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Me when I first found Kupika~!
Uploaded: 10 March 2007
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Taking a break from requests! -Wipes sweat off face- Chu~! This is me when I first
saw Kupika. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw some of the Oekakis! ^^; I still
do today...o.o 

Kakashi isn't owned by me! X3 I wish I owned him. Then in the manga, he'd be
shirtless in every panel...MWUAHAHAHA! Or in a shower scene in every anime
episode...o.o Heheh! -Has a nose bleed- X_x

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foxgirl331 says:   10 March 2007   936148  
GO ME FIRST OT COMENT anyways really good okkies i love them all ^.^
kiwily says:   10 March 2007   683291  
aww.. that's so cute!!
kiwily says:   10 March 2007   732918  
lol. that's what i thought (and still think now) too!!
Wolf_Yasuna says:   10 March 2007   984494  
i lovee it!!XD siooo cutee
KusuKusu sings:   10 March 2007   468258  
Wolf_Yasuna: Thank ye! X3
kiwily: Lulz. Thanks so relating with meh! X3
foxgirl331: OMG! Thanks so much!!!! :D X3
danielle1010225_2nd says:   10 March 2007   592189  
I like it my sisters name is Erica to ^__^
yummiiXcookii says:   10 March 2007   594963  
omgg cuutee~~! xDD
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   10 March 2007   783982  
Lolz! Soo cute! Same here..T_T
Kiraii says:   11 March 2007   259378  
When i saw Sashiki-danna's oekaki, couuld've broken.
Sashiki-danna's oekaki was the first one i saw at kupika.
I've always wanted to meet how a big fangirl wants to meet
her idol.
blackstranger08 says:   11 March 2007   874612  
Oh, I think you're really good... ^^
kiwily says:   11 March 2007   431418  
the shading's like, awesome!!
Reisha says:   11 March 2007   971772  
omg kyaaaaaaaa~~~! sho kyuuuute!!! XDDDDDDD
pik0 says:   11 March 2007   299155  
Aaaah, soo cuute ^____^~ 
x]]] and kinda funneh
chickster123 says:   11 March 2007   474887  
omg! your oekakis are sooooooooooooooooooo good! can you draw me?
koroko says:   13 March 2007   918696  
thats soo cool! anyways, you oekakais are good
koroko says:   13 March 2007   217663  
ahhh i cant spell
koroko says:   13 March 2007   767977  
why cant i draw like that?!
SithWedgie says:   14 March 2007   762853  
Hahaha, don't be sad XD Mine isn't as cute OR original as yours ^ ^
Aiko says:   14 March 2007   593445  
Aww it's so cute!
Chibi Kakashi! Lol I love it!
I_wonder_Y says:   14 March 2007   451825  
that's hilarious...
and cute!
‹Saurfang› says:   14 March 2007   126641  
same here...

i cant draw, period. that doesnt mean i dont like to look at other
people's drawings

i like this one  its great!
Nimushakinonko says:   14 March 2007   224338  
But they are really good!!!
ixi991995 says:   14 March 2007   244824  
thats soo ugly
FaerieClubKim says:   14 March 2007   588486  
*thinks of katashi in shower*. . .I need to go to the dojo.........
evil_black_panda says:   24 March 2007   585365  
ssssssssooo pretty!!
Mnotost says:   8 April 2007   613564  
I love the manga shading in this. I shall kidnap. Thankyou!
plopdrop says:   8 April 2007   699837  
Iamchesare says:   24 April 2007   493789  
*thinks of katashi in shower*........... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........
meltingstar says:   13 May 2007   754559  
oh wow! i totally love it
Neko_Naruto_Luver says :   17 March 2008   398573  
o my gosh!

tats soooo good!

......ur names Erika?
wow mine is 2!!
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