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Uploaded: 13 August 2007
how to draw
You can't always go back.

I'm aware there's a red dot on his nose.
No need to point it out.
It only annoys me more.

And his headband is wrong.
He's not from the Leaf Village.
I don't know what got to me then.
Just... ignore that too.

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animemanga249 says:   13 August 2007   439135  
this is so cool im kidnapping
iamkari says:   13 August 2007   731866  
That's.... freakingly awesome!
‹LoveIsDeadInHerEyes› says:   13 August 2007   424411  
wow totally kidnapping
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   283335  
I'll keep my mouth shut.
You probably don't want to know what I'd say.
saralyn247 says:   13 August 2007   739999  
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   152519  
moshimoshi_katie says:   13 August 2007   444139  
>///< Deidara-no-danna! >//////< *gets a nosebleed* I'll love you
Bunnyoxox says:   13 August 2007   712595  
Awesome,how long did it take u to do that??
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   13 August 2007   669132  
Is it jsut me or does he have some red on his nose >>
But other than that, it's really cute x3
emmy_14_54_ says:   13 August 2007   399777  
thats awsome!!!
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   467963  
~Thirty minutes.

-There's no red on his nose.
oresama whispers:   13 August 2007   963579  
Your art is still amazing!  >0<
I love it!  :D
I really like your style, too~.  ^_____^
Deidara has a red dot on his nose~.  O:  It kind of adds to the
effect, though.  ^____^
...You're going to be famous someday, I'm I'll be all, "I knew her...!
O:  Through the internet.  .__.  BUT STILL!  O:"
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   774829  
Ah, I see it now.
oresama whispers:   13 August 2007   686413  
Oopsie~, I meant "I'm going to be" or "I'll be".  .___.
And I posted's no red on his nose.  :3
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   482111  
No, there is.
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   13 August 2007   132867  
awesome!!!!!! i like how you drew it  and deidara is my fave
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   935713  
That's what everyone says.
Can't there be variety now and then?
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   13 August 2007   279623  
*pauses* yeah....
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   252452  
Pardon me.
Nunc says:   13 August 2007   568565  
Amazing. :D <3

Oh! And welcome back! ^o^
-big banner and lots of sparkles!-

EtrnlPeace says:   13 August 2007   316154  
Beautiful. Did you draw this all yourself? If I didn't know, I'd say
you whipped out photoshop, and editied one from Naruto.
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   363447  

And, you can't use PhotoShop or tracing on oekaki.
danielle1010225_2nd says:   13 August 2007   755899  
it's cool
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   216285  
Variety pleeaase.
Need I beg?
danielle1010225_2nd says:   13 August 2007   361496  
hyuh ?-?
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   221819  
A lot of people, may I say, say "it's cool," or, "awesome."

Some variety in comments would be better.
And a lot less boring.
Yumika_sama says:   13 August 2007   564329  



darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   377699  
Uh, I see.
danielle1010225_2nd says:   13 August 2007   819564  
ha ha ^^

sorry I have a issue 0_0
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   838266  
It's alright.
manduhh says:   13 August 2007   224532  
+is afraid of being yelled at for bad comment+
 I like how you outline. It's fanciful.
 An I'll be able to say "I knew her! Yup I recognize that drawing
style!!" And people will gasp... and there will be fireworks in honour
of you. .__.
 Reality ishn't fun.
Anywho, love the shading. I dun watch Naruto that much...
=3 toodles.
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   147494  
SithWedgie says:   13 August 2007   126567  
:0 very nice oekaki.

And welcome home ^-^
manduhh says:   13 August 2007   585399  
Ooo Yah!
 Better is better than being yelled at! ^^
I love your signature too.
 Okay now I shalt leave.
0_. Really I'm leaving.
 Is random bad?
Lover_Overeasy says:   13 August 2007   636489  

I wanted first D:

I shouldn't have read
Lover_Overeasy says:   13 August 2007   935663  
Oh but yeah

I luff Deidara :3
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   677713  
Heh, oh well.
kathryn963852741 says:   13 August 2007   392678  
this is great
Pimple says:   13 August 2007   271321  
wowzerz thats good! xDxDxD
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   671126  
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM.
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   754691  
You made me asplode.
XxKillxMexNowxX says:   13 August 2007   836378  
thats awesome
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   935853  
I'm fully aware.
PhearTehMe says:   13 August 2007   932244  
I didn't notice it until you said. xD;
nevermind. xD;
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   163377  
SilentKill says:   13 August 2007   732211  
Linda asploded.

As stated before, you're wonderful at using Masashi's style.
Great texture use.
I like how you used textures to shade the entire oekaki and use it to
compile the background!
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   369844  
It's alright.
Your comments are always luverly.
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   13 August 2007   729342  
OMG, DEIDEI! >< nee you pwnsomeness is killing me D: *faints* :D
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   13 August 2007   713356  
jeez I hate this keyboard.
darkoekaki says:   13 August 2007   735466  
It's alriiight.
kiwily says:   13 August 2007   225751  
are you gonna do all the people of the atatsuki?

an------------------------d why did you miss stacy's b-day?? 
she invited you!! >.>
it was fun. 
we got

‹DasAtem› says:   13 August 2007   435656  
I actually didn't notice the red dot on the nose, till i read your
discription on it D:. I like your style, so...dotty :D
riveranna says:   13 August 2007   495845  

But.....Hes From teh rock Village Not Leaf......ANYWAY!

You still get a cookie

darkoekaki says:   14 August 2007   719965  
I never said he was from the Leaf Village, retard.
momo09 sings:   14 August 2007   786977  
I think she (riveranna) might be refering to his headband, (it has
leaf village on it)
^^; that kinda threw me off too
darkoekaki says:   14 August 2007   635487  
Oh right.
I'm an idiot.

I'll leave a note at the top.
yuyu_art says:   14 August 2007   823329  
kekasmai says:   15 August 2007   992168  
Dispite the random mishaps with it (named at top) I think you did a
really good job, It looks almost exactly like him!
‹internal blender› says:   16 August 2007   998279  
and you need to stop looking at the little details ok ^^
‹♪Jaydee.Got.Cookies♪› says:   16 August 2007   264259  
puppy_luv says:   16 August 2007   774682  
darkoekaki-Sama!!!!! you do good on deidara-Kun!!!!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   16 August 2007   343217  
I love it,it is really looks like him
Demonic_Fox says:   16 August 2007   188746  
DEIDARA YAY! this is a pic that is more than speechless
koolkatashley10000 says:   16 August 2007   819633  
Wow this is great!Your a very good artist.^^
KusuKusu sings:   16 August 2007   759361  
Omg!! I started watching Naruto Shippuden and for some reason I like
the sound his hand makes when he's molding the clay. That rubbery
sound. XD

ANYHOW...OMFG!! Deidara!!! Perfecto!! X3 Chu~! ♥
darkoekaki says:   16 August 2007   678242  
Arigato, Kusu-chan. 
Thingie456 says:   16 August 2007   264268  
Hurray for Deidara
cherrysprite_san says:   17 August 2007   265781  
deidara-sama!!! i love it!!
x_CJ_Random_x says:   17 August 2007   468449  
Why can you draw so guuuuud? 
You hardly notice the spot of red ^__^
--I-- had to spquint at teh screen to see it...=]
People say awwwwesome too much__&& half of them don't even spell it
right T_T
SORREH;;Furh my rambling.
I like it alottt..speshly the line style and facial features.

Pleaseeee don't shout at meeh. =o
Orihime_Inoue says:   17 August 2007   665333  
its so cool!!
lil_Miss_Emo says:   17 August 2007   147663  
love the detail you put into deidara ^^
DeathKing122 says:   17 August 2007   392885  
*Puts on profile*
Lacrimosa says:   17 August 2007   125351  
Deidara is my favorite character in Naruto.
I love this picture so much I'm kidnapping it.
Yup. Lacrimosa's first kidnap. Be honored.
darkoekaki says:   17 August 2007   761526  
Thank you.
‹♪«·Nightmare ·†· Boulevard·»♪› says:   17 August 2007   768382  
Ohhhhh I'm such a sucker for your art! It always amazes me every time
you draw....Too bad I'm most-likely leaving so I can't see the rest of
you working your wonders TT__TT   *cries*
Ah well if I stay then I shall be looking forward to seeing your next
work.. ^^
Danielle10 says:   19 August 2007   985695  
RikkuMayli says:   19 August 2007   697958  
southpark_fan12 says:   20 August 2007   168383  
art is a blast! yeah!

i ♥ deidara he's so smexy! ^_^
dan_09 says:   4 September 2007   889985  
how many times has this been kidnapped?! XD

love it darkoekaki ^^

its f
its fa
its fab
its fabu
its fabul
its fabulo
its fabulou
its fabulous
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its fabulou
its fabulo
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its f
DreamQueen_14 says:   11 September 2007   741252  
*smiles* It looks very Deidarish! Almost the same as the original
style. He's eyes are very emotional and matches the 'You can't always
turn back' thing. He's pose is very nice as well as his hair.And I
don't see any red dot on his nose.*laughs and winks* Love the
graphic,un-coloured theme.*thumbs up* Very good piece.
that_little_emo_girl says:   14 September 2007   664266  
That is amazing. x]]
You are like, a god at outlining. i'm bad at it. T-T

I don't watch Naruto a whole lot, but I always kinda thought he looked
like a guy version of that blonde chick... Ino, my sister is informing
me. xDD 


That is a rather pretty boy, isn't it?
Anyways, good job! ^^
Ninja_Kairi says:   7 October 2007   999976  
omfg hed be perfet for my friend (emo_sabrine) give her that some
time lol i just kidding
Akatsuki_chan says:   22 October 2007   727976  
omfg i think deidara is the hottest one im the akatsuki clan check
out my profile it has mosly deidara!!!!lol;3
kiko_koko14 shouts:   24 October 2007   187516  
child_of_mana says:   6 November 2007   822391  
gaspers thats amazing!
you must have like.....oodles upon oodles of patience
and i just started watching naruto
so i dunno who deidra is or what he-i'm guessing he's a he-looks like
but this picture is still gaspers worthy
(instead of saying "-gasp-" i say gaspers,it's a word i made up)
but yea i still dunno who he is but i'm gonna just quitly kidnap it
hoping you won't notice
iluvanimeal0t says:   12 December 2007   244769  
Amazing perspective of Deidera. Not too fond of his character because
of his 'hmph' does it annoy you as well? It looks like a print from a
newspaper; that's how neat and clean the lines, anatomy and shading
appear. Good job (:
wolfgirl2_0 says:   30 December 2007   168264  
I'm kidnapping. Deidara must be the best Akatsuki member (in my
opinion). That and this is an amazing picture of him, yeah! xD Do you
use a tablet?
HinataH says:   31 December 2007   941314  
HinataH says:   31 December 2007   478662  
oh and I don't think deidara comes from the leaf village...LOL he has
a konaha headband >_< iz still amazing!
darkoekaki says:   31 December 2007   664963  
Please read the description, Miss.
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   1 February 2008   223796  
oh cool!
asunalove says:   9 February 2008   848884  
kind of reminds me of ino
mizuki928 says:   30 May 2008   837969  
OMG i love deidare
Oversuhk says:   19 October 2008   238591  
that's so pretty, you have really clear lines ^-^
AppleCore says:   11 December 2008   126788  
If my friend Inane_Nobody sees this...she'll nosebleed all over the
AppleCore says:   11 December 2008   985156  
Oh and nice oekaki btw.
003 sings:   9 February 2009   128518  
I love how you used tones to shade !
I could NEVER pull that off.
Jacutiepie14 says:   17 March 2009   543153  
really cool^^
candyalice121 says:   17 July 2009   982643  
Art is the boom,yeah

i ♥ Deidara he's my fav
silverwolf says :   19 December 2009   428547  
Awesome. By the way, Deidara, Itachi, and Kakashi are all F*CKING

Sorry, I had to let that out. 
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