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Uploaded: 25 May 2007
how to draw
I couldn't think of a title!

Just needed to practice on my airbrushing. 
And I did.
Misson Complete.

I like how I drew Naruto better than I drew Sasuke.

This was originally planned to be shonen ai but my little sister came down while I
was drawing so I changed it.

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fluffball says:   25 May 2007   237961  
<3 its cool! heh strawberries...
Jassy says:   25 May 2007   411959  
wow nice
SpecialKay0457 says:   25 May 2007   169146  
I like the colours...awesome...crazy awesome
moshimoshi_katie says:   25 May 2007   847127  
SasuNaru!!! WOOT!!!!!
little_black_peach says:   25 May 2007   397628  
wow thats beautiful!
momo09 says:   25 May 2007   411982  
Ohh airbrush :3
meema says:   25 May 2007   169782  
awsome!!! ^___________^
Nunc says:   25 May 2007   167635  
Very cute. ^_^
LadyDa says:   25 May 2007   859532  
*is sad at lack of shonen-ai*
'ss still good though!
xcowxkissesx says:   25 May 2007   572872  
OO!!! hai, tis urmazinnn! YAIII!!! kidnappp!
cutie_kat says:   25 May 2007   385879  
airbrushing is nice, its just on some spots it looks kinda
Lover_Overeasy says:   25 May 2007   679383  
Ish this a SasuNaru?

Either way meh luffs it^_^
oresama whispers:   26 May 2007   621621  
Squeee~.  xD
SasuNaru-ness!  :D
...Or just Sasuke-and-Naruto-in-a-picture-ness!  :D
So pretty~.  @w@ 
nirrum says:   26 May 2007   751954  
Nope. Just airbrush, cutie_kat. I can't stand the watercolor tool.
Sasuke__Uchiha says:   27 May 2007   978211  
Demonic_angel says:   28 May 2007   998231  
dan_09 says:   28 May 2007   564328  
beatlesfanatic says:   28 May 2007   885377  
omg thats goodO.o
Ciel_Kitty says:   28 May 2007   113357  
Very good!!! *kidnaps* ^___^
love it!!! i wish i could draw like you :D
Moogie says:   28 May 2007   439725  
stawberries? where?  awesome picture.  *kidnaps*
nijntje says:   29 May 2007   245432  
its so pretty ^^
cute_monkey says:   29 May 2007   139978  
this is amazing!^-*
prprincess4_22 says:   29 May 2007   761495  
i wuv it!!! amazin!
Naughy_Naughty says:   1 June 2007   414684  
Aww so cute!^^
Avatar_Ninja says:   1 June 2007   286649  
O.O thats cool!
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I_wonder_Y says:   2 June 2007   362873  
oh coolio!
Faith says:   4 June 2007   266368  
:] I love it
tiff1819 says:   4 June 2007   246846  
i saved it as my pic
thunda35757 says:   5 June 2007   217538  
Sabreisk says:   15 June 2007   385211  
who's shonen ai?
Irosha_Sisuken says:   22 June 2007   142453  
I thought Naruto was Ichigo and Sasuke was Rukia. Whoops!
Good job though! When I realized who it was I was like WOAH.
famachan says:   3 July 2007   538449  
Holy...HOLY COW!!!!! YOUR ART ROCKS!!!!!!!! OMG!!!
MUST...*kidnapped* hmm....*whistles and walks away*
NarutoFan_101 says:   5 July 2007   544635  
kool i have 2 kidnap it
Libranya says :   18 December 2007   336361  
You did amazingly eith the air brudh! I love this!

*kidnaps* you saw nothing *sneaks away*
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