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BBOK- Bring Back Old Kupika
Uploaded: 6 February 2011
This is an oekaki for the movement BBOK, or Bring Back Old Kupika. Joni away, my
fellow Kupikans. Together, we can make Kupika a better place for everyone.

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Rena9000 says:   6 February 2011   303112  
Very nice!
-off to the kupipage to put this up-
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   6 February 2011   488313  
thanks :D 
‹~Zeekie~› says:   6 February 2011   522500  
*questions authority*
What's so different about old Kupika and Kupika today?
(Even though I'm still kinda new here)
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   6 February 2011   332165  
join find the page 'Bring Kupika Back' by cant_we_love... then go to
Rena9000 page BBOK 
YuraYura says:   6 February 2011   762318  
This is getting awesome!
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   6 February 2011   369995  
thanks my fellow Revolutioneer! 
‹zach33› says:   6 February 2011   194636  
y do we want old kupika?
YuraYura says:   6 February 2011   378904  
Because the older version of Kupika was beautiful.
Artists thrived and created beautiful pieces of art without harsh crit
or annoying spammers. Writers were glowing with stories and poems that
inspired everyone. Roleplays were invented that created worlds that
nobody has ever experienced. The best part of all, it was safe for
everyone to hang out and actually meet people who were actually trying
to meet other people as well. We didn't have to worry about creepy old
men trying to meet Kupikans to rape and possibly kill. We didn't have
be grossed out by camwhores posting pictures of their bodys and making
Kupika feel like a brothel. I miss the old Kupika, all the older
members have left because of the losers that have gathered here. The
artists, writers, Dreamers, ect. Thats why were trying our hardest to
get it back, hopefully one day Kupika will flow over with all the
creative things it had before. 
‹zach33› says:   6 February 2011   171528  
and thats good? expect for the rapers 
YuraYura says:   6 February 2011   268972  
Yes because Kupika was a place where creative minds could go wild!
Why wouldn't that be good? 
‹zach33› says:   6 February 2011   559026  
the sums it up ok 
YuraYura says:   6 February 2011   574129  
So you agree with me then? 
‹zach33› says:   6 February 2011   105969  
cant_we_love says:   6 February 2011   687832  
AMAZING!!! :D thank you so much, love!
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   7 February 2011   631383  
you're very welcome ^^

try not to spam me, zach ^^ *huggle* 
‹zach33› says:   7 February 2011   519828  
‹Noxper› says:   9 February 2011   232472  
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   9 February 2011   411559  
i feel like im the only artist that stayed on here :I
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   10 February 2011   935367  
no lots of people stayed, and lots of people feel that way. 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   10 February 2011   234860  
that's how I personally feel 
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   10 February 2011   248557  

I'm one of the old members of the site, I completely agree.
The old Kupika was so quiet and rid of spammers and cancerfags of
Kupika. I miss the old days but hey, that's why the site is dying
slowly. I'm still an artist here, I miss the old ways of Oekaki but, I
barely use it due to my usage of TegakiE.
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   400231  
type like a normal person so we can read it please? 
‹Noxper› says:   14 February 2011   539906  
Acronyms are the language of the Internet ;D
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   267079  
... can you speeeeeeak? 
‹Noxper› says:   14 February 2011   461659  
Am I not?
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   470697  
resay what the acronyms said??

but in real person talk? 
‹Noxper› says:   14 February 2011   413007  
You can find it on my profile.
As all the other's did
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   627487  
well i'm not that smart now am i? *runs off to it* 
‹Noxper› says:   14 February 2011   573989  
Smart has nothing to do with it xD
I was surprised everyone else knew where to find it, honestly.
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   711478  
well quadruple tasking doesnt help me now does it? 
‹Noxper› says:   14 February 2011   683161  
Well I wouldn't know as I am not you and I am not multitasking.
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   632194  
i constantly multitask, but my science teacher of 4 years ago says
multitasking is impossible.

idiotic science teacher :3 
‹Noxper› says:   14 February 2011   741508  
My chemistry teacher said something similar o.o I call bullshit xD
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   14 February 2011   763288  
sí sí!!! 
‹Ortni› says:   20 August 2012   990891  
There's no such thing as "Old Kupika".. That was Kupika. This is
Perversion from Kupika, because it's nothing like Kupika. Kupika's
top-notch and well-known artists moved from Kupika because it started
becoming more like a social network than it was an artist spot. Kupika
is already changed, and I already tried changing and even ENCOURAGING
people to fight back and shun the wrongdoers, but it seems like all
hope is lost for this site, that it just exists now as a platform
where people can do whatever the heck they feel like, y'know?
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   5 September 2012   339619  
This is old as shit. 

Like, more than a year. 

Go find something better to do. 
‹Ortni› says:   7 September 2012   117831  
"Go find something better to do."?

Like what you're doing right now? It's almost so very clever. Make
more sense? 
‹Ortni› says:   7 September 2012   623297  
'Sides, I'm 17 years old, older than a year, and I'm not old as shit
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   10 September 2012   894899  
Yay, trolls. 

And I do have something better to do than go to oekakis and shit on
random ones that are over a year old, not to mention that was when the
last comment was made. 

Now, really, find something better to go. Like, hmm... Make your own,
perhaps? Write something, talk to people? That seems a very nice idea. 
‹Ortni› says:   11 September 2012   825885  
Trolls? No, didnt know speaking my mind is trolling. Besides, I hate
the whole idea behind trolling. And I DO make my own, and people go on
them and they speak THEIR mind, so I can do the same, right? I abide
to the law completely, so I can practice my freedom. Trollers
terrorize without a goal. I'm speaking my mind...

Big difference. And I do alternatives all the time which is why I'm
barely on Kpa. I debate in reality as well as I do on the internet. If
this is old as shit, and if you dont want to back it up any longer,
and argue something I say with irrelevance, then remove it?
‹Ortni› says:   11 September 2012   930647  
I can support my argument without having to use irritation or
insults. If anything, I am the complete opposite to a troll...
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   17 September 2012   209188  
I have not been online much either, and I had completely forgotten of
it's existence until now. It will be removed, but not at the request
of someone who will just trash the idea. 
‹Ortni› says :   17 September 2012   308033  
Trash the idea? I was stating how Kupika really is. Not once have i
trashed ANYTHING. <<' I try my best to analyze my comments to make
sure they are unoffensive but at the same time making obvious that my
perception is clear.
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