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Canada desu...
Uploaded: 27 December 2009
I'm sorry I suck at drawing maple leaves! to all the Canadians I may have offended
with my terrible artwork, I'm am sincerely sorry!
And, I know I should have put Dare? instead of Who... but... I really don't want to
have to explain what dare is, and that's it's pronounced da-re not dare like in
english... stupid people. ho can something that has 4 letters be one syllable? Rant
and Again... I'm sorry I can't draw!

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‹Set in Steel› says:   27 December 2009   946105  
Well, I'm not even Canadian and I'm offended. 
Kidding! It's cute almost! And it's better than Hida-Kitty so...
Keep trying to be awesome even though you never will be.
And it doesn't look like Kumajiro. It looks like the Coca-cola bear
from those Christmas commercials.
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   27 December 2009   780674  
OMfg, so cute, though.♥
I love Matthew's little bear, I can't ever remember how to spell his
name though. D:
"I ended up not having the courage to be ablt to consult with
"Who are you?" "I'm Canada...."
‹Seiji_uke› says:   27 December 2009   631365  
Becca-chan! Why are you so mean to me today? It makes me sad! and I
already apologized for my lack of skill with a touch pad. 

and other random guy: Yes Hetalia. I'm a fan. So many yaoi
opportunities, so little time. And his name is Kumajiro. Matthew
doesn't remember his name any better than Kumajiro remembers who
Canada is. It's very cute. But my skill in drawing is about as good as
Becca's skill in being nice. So I'm sorry it fails.
‹ERASER› says:   27 December 2009   363025  
‹Seiji_uke› says:   27 December 2009   551428  
Thank you other random guy, but I know it's only barley recognizable.
‹ravieve› says:   27 December 2009   921783  
This. You.
Awesome <3

‹Jinx Ellise› says:   27 December 2009   913586  
omg thats so precious! x)
thats an awsome polar bear!! 8D
‹<robotgirl>› says:   27 December 2009   509709  
LivingIsJustAWasteOfDeath says:   27 December 2009   866268  
The maple leaf is really good !!

The bear's also really cute. 

CaptnQ says:   27 December 2009   797354  

‹Seiji_uke› says:   28 December 2009   120656  
Than you everyone. Yes even Becca-chan, because I know your being
mean is just how you encourage others to keep drawing. 
And thank you Canada girl for thinking my maple leaf doesn't suck as
much anus as I do.
‹Little Ching-o› says:   30 December 2009   675577  
Your leaf! Is amazing!
The bear! Is damn amazing!!!
Medication says:   30 December 2009   303523  
You draw them muxch better than i do :3
Canada salutes you :D
‹Seiji_uke› says:   30 December 2009   254458  
Why didn't anyone comment on how ugly Kumajiro's left leg and arm
look? They're all lumpy and nobody noticed! I feel terrible now. T^T
‹Set in Steel› says:   30 December 2009   167122  
Why didn't you notice that yourself while you were drawing it? And
what about the size difference of the red bars on the flag? The left
is nearly a third bigger than the right.
‹Seiji_uke› says:   30 December 2009   604997  
I'M SORRY OKAY! I don't have a tablet! I have to draw with my tiny
little touch pad! If you can do better show me!
‹› says:   30 December 2009   960584  
this is cute <3
PurpleDino says:   30 December 2009   290971  
its amazing !!!!!!! i am Canadian ,<3 it !
‹CosmosxGlitterxLegs› says:   30 December 2009   502217  
The right leg look sweird, but you did a great jod. Better than I
could anyway. Keep it up! And if you are unsatisfied with it, try
more, and you'l get better.
Emo_Romantic_24 says:   30 December 2009   570262  
aww so cute i kidnapp!
‹J▲C K› says:   30 December 2009   889612  
haha, polar bears.
typical. xD

i'm canadian and i can hardly draw that damn leaf.
good job! (:
KarissaAteThem says:   31 December 2009   270421  
LOL! I love how there are polar bears in Canada xD lol. but
yeah...your maple leaf isn't that bad...a lot better than most.
‹Seiji_uke› says:   31 December 2009   133082  
You apparently aren't a Hetalia fan, and this would only make sense
to one.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   31 December 2009   993524  
The english language is definately a more complicated thing then
‹Seiji_uke› says:   31 December 2009   599237  
Japanese words are easier to pronounce than English words. And it's
easier to read when written in Katakana and Hiragana. Kanji is the
only complicated part.
malkinlover71 says :   18 August 2010   232549  
I thin u can draw very good and go canada and russia!!!!!
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