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Uploaded: 1 December 2007
use as a template
how to draw
Umm Watch the animation : ) This is for mextreehugger

If some parts of the animation don't work..or it dies

This is How I do things:

First off, Sketch what you want.  It doesn't have to be detailed, just something you
can...I unno base a drawing off of. Like a pose of sort, I don't zoom in when I do
then go over it with a little darker shade (I sketch with light pink and I go over
top it with a dark shade of pink) and add more details.  Just draw something for you
to outline over.
All of this is done on layer 0

Layer2, I do lineart
I use pen at 1 pixel and it's on curve, not free hand.
and for this, I zoom into the drawing. too zoom in press the + button at the corner
and to zoom out press the - at the other corner.
Also, while outlining. I tend to Ctrl+z when I outline so I can get the "right" line

After that, I color layer 0 blue or what ever color you want

and on layer 1, I color. I begin with skin. and don't forget to make a light source,
mine here is at the top right corner.  I choose shades of peach I want and begin
shading.  I use one shade with pen, then I soften it with watercolor.  and I keep
doing that for about...3  shades.  then I go over it with a dark air brush color.  I
add blush with air brush and add white with pen for shines.  
The hair. I choose a color, shades and I drag, I go with the flow of the hair.  I use
the pen tool and go over it with water color to smooth it out... the last shade I add
onto the hair wiht pen, I don't soften with watercolor.  Instead I taper the ends of
the lines, tapering it just making a point to it so it looks cleaner .

and the clothing, same deal, just shade it and keep in mind the folds and such. : )

that's all!

I didn't use dodge or burn at all.

also, I'll let you guy see the oekaki, see how I use layer and etc.


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xExotic says:   1 December 2007   824523  
Omigosh! Thats so pretty!
And the tutorial is great!
purpy_kix says:   1 December 2007   112719  
wow ^3
xxxnoseyxxx says:   1 December 2007   844629  
OMG!!! i am REALLY BAD at doing oekaki... but u r AMAZING!!!
runescaper_naruto says:   1 December 2007   466552  
lol thats awesome! thank-u i needed some help with doing alll that
like PRO stuff anyway...lol thats AMAZE-ing!
BbySheep says:   1 December 2007   315452  
Eeee she's really cute. I absolutely adore your coloring, hon.
runescaper_naruto says:   1 December 2007   465935  
lol thats awesome! thank-u i needed some help with doing alll that
like PRO stuff anyway...lol thats AMAZE-ing!
danielle1010225_2nd says:   1 December 2007   411473  
What's the difference between pen "curve" and pen "freehand"?
a question that keeps hunting me D:
and I love the tutorial that you made,
the oekaki's really pretty to 83
PeachPearlPudding says:   1 December 2007   998232  
Unique poses...Brilliant colors! You're one of the best oekakiers
ever! ^__^
Yokochan says:   1 December 2007   817677  
wow, thats very pretty.
i like the hair color.
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   1 December 2007   585815  
o.m.g luv it es[ically the green hair
mY_cHeMiCal_RoMaNcE says:   1 December 2007   583147  
-la gasp-
DoOp says:   2 December 2007   978244  
haha, when I have my pressure sensitivity on, I can tell the
difference between freehand and curve.  for the pentool, the freehand
doesn't make as smooth lines as I want at an easy pressure, I think I
had to press harder making the lines more jagedity x.x and the curve
came out smoother :D

and thanks everyone <3! ^___^
Ciel_Kitty says:   2 December 2007   141111  
i love you D: <3
this is freaking amazing ♥
Abandoned says:   2 December 2007   456377  
I shall eat your brain!!!!  XO    Now I know your secrets!!!   I do
most of the same thing but, for the solid line art, I still use
freehand, not curves.  Something I should experiment with...

Okay, I shall offer a glimps into how I do a sketch.  I'll try to add
a detail discription on how I did it.
DoOp says:   2 December 2007   511896  
:DDD yayy!!!
kiwily says:   2 December 2007   216858  
does that mean you have pressure sensitivity?...?
DoOp says:   2 December 2007   468588  
yessums :x
aiichanxP says:   2 December 2007   572797  
shi paint or pro?
DoOp says:   2 December 2007   682712  
shi paint ^^
manduhh says:   2 December 2007   866289  
Tannk yeww so much! :]
 Makes me happeh!
DoOp says:   2 December 2007   169998  
:DD yay!<3
ZanyZeldaFan says:   2 December 2007   324151  
omgosh that is awesom!!! thankies! i'll try and take some of that
stuff and apply it to my stuff =3 oooh ooh i like the curly hair! and
you use blue eyes a lot, huh? =3
KOTORgamegirl says:   2 December 2007   998127  
luff her hair!!
manduhh says:   3 December 2007   927251  
Questionn though.
 By curve do you mean the curve pen or the bezier tool?
yuyu_art says:   3 December 2007   593414  
*O* how kind!

;_; but I'm too lazy to taper the lines and use curve tool.....
yuyu_art says:   3 December 2007   732892  
._. do you use pressure sensitivity?
DoOp says:   3 December 2007   772542  
curve pen ^___^ 

roffle yuyu XD and yes
‹► Asim ◄› says:   4 December 2007   713916  
omg that is soooo good and the tutorial was very good and helpful
aswell! i'll try to use those techniques of colouring u used coz my
colouring is sooooo rubbish!!!
Janey says:   4 December 2007   376335  
O.M.G that is brilliant!!
Italics whispers:   4 December 2007   375454  
ThankYOU! <3
xD I'll never be able to draw as well as you do.
But I'll have fun experimenting with the tutorial. n_n
DoOp says:   4 December 2007   342663  
xD roffle, no problem everyone ;___; <33333
twitch007gld says:   4 December 2007   944526  
saralyn247 says:   4 December 2007   243425  
wow. her hair is amazing. but so is everything... wow. amazing. ^^
‹goodfornothing› says:   4 December 2007   992917  
This is so so so so so so so great!!!!!!!!! *kidnaps*
loxx says:   4 December 2007   172798  
so cute! i love her ears! ^o^
cindyMEW says:   4 December 2007   699151  
This is brilliant!This is REAL art!
I LOVE it!
jessieangel10sdrawingfile says:   5 December 2007   565745  
how did u make the hair like that ps, nice drawing,pss nice ears
DoOp says:   5 December 2007   343291  
roffle, hair=pen + water color strokes start from thick layering of
shades to thin layering of shades ^^
saralyn247 says:   5 December 2007   517475  
i really need more adjectives. well, positive ones at least. XD
kathryn963852 says:   5 December 2007   863831  
i wuv it
itachigal101 says:   5 December 2007   518929  
wow i could never do that so awsome!!!
oni says:   5 December 2007   735782  
this is wonderful.
Batman89 says:   5 December 2007   991543  
‹ravieve› says:   6 December 2007   636369  
oh~ that's awesome!!! ^-^
Kittenluver73 says:   6 December 2007   559494  

I luffle how you did it! Xspecially the colouring~XD
Kittenluver73 says:   6 December 2007   488863  
oh, and the spots on the ears!
xmas_luvr4_0 says:   6 December 2007   111347  
im having a hard time with the outlineing in pen... it doesn't look
as good as yours does... TT.TT
Usanny says:   6 December 2007   526585  
both the picture and tutorial are amazing x3

I learned something new today! cuz all my teachers don't really teach
us -.-
DoOp says:   6 December 2007   566358  
did you zoom in xmas? ^^ and also if you keep practicing you'll get
really good at outlining : D it just takes time ^__^

lol usanny XD <3333 my teacher kinda just makes us practice painting
and junk 8D;;;
‹underage› says:   6 December 2007   941982  
Omygawsh, THANK YEW.
This taught me bunches. ^^
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   8 December 2007   383857  
wow the hair looks amazing
tropical_12 says:   8 December 2007   853981  
omg thats really good
Snow_princess96 says:   8 December 2007   872517  

Wanna be friends?
wolfgirl2_0 says:   31 December 2007   341128  
WOW! Thanks! That really helps! Me being new here and all! But have
have a question. How do you activate the layers? Well.... how do you
use them?
DoOp says:   1 January 2008   112452  
for shi painter, just click on layers at the bottom right ^^
aiichanxP says:   8 January 2008   131489  
suckss i user pro
i find pro easier to navigate then paint
NekoLover says:   31 January 2008   399964  
thats awesome

thanx for the tutorial ^^
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   2 February 2008   238243  
thanks for the tutorial..
i learned much..
by the way..
i got problems on the erasing part..
can you teach me?
by the you may message it to me..
thank you sooo much!!
LolliLocksPop says:   2 February 2008   614771  
Xxcute says:   18 April 2008   933566  

that is so MAD ..
i love the hair,eyes,lips and much more that is so nice,pretty and
GOOD afcourse ...you have got MAD SKILLS DoOp ...

that pic is amazing and winderful ** ..{kidnaps}
‹:XxIma_MonsterxX:› says:   20 April 2008   433383  
i love the hair!
popsciclexdino says:   28 April 2008   927468  
Thanx For The info!
maxdaisy says:   28 April 2008   286593  
cute pic.
araL says:   27 May 2008   751119  
amazing! *O*
elyon says:   27 May 2008   893552  
Great!Love the coloring!
stickyrice says:   18 August 2008   634452  
The hair is amazing. ;o; -kidnaps-
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   18 August 2008   312719  
That is sooo cool!!!!
‹duckie› says:   18 August 2008   724343  
omg tats awesome
Grace_Zeigler says:   6 October 2008   622449  
i wish i had hair like that. OoO!
kiiiwi says:   9 November 2008   222649  
amacing O.O
‹VibrantTwist› says:   23 November 2008   521754  
: O amazing
xHoshiko says:   23 November 2008   371955  
‹??????› says:   8 December 2008   956433  
momoko101 says:   8 December 2008   118893  
love it to cute so awsome best oekaki
Inane_Nobody says:   9 December 2008   844816  
I love your drawings!
orange_x3 says:   9 December 2008   747562  
sweet jesus   .o.
maxdaisy says:   17 December 2008   231545  
cute pic.
HappyBunniez says:   31 December 2008   979236  
Green Hair!! COOL! :3
sweetangelof1993 says:   4 March 2009   775258  
Very nice piece, too bad someone stole this and posted it on gaia a
couple days ago.
Mystic_DarkIllusion says:   5 March 2009   965656  
It's so amazing!
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   21 March 2009   636187  
AND YOU DIDNT USE DODGE!?!?!  ........oh my god.....u r
my sensei.....  *_*
Fareno2 says:   22 March 2009   194996  
how do you turn on your pressure sensitivity on kupika? Because mine
doesn't work.  T~T it really bothers me xP
sin_script says:   22 March 2009   218379  
Well, I have to say, thank you very much for this!
It gives me an insight as to how other people work with their style,
and yours it a very classic, attractive one, so it's nice to see
exactly how someone works. I look up to it.

Love this drawing by the way, the overall look of it is very nice,
it's downright awesome!

So once again, thank you for this tutorial, and I hope to see more of
your lovely work.
DoOp says:   25 March 2009   579434  
pressure works the same on all oekaki, its in the corner somewhere on
the canvas X-X
‹ღJєѕѕιє яαωяѕღ› says:   9 April 2009   788991  
its really pretty
pinkbunny says:   9 April 2009   475366  
wow, that's so amazing! I'm so envious of your skeeelz.
thank you for the tutorial. :D
Yotsubato says:   23 July 2009   634139  
this drawing is so cute!!!!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   23 July 2009   656754  
That is sooo cute!!!!
‹☣Lokii☣› says:   23 July 2009   159498  
OoOo Nom Nom Nom! ^.^
Danielle10 says:   22 September 2009   451238  
Woah, the hair is COOL.
XRacingHeartsAndLollipopsX says:   21 June 2010   314601  
This amazes me! :D
Pandate says:   16 April 2015   199538  
Amazing art !
‹♥♠~Bloodwolf<3 Littlewolf~♦♣› says :   16 December 2015   153805  
Fantastic work ^^
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