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"And So She Cried...."
Uploaded: 28 September 2007
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I'm dedicating this to Linda-imouto. Hopefully, I did her style justice. I used her
'character design' as a reference for this picture. Linda-imouto is so caught up in
school. She doesn't have enough fun. It's not enough to grant her happiness. 
Color if you like.

*Edit!* Linda is darkoekaki, if you didn't know that before. D:

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xxthe_forgotten says:   28 September 2007   772934  
Poor her.
I am not aware of who she is but that's seems very unpleasent.
I love the oekaki with the think lines.
A very nice touch it adds flair
danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 September 2007   392168  
how sad T^T
to much pressure can tear you apart
with school and personal stuff.
I wish her the best of luck. 
also: you did her style very well :D
sorry. . .  kinda ruining the moment.
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   921741  
The thick lines are Linda's style. Yes, and it is really sad. I just
regret not being able to help her.
CrumpetChan says:   28 September 2007   125361  
Adorable. ^_^ Looks like its made in MS paint.
danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 September 2007   719579  
you can keep her company and try to make her
happy as much as possible, forgetting about the 
other stuff. :D
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   621686  
Thank you, I guess. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. >>;
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   496236  
The last comment was meant for CrumpetChan.
danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 September 2007   293413  
Moi? XD
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   292887  
Please read the last comment. >>;
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   28 September 2007   278223  
it's very cute but I guess it is hard on her.
danielle1010225_2nd says:   28 September 2007   334285  
I know sorry it's just that after I posted that comment 

I just saw the other one. . . . sorry. . .
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   216913  
She doesn't need to be put through all this stress! Her parents are
way too hard on her. It's ok, Danielle.
‹♪«·Nightmare ·†· Boulevard·»♪› says:   28 September 2007   637627  
So good. ^^
Love the emotion in it.
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   564467  
Thank you.
Ciel_Kitty says:   28 September 2007   767822  
hope she stay good...
or something smarted than i have said >>;;;
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   285817  
I'm sorry, I don't think that made any sense. o.o;
dark_winged_dragon says:   28 September 2007   642878  
It is a cute drawing, nonetheless.
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   773281  
darkoekaki says:   28 September 2007   886839  
Omigod, Karin-neechan.
You didn't have to do this.

And it looks very much like my style.

Thank you.
You're a great older sister.
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   28 September 2007   197736  
Wow Karin-chan. Your drawing is like Linda's but Linda does more
darker lines. This is really good. ^^
yuyu_art says:   28 September 2007   879451  
yesh, it is so good. >_< 

And it's very true.
nirrum says:   28 September 2007   649615  
When I saw this, I was all "Linda's drawing again?!".
This is beautiful.
darkoekaki says:   28 September 2007   252162  
I've colored it.
Thank you.
ZanyZeldaFan says:   28 September 2007   162664  
omgosh that is soo beautful. that is wonderful. i feel so sorry for
you darkoekaki and i hope it gets better =3
‹Audrey› says:   28 September 2007   883865  
Thank you. I'll go see now, Linda-imouto. ><!
kiwily says:   30 September 2007   315571  
the edit's halarious.
It's kinda sad that Linda has so many fans, that dont even know her
name... espcially since it's right there on the profile.
kiwily says:   30 September 2007   133411  
and, yesh,  you and Linda have the SAME EXACT drawing style.

‹Audrey› says:   30 September 2007   523723  
Really? We do? I feel honored. ^_^
sugar108 says:   1 October 2007   971894  
imma colour it!
Demonic_angel says:   1 October 2007   866362  
i colored it!
ya u do have the same technique
marina_z says:   1 October 2007   272796  
coo it almost reminds me of me
Camilleh says:   1 October 2007   824473  
I <3 her. c:
Kiyoshi_Ota says:   2 October 2007   149893  
It so cool!
-kidnaps then starts colouring-
‹Belle <3› says:   2 October 2007   289839  
ooohhhh perrrrrrrrrrrttttttyyy *does the same as kiyoshi_ota*
‹[.R'.]› says:   2 October 2007   478852  
OO... 'Tis awesomely preddehh..
‹Audrey› says:   2 October 2007   937684  
Thank you! ^_^
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   2 October 2007   359343  
it's good i think i'm gonna color it
‹goodfornothing› says:   4 October 2007   913216  
i ish be usin it

Tranquility says:   14 October 2007   517612  
I would like to try.
Tranquility says:   14 October 2007   135523  

here you are. I had fun coloring this. :]
Gabby_the_banana says:   15 October 2007   985885  
how do u take it to colour itt
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   17 October 2007   551771  
NekoLover says:   11 February 2008   852312  
okays heres i go^^
NekoLover says:   11 February 2008   839978  
here it is ^^

coolgirl says:   14 May 2008   414412  
here's mine 
junegirl22 says :   31 December 2008   712461  
ish so kool!
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