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Marshmella~! man~~~!!!
Uploaded: 7 October 2007
how to draw
yes, this is from Iluvanimealot, known as Melon-chan~!!!!

Happy Columbus day, no schooL!!!

if you want to find me, please don't, I'm gonna be burried at home finishing multiple
homework assignments and projects.

my dad took my mom to watch an R rated movie that children can't watch because of
explicit sexual content. 



(daddy wanted to go alone. :3... anyways.... watch the how to draw.. big head!)

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Glamgurl says:   7 October 2007   231153  
Columbus Day? O.o



Awesome Oekaki. :]

-eats it-

>_> i didn't do that.
i_am_not_emo says:   7 October 2007   214184  
OMG that's the thing you drew in Geometry!!!  It's SO CUTE!!!!!
cookiichannx3 says:   7 October 2007   573488  
the thingy's soo cutee!

poor you.
i didn't have that much homework.
well, good luck doing them! x__X
Ciel_Kitty says:   7 October 2007   427316  
haha cute marsmallow xD
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   7 October 2007   975591  
kiwily says:   7 October 2007   267963  
Glamgurl= of course you didn't, it probably melted because I licked
it all over. :3
stacy: that THING?!!? how dare you call it a THING Helen, dear!? bein'
mean to your dear little dead sister Julia!? 0:3
cookie: it's just a project due on Friday that I dont want to finish
on thursday
Kitty; merci
Angel: no, it's an evil distrucion device!! dont get hynotised by it's
cuteness, wait, it's already eaten, nevermind.
xcottonxcandyx says:   7 October 2007   188712  
ish so freakin adorable
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   7 October 2007   974244  
kiwily says:   7 October 2007   755859  
cottoncandy: merci.
Angel: XD -catches it on survellance-
Pixegirl101 says:   7 October 2007   413337  
awwwwwwww thats cute!!
Pixegirl101 says:   7 October 2007   656781  
*thinks this could become porpuler and im going to help bye
commneting one more time *
Pixegirl101 says:   7 October 2007   924127  
yah it will become populer!!!
Mewmewkitten says:   7 October 2007   863793  
Isn't that the ninth or something? XD
I know it's close to my birthday (Oct. 10th :3)
kiwily says:   8 October 2007   734893  
no, it's the eigth... the first monday of october or something.. the
acual formal one is this friday though.. 0_0

pixie: why, thank you...?
Nick007 says:   8 October 2007   786641  
Ooo! Is it The Heartbreak Kid!? That's an R movie with sexual
content, but it looks hilarious
kiwily says:   8 October 2007   744194  
.. no, it's a chinese thing.. 
I dunno. my mom won't tell me D:<
dreamflame says:   8 October 2007   362246  
cute marshmallow
and what's stacy supposed to call it if she can't call it a thing?
kiwily says:   8 October 2007   846777  
a marshmellow
i_am_not_emo says:   11 October 2007   585376  
HI HI HI!  Sorry if I called it a "thing", it's a marshmallow
now...and this is one word I'll use to describe my Columbus Day:
Lovely_Mistress says:   11 October 2007   683763  
Columbus so called "discovery" led to the end of the Native American
im learning about him in school I say he is a zero not a hero!

VERY ADORABLE PICTUREEE!!! just so this isnt off topic! =)
kiwily says :   12 October 2007   132245  
what happened to your akward day.. did you go out with you-know-who
or something? sorry, that was mean, but still. XD

non, the american's greed in general led to the end of the Native
Americans. Eventually, someone WOULD find the new land, and the
Europeans would still flock there anyways. and anyways, there are
still Native Americans, although we are extremely unfair to them.
also, what grade are you in to learn that now? XD just kidding, don't
get mad...
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