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AT: Redyuu
Uploaded: 1 August 2009
....................FAIL PERSPECTIVE. .___. -stabs it with a knife- 

I even used reference yet I can't get it to look right. 

OTL, it's not even good...damn...

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‹DasAtem› says:   1 August 2009   592187  

If I could draw THAT..
I would not complain that it looked bad. 
...whichitdoesn't. :x

I thinnk it's wonderful ♥
Kyun_yo says:   1 August 2009   729141  
@ DasAtem

Thanks...xD; (He looks like a midget... -gets bricked-) xP; 
‹gunk› says:   1 August 2009   956565  

It's very good. I'm so jealous, xDD You haves way more kp points than
me >:3

And even though you're better than me you say you're not good D:<
Thats a insult to meh so don't say so.
Kyun_yo says:   1 August 2009   872468  
@ Coffee

Eh? no... it's not good. x_x; There are many things wrong with it,
haha. I just can't make it seem what it is. 


...well according to my standards, I'm still lame...xD 
‹gunk› says:   1 August 2009   379776  
Hmm, maybe it's....

the line thats missing on the top of the page?!

Kyun_yo says:   1 August 2009   776719  
@ Coffee

...XD no, it's not the lie. -barely noticed it- It's just that for
some odd reason the perspective is messed up and the guy looks like a
midget. :| 
‹gunk› says:   1 August 2009   568365  
The only thing I think looks a little weird is the shoes.
Looks like squeaky mary janes. :D
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   1 August 2009   593628  
You did great, Kyun. I know he truly will love this. Very nice
coloring and you draw good lines. * v *
I agree, I'm kinda jealous of both of your talents. You both Kyun and 
Redyuu draw very well. Love the pose by the way! ^^
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   1 August 2009   789426  
Don't worry, it looks beautiful!
Kyun_yo says:   1 August 2009   885237  
@ Coffee

D: It's the top of the shoe... how am I supposed to shape it? xP (and
what are mary janes? o_O; )

@ Pandora
...mah. D: Nah, he's more awesome than I am so... meh. 
And thanks...xD -shot-

@ Syndromic.

xP Thanks. 

-wallows in a corner for now- 
emmapupster says:   1 August 2009   727248  
I love your oekakis! They r always sooo detailed!
Kairi says:   1 August 2009   978238  
Ah shiny.
I wanna poke his finger.
hapiemoalice says:   1 August 2009   558872  
Ah~ very nice! ^^
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   1 August 2009   216337  
kyun you did awesomepawesome. :p again!
i can never live up to your ability.
‹Lost.♥.Confused› says:   1 August 2009   198446  
ohgodd. i wish i could draw like this. its awesome. c:
lol, stripes. CX
DoOp says:   1 August 2009   886818  
-eats your knife- NO knifing! 8D anyways, I love the red and pinkness
...and that hair I see some awesome goldish color it in?
Kyun_yo says:   1 August 2009   357943  
@ DoOp
D: Don't eat the knife, it'll kill you. -shot- 
pinkness... there's pink in it? o_o (Okay well... I'm colorblind. xP)

Yes...xD I added a golden glow to it. Huzzah, you spotted it. =DD 
nomnomg says:   2 August 2009   639594  
WOOW  ! <-- my first impression =D hey want to teach me how to draw ?
Kyun_yo says:   2 August 2009   756548  
@ Jin
o__o but you can draw? 
RainbowSempai says:   2 August 2009   428727  
OMG, Your so good at drawing!
exquisite says:   2 August 2009   661323  
I love it. 8D

Blood shadow..? >_>
Hyperpixie says:   2 August 2009   715384  
He has a tiny torso...
‹we'rejustaimingtoplease♥› says:   3 August 2009   166686  
The coloring is win *u*
Starr says:   3 August 2009   719788  
bright red=win
redyuu says:   3 August 2009   338225  
8 m 8 uwah i love this~  <3 the perspective and the way the red
shadow is drifting away from him is really dynamic : O!!!
;; you drew my avie so adorable~ I love the way you toned the hair a
pale red/pink in contrast to his bright clothes FFF 

ahh thank you so much kyunnn <3!!!
Kyun_yo says:   3 August 2009   641392  
@ redyuu

Perspective sucks...x_x; I still need more practice with it... 
Ah... Lol, red is a very limited color. x_o; It was really hard to
differentiate the colors from one another... xD Lol... no prob. :D I'm
glad you liked it 
‹??????› says:   4 August 2009   344565  
It SO does not suck, it's an epic win. The hair looks so
shineh and magical~~The shading's remarkable, and having those folds
makes it bolder and real smexy looking.  
DUDE, the hand is great. I wanna nibble it! O_O<3
‹RainbowRains› says:   4 August 2009   263621  
I love it! 
but i am prejudiced to the red! ugly color!!!! woo hoo lets go bloo!
‹XxdatkidlikespiexX› says:   4 August 2009   847539  
hey kyun i love the drawing dont say it looks bad beause to me and
everyone else (except hatinglifeatalltimes) love it dont hang over
urself its beatufulll and to prove it i'll kidnap it
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   4 August 2009   769657  
That is sooo cool!!!!
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   4 August 2009   448153  
What do you mean it's not good!? It's awsome!
Brokencyde says:   4 August 2009   773551  
wow seriously...........its a mazing
DrawingEckoz says:   5 August 2009   411313  
That's gooooood
Yurichan123 says:   6 August 2009   265799  
This drawing is amazing, but the legs are kinda out of proportion. I
like the coloring and shading. Yes, this is a good piece of art~ 
-imoneofyourfans-  XD
‹♚Initial~Aura♚› says:   27 September 2009   382441  
nice~ <3
Shinju says:   27 December 2009   856951  
I like the style of this,
Suspa says :   28 December 2009   771533  
It looks real good-I think the hips down is where the perspective
slipped but still a very vialant and successful effort! Love the
Comic-effect BG. And the red shadow/splotches give it a nice pop! Very
good.Keep it up!
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