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Sashiki male version + co?
Uploaded: 4 July 2007
From left to right: Catherine(male version=uke), Donna(male version=uke), me(male

I know, I have an over hyperactive imagination. It's not like any of my friends is
unto yaoi anyway... Which makes me sad cos I feel so left out... I have no one to
converse about yaoi at school... 

I WILL BE THE ONLY SEME IN THE GROUP!! >.< Why? Cos my pals are masochists...

I'm not... *ties em up with necktie* Mwahahhahah!! I'm a self proclaimed seme!!! XD 

I'm not tanned... But tanned skin is JUST SO SMEXY!!! XD and my lovey ish tanned...
XD hesso cute >.<

I'll make some more of this later. =D Yesh i ask you all my friends (female) to
beware cos i'll be turning you all unto guys now... Maybe one time, or tomorrow,
you'll see an oekaki of you... Male?
and btw....
Anyone interested in making a collab oekaki with me? ;___;

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Damn_princeZZ_comin_thru_ says:   4 July 2007   141112  
lol cute!!
ed_elric_is_mine says:   4 July 2007   724727  
i would love to make a collab oekaki with u.
but i am not worthy enough to draw u!
i love ur oekakis
ed_elric_is_mine says:   4 July 2007   265992  
write me a letter if ur ok with me making a collab with u
famachan says:   4 July 2007   172921  
Lol sooo awsome!!!it's amazing!! Soo cool!!
jelly_moo says:   4 July 2007   613375  
omg uber cute!!~ I jelouse of your awsome skittle!
cute_monkey says:   4 July 2007   768231  
its very cute ...and a very good drawing!
Nunc says:   4 July 2007   292943  
Aha, that's funny. ^w^
xcottonxcandyx says:   4 July 2007   852448  
amazing and funny
love the coloring btw
Mistress_Crystal says:   4 July 2007   455664  
funny and awsome
tinkerbell_x says:   4 July 2007   516134  
funny i ♥ all the sketchy-ness!! 
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   4 July 2007   428467  
That is so cool I like the text!
meema says:   4 July 2007   593559  
so cute xD
Ciel_Kitty says:   4 July 2007   267732  
oresama whispers:   4 July 2007   572441  
Cute!  :D
I'd be neither seme nor uke.  D:
I'd be SEKE, harhar.  |D
Bootheghost says:   4 July 2007   729985  
hehe cool. when i get a tablet, i can draw manga (mine r like
vampire_rikku's), cos i am totally crap at drawing with a mouse. btw-
like the drawing. i like the sketchy lineart.
danielle1010225_2nd says:   4 July 2007   494133  
middle looks like a girl
nijntje says:   5 July 2007   392759  
O_O its awsome ^_^
lol glad i never get turned into a guy xD
yuyu_art says:   5 July 2007   488538  
camille_con97 says:   5 July 2007   851679  
Haha! Very funny! ^o^
LaBuAxel says:   7 July 2007   314962  
i'm interested in collab!
but i don't think my skills are good enough. send me a letter/message
if you want... :/
‹Twilight Night› says:   7 July 2007   799964  
lol kewl i liek it
‹...Lauraa x3...› says:   7 July 2007   356755  
cwl!! ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
nijntje says:   7 July 2007   614679  
whuts a collab .  . ..  xD yeah me ish noob :P
nijntje says:   7 July 2007   742781  
when i know what it is ill make 1 xD
xFunkSoulx says:   7 July 2007   871199  

thats cool. good job.
Babigurl15623 says:   7 July 2007   398519  
♥ it! I think it's hillarious.... btw the drawing is awesome.
‹Puppeh.› says:   8 July 2007   644567  
Thats funny but good as always ^^
PhearTehMe says:   8 July 2007   154697  
RandyOrtonGirl says:   8 July 2007   593793  
that is soooo raw
Cindy747246 says:   8 July 2007   789235  
lolz!! i ♥ ur art!!
Shiina_kun says:   12 July 2007   322176  
lol.  This is amazing.  XD <3
animeSchoolGirl says:   12 July 2007   398588  
i love your oekaki
SilentKill says:   13 July 2007   288525  
-pokes font-
You're good at drawing guys!
-once again, pokes everyone in the oekaki-
Collab oekaki?
Hahaha, that's fun.
I'd collab with you, but I suck really baddd.
-sulks in emo corner-
Oh, and to that person somewhere above, a collab an oekaki
where two or more people work on.
I think.
I prefer everyone being able to draw on the same canvas at the same
Penguin_chan says:   9 August 2007   984349  
Yay for Bondage, everyone should join in a happy S.O.P.P!
Hehehe, S.O.P.P.....
I really like your pictures, their really well done, I MUST KIDNAP!
Abandoned says:   6 December 2007   151958  
this is funny!
‹I_WILL_EAT_YOU_NO_MATTER_WHAT› says:   19 April 2008   271336  
Bon.... Bon? Bon.. Bondage! LOL I like it!!!!! Now this is some...
comedy! Draw ME! Draw ME! In male!!!!     <3     :rolls:
‹I_WILL_EAT_YOU_NO_MATTER_WHAT› says:   19 April 2008   475637  
kutie_smile says :   5 July 2008   543375  
wow *twitch twitch*
so awsome *stares*
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