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Uploaded: 19 December 2008
how to draw
It's Bill Kaulitz delivering a cake to you. x3
Happy birthday! :O Good 'ole fourteen!

(Whoo, it's late, I know. ._.)

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xExotic says:   20 December 2008   128713  
That looks exactly like him :P
I was like, "Ohh. That's that guy from Tokio Hotel."

Happy Birthday, Kuroodia (:
‹ERASED› says:   20 December 2008   663552  
Wow!! This is super awesome!!
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   20 December 2008   236578  
BILL! HOLY SHAZZNAT! O.O i was practically asleep at the desk but
when I opened this I spazzed....well I'm awake now!!!

-hugs and doesn't let go- :3 mmm, me likey
MINE! -saves in folder on computer- =q= Bill...I likeyyyy
Nunc says:   20 December 2008   277753  
@xExotic~ Thanks. xD I'm glad it does. :3

@XxAngelCake143xX~ Hee, thanks! :D

@_Kuroodia_~ I'm glad you like it! :D :D :D
I tried to make it like he popped out of the image of the cake, that's
why he's colored b&w. 
‹DasAtem› says:   20 December 2008   656383  
It's Kaulitz if you were wondering. 8D

Yomann, you have some serious skill. xD
I reeally like this, I'm sure she'll love it.
Nunc says:   20 December 2008   798112  
Oh, right! @_@ -changes- Thanks! :D 
SithWedgie says:   20 December 2008   369215  
O.O *waits to see her reaction* X3
Nunc says:   21 December 2008   337685  
Lol, she posted a few posts up xP
super_amazing_christi_chan says:   23 December 2008   386698  
ugwa! bill kaulitz!! it's amazing!! *kidnaps even tho its not for
‹Calamari</3› says:   23 December 2008   474976  
It's beautiful.
The coloring (the pose, certainly!) is wonderful and blends in
Nunc says:   23 December 2008   569574  
@super_amazing_christi_chan~ It's okay, you can kidnap this. xP

@‹PeaTush›~ Thank you! :D 
‹Lindsay; Music. Is. Life. <3› says:   23 December 2008   938936  
Kuroodia would melt if that ever really happened 2 her x3
awesome job drawing Bill :D
dragon08 says:   23 December 2008   299153  
Man, I love tokio Hotel. That looks just like him XD
DrakeTheCookie says:   23 December 2008   885357  
thats a good drawing of Bill!
ill have to kidnap it :D
soamazinghuh says:   23 December 2008   279642  
I absolutely love how I could tell who it was just at a glance xD

Awesome job =]
Tobey_cat says:   23 December 2008   587259  
thats awesome (:
chey_wetnready says:   23 December 2008   628675  
Thats Awesome.
I Love Bill......
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   23 December 2008   816146  
-to-us-wearing-maid-costumes, THIS IS AWESOME. Tokio Hotel Alliance!
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   23 December 2008   858173  
And I don't wanna sound like a complete jerk, but you forgot the
piercing on his right(?) eyebow. ^_^;;;;
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   23 December 2008   378934  
*Left eyebrow. 
and again, sorry if I seem like a complete jerk. >_<
Nunc says:   23 December 2008   621577  
@_Vampire_Kisses_ ~ She wouldn't melt, she'd explode! :D

@dragon08~ Thanks!

@DrakeTheCookie~ Whoo, thank ya!

@soamazinghuh~ Heh, thanks! I tried. xP

@Tobey_cat~ Thank you! :D

@chey_wetnready~ Ha, seems like a lot of people do. x3

@‹=+Kimzie+=›~ Omg, how could I forget? I looked at the ref and
saw the piercing, but I forgot about it. Oh man. Dx 
lindworm says:   15 June 2009   216216  
it looks awsome
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   15 June 2009   428639  
hes so adorable!........<3 
i like this i wish it was MY birthday present...
‹H.T.T.M.G.› wonders:   15 June 2009   462181  
Why can't someone like him do that to me
‹_Alexx_› says:   5 September 2009   624489  
whoa her face looks real
‹??????› says :   16 July 2012   291401  
I miss your art. ;A;
Totally still love this, btw! 8D
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