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Lawliet Eru
Uploaded: 24 March 2008
how to draw
I do not wish to join the Lawliet craze. I drew this because I cannot draw Touta
Matsuda, who I would much rather draw. (^_^')

Eru Lawliet to Ohba and Obata.

Edit: Oh no. I forgot the bags under his eyes. Forgive me, I merely forgot. (v_v)

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Quoko_chan says:   24 March 2008   134977  
hey thats cool picture!
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   488936  
Thank you. (^_^)
punk_kid_oooo says:   24 March 2008   221756  
Looks great ^_^
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   761469  
Thanks you also! (*o*)
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   662936  
**Thank not thanks, excuse me.
Amandor says:   24 March 2008   657258  
AHEM. UM..*obesseseded*
*huggles the screen* 
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   156573  
*smiles* I am glad someone who really admires Ryuzaki enjoys it.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   24 March 2008   551698  

(because 'L' is too short of a comment, even if it has seven thousand
exclamation marks)
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   935885  
*laughs* I understand. 

I presume you mean this in a positive way? Thank you. (^_^)
IamL says:   24 March 2008   871112  
i see you drew me and i think its the best yet thanks for your work

                            Lawliet (L)
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   462732  
O-oh! I didn't know you had an account here! 

Eru-san, I am so happy you like this! (^_^) You are very welcome!
DoodleXchan says:   24 March 2008   495536  
its good but it should be a little darker under the eyes
AndYouThought says:   24 March 2008   938385  
I've realized, I forgot that part. (^_^') Please excuse this.
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   27 March 2008   169864  
oh my gosh..oh my gosh!!
that's my L!!
hotviginalickingbabe says:   27 March 2008   173156  
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   27 March 2008   217537  
His name is lawliet????!!! I didn't know that!! I've learned
something 8DDDD
AndYouThought says:   27 March 2008   139218  
@ Misa13: I think that many Kupikians would beg to differ. (^_~)

.. I refuse to type out your username, girl number two. (=_=) But
thank you. 

@ classe_e_le_yuyu: (^_^) Yes, L Lawliet. But I am honored that you
commented on my oekaki, I admire your art so much! (*^_^*) 
Orca1234 says:   28 March 2008   451634  
Sanyu says:   28 March 2008   381889  
I think he looks rather refreshing without the bags under his eyes.
Well done :P
AndYouThought says:   28 March 2008   696628  
@ Orca1234: Thank you. (^_^)

@ Sanyu: Yes, he does doesn't he. Like as if he started having a
healthier diet, and regular sleep. *laughs* But thank you. 
Kt7047 says:   28 March 2008   531342  
y r u calling him lawliet eru???? he's just L or ryuzaki... unless
thats his real name and ur giving it away... which by the way is very
rude. oh, i have a death note club if any of you people wanna join.
AndYouThought says:   28 March 2008   518223  
@ Kt7047: No no, I am simply calling him by his name is Japanese.
(^_^) Eru Lawliet = L Lawliet.

And no thank you. 
AndYouThought says :   28 March 2008   548873  
And I am sorry if I have ruined it for anyone here. Please forgive
me, this was not intended. (v_v)
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