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For Gabby
Uploaded: 27 April 2007
My last oekaki of you was awful! So i deleted it and did this. 
(i heard you like ribbons so thats what's in the picture)

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KatoChan says:   27 April 2007   635538  
This is really, very impressive o_o
momo09 says:   27 April 2007   686633  
You think ? :D i went a "little" crazy with the dodge...
Iamchesare says:   27 April 2007   961614 THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! It looks
like sashikinoneko's...
momo09 says:   27 April 2007   683984  
It does o.o? Oh dear, didn't know she had one like this!
Leana says:   27 April 2007   728796  
this is way cool 
Nunc says:   27 April 2007   922398  
This looks so cool! ^_^
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   27 April 2007   221822  
omg this is so good i luv it
SithWedgie says:   27 April 2007   268246  
its nice ^_^ I like the color
hullabaloo says:   27 April 2007   391477  
Oooh! Impressive...honestly, it looks a lot like me in real-life. I
love the details and the's all very beautiful!
MoonlitTearsGabriella says:   27 April 2007   516272  
Thank you!!! Wow, I didn't expect another one. Is this in return for
my song? Because I wrote it from the heart, not for a tip. xD It's
beautiful. She looks like a ribbon dancer. I LOVE it. You are so
great. *squeal* I thought the last one looked fine, though.
girlsense says:   27 April 2007   594769  
Read this.
There are 20 angels in this world.
10 are sleeping.
9 are playing.
1 is reading this post.

Put this on 4 other video comments within the next 15 minutes.
If you do, someone you love will suprise you somehow.
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girlsense says:   27 April 2007   656432  
i did it because i got it and it sounded scary
jewlsbunny says:   27 April 2007   732935  
oh wow so nice O.o

ITS AMAZING *kidnaps*

dan_09 says:   28 April 2007   259136  
cool!!!!!!!! yay you hollie-chan!
Macphever says:   28 April 2007   684511  
whos gabby?
momo09 says:   28 April 2007   773173  
Gabby, is one of my kupika pals (MoonlitTearsGabriella) i just put
Gabby because i couldnt remember her name at first. ^^
louise_scott says:   28 April 2007   474683  
is this on ur tablet?
momo09 says:   28 April 2007   148225  
Yup!! I had to do this twice though!
As i was showing my uncle to use it, i pressed some buttons and lost
But it actually came out a better 2nd time round! XD
burberry_girlie says:   30 April 2007   374837  
wow relle pretty
baka_black says:   30 April 2007   342474  
The flowers are pretty 
nikx2141 says:   30 April 2007   552313  
This is really really good
momo09 says:   30 April 2007   559496  
Thanks ^___^
SurfingL1me says:   30 April 2007   657843  
Oooh!!!!! That is so good!!! It' looks JUST like her!!
jessieangel10 says:   30 April 2007   259362  
yumi says:   1 May 2007   595448  
wow so cool
momo09 says:   1 May 2007   655929  
Arigato! Commenta re always appreciated in momo land! =^__^=
angelicdevil says:   1 May 2007   796481  
wow beautiful!
FERGIE5553 sings:   1 May 2007   197698  
will u be my friend?
I_wonder_Y says:   1 May 2007   473566  
you're talented and i'm jealous!!! 
jk. nice oekaki!
gabby101 says:   1 May 2007   725162  
my name is gabby too!
dancinqueen55778 says:   1 May 2007   224678  
hp_lurver95 says:   1 May 2007   221963  
awesome colour choices!!! very prettiful. ^-^***
momo09 says:   2 May 2007   112642  
Thank you for commenting you 5! =^__^=
Rain_drops2 says:   6 May 2007   859375  
Pretty...this one is my favorite.
chani whispers:   8 May 2007   649823  
The flowers are wonderful....
Mitsu says:   9 May 2007   147733  
thats sooooooo good!!!!!
famachan says:   12 July 2007   865719  
Omg, sooo awsome!! Rwally REALLY good!! Awsome!! Cool!! Rocks!! This
oekaki is amazing!! ^.^
asuna_kagurazaka says:   3 August 2007   156621  
Gabby_the_banana says:   13 August 2007   691335  
WOW!! its real good
Gabby_the_banana says:   15 October 2007   211958  
my names gabby too lol
yuyu_art says :   10 November 2007   941976  
:D it's very pretty
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