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this oekaki is based on raynrayn's
WIP Final Fantasy VII & X
Cloud and Yuna miss someone...
Uploaded: 12 November 2007
how to draw
Final Fantasy fanart! :D I WAS gonna draw Luffy but then I didn't...

Cloud's shirt needs to die.

:D *dies*

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Mewmewkitten says:   12 November 2007   774888  
So pretty :D
Yay :D
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   12 November 2007   551823  
Thats so pretty!!!
Ciel_Kitty says:   12 November 2007   442327  
raynrayn says:   12 November 2007   564265  
Why does the pixelation look really bad? ;-; And it didn't show up on
the oekaki page again... Hina/higher beings, (wherever you are) do you
hate me? TT_TT
Nunc says:   12 November 2007   151894  
Honestly, this oekaki looks -f word- amazing! :D

Oh, and the pixels looks slightly odd because it's saved on .jpg, and
it was automatically saved on .jpg because it's a heavy file.
And it doesn't show because you edited your other oekaki. There's a
way you can get around it though. :3
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   12 November 2007   166412  
wow! :D love it!
maikochan says:   12 November 2007   392173  
Oh my gosh, I love FFX ^^
And the sequal =x

This is so beautiful ^^
yuyu_art says:   12 November 2007   845448  
<3 cloud strife is awesome, even though I don't really know who he
keni says:   12 November 2007   467138  
* i dont play final fantasy so dont tell me i dont know what i'm
saying, i know i dont* 

i think cloud's arm is a few inches too short, even for being
forshortened. i have no idea who the girl is, so all i can say is,
cloud and tifa forever =D lol, but still very cool drawing
raynrayn says:   12 November 2007   879565  
whoa? You guys don't know them?!?!? O_O wow.


Sorry. I'm into "neva gonna happen" shippings. XD
raynrayn says:   12 November 2007   916668  
Is it a Clouna oekaki though? ...Cloud's holding Aerith's ribbon
thingy while Yuna is holding her necklace which reminds her of Tidus's
and Tidus himself? *shrugs*

Whateva. :D
kiwily says:   12 November 2007   589915  
arghhhhhhhhhhhhh video games.. I have a great friend.. she can go
rambling on about FFX all day.. D:
Kari8899 says:   15 November 2007   259341  
Lilrockin2 says:   15 November 2007   112515  
Saayax13 says:   15 November 2007   133414  
dont you mean you were gonna draw "yuffy"?? you said lufy and i dunno
if thats a person or not but i would imagine you meant yuffy. lol very
good though!
‹Ðark Fox› says:   15 November 2007   126554  
very good draw
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   15 November 2007   552568  
I LOVE final fantasy!!!!!!!!(Mostly X and X-2 though)
raynrayn says:   15 November 2007   412537  
I meant Luffy from One Piece, one of the best characters ever!!!
Final Fantasy characters are up in that rank too. <3 <3 <3
lovelylittleangel says:   15 November 2007   241273  
really good
Yanely says:   15 November 2007   998519  
*Takes it out from computer somehow*
I got it off the computa! MUAHAHAHA!! IT'S MINE NOW!!
* Wakes up from dream*

It's good though love ert!!
Yanely says:   15 November 2007   363588  
narutogeek says:   16 November 2007   638378  
cloud and yuna? i thought it was yuna and tidus
Cloud_ says:   16 November 2007   983167  
I...miss someone? ._.
raynrayn says:   16 November 2007   499637  
Cloud, I drew you missing Aerith. XD ...but IF you met Yuna, you'd
totally forget her. (my theory, sorry.)

This is my opinion of these two awesome characters. Not that I hate
Tidus or Aerith/Tifa, they're really cool but I like these two better.
So, yeah. They represent they're respective part of the Final Fantasy
series. :D
Nuty shouts:   5 December 2007   616594  
final fantsy vii advent children final fantsy x wow waw. you are so
awsome_gurl says:   11 December 2007   473172  
thats so beautiful
popsciclexdino says:   10 October 2008   739286  
WOAH  O_____O
MoonlessKnight says:   12 November 2008   567755  
So great!
alleygirl92 says :   12 November 2008   816321  
didn't really think there were any hardcore ff fans here...
I love the texture..
And Yuna....Cloud...
It's amazing!
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