: You really need to learn to read the text under
Emerald145 says :   16 August 2007   496174  
This is a really nice Oekaki, seriously.

- Emerald
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