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Stop Abortion.
Uploaded: 12 October 2009
Mommy, today is my birthday. I am 4 months old. Mommy I have toes and I am a girl. Mommy, Please don't be sad any more. Mommy what is that doctor saying mommy? What is an abortion mommy? Mommy I love you. Mommy I can fall asleep to your heartbeat. Mommy do you love me? Mommy I am in heaven now Mommy. God told me what an abortion is Mommy. Mommy why didn't you want me? Why don't you love me? Mommy why can't I ever see the light of day? Mommy I still love you. Mommy God will take care of me now and I will be loved . Mommy today is my birthday I am 5 years old now and I still don't understand why you didn't want me mommy Mommy! You came to see me Mommy! Mommy what happened to you? You don't know your little girl anymore mommy? You don't love me Mommy? Why did I have to die Mommy? Mommy I still love you

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doing_things says:   12 October 2009   942883  
i agree lets go bomb the clinics
HollyInHorrorLand says:   12 October 2009   527881  
lmaooo xD
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› cries:   13 October 2009   231317  
this is so made my eyes water
MiyuMiyu says:   14 October 2009   841455  
I agree TT______TT
‹pıɐSʎןdɯıS› says:   15 October 2009   662747  
Im so confused I thought i was 100% against abortion... then i
thought well birth can really toll someones life who isnt ready... but
i remind myself its their stupidity.... but then argue how.... why
should that child grow up in agony because of their "parents"
stupidity and mistake.... or what if they they were ment to be
pregnent..... but then i questions religion which im also confused
about.... then i wonder what if their a rape child.... and the parent
didnt want a child at the moment... but then i again wonder... what if
they were ment for this child.... then i wonder if so why would "god"
use some one for crime to bring upon this birth.... then i again
question religion.... but then i agree no matter the circumstances its
Murder without consent or any choice of the child.... but that brings
me back to.... why should the child live in agony for a "parents"
stupidity or lack of caution..... im so CONFUSED!!! i should stop
thinking -_-
kattany3 says:   16 October 2009   344419  
Ok ok ok guys.
See Abortion isnt all bad.
Not EVERY case is the same.
The way i see it is if someone who has a stable job a stable home
could support a child and could care for it properly but just doesnt
want it because they are scared or something. THEN it is wrong.


What if someone was raped? would you condem them to keep a child?How
would that effect the way the mother treated the child? 

What if you had a medical condition and haveing the child could KILL
you?Would you make that person have the baby?

All you people see it as if everyone who gets an abortion has nothing
wrong.Thier healthy and happy but they were just STUPID.
it doesnt work like that.
So have an open mind.
Abortion isnt wrong in all cases.and besides who the hell are all of
you to judge them for their choice?Your not fucking saints either.
‹pıɐSʎןdɯıS› says:   16 October 2009   936544  
kattany these are simply your opinions.... you leave out the fact
there is adoption which in my opinion is better then murder without a
child ever even given the chance to fight.... plus im not sure where i
kattany3 says:   16 October 2009   986238  
Fantastic! see other options =P i left them out. so what does that
tell you? no one is perfect and everyone things differently. its
‹pıɐSʎןdɯıS› says:   16 October 2009   958321  
yes but you were very rude in your comment and acted as if YOUR RIGHT
‹pıɐSʎןdɯıS› says:   16 October 2009   886824  
and its not simple every person no matter how alike are complex in
their own way, you will never think the thoughts i think the same way
i do, neither me for you
HollyInHorrorLand says:   16 October 2009   531517  
From my view..I personally wouldn't let an abortion happen,..I really
couldn't kill something,Let alone let someone else kill my own???,And
..i think its wrong because i have ovarian cist and it can cause me
not to have a child,And its kinda selfish..if i cant have one and
someone just kills there own?,idk..,Also if they were in bad shape of
life like no money and stuff..I would just put it in gods hands and
pray for him to help me,I would do anything in my power to keep it
safe and have a good life,Even if i had to do with out.But some people
are scared of life and run from there problems.
And some are just heartless.
kittysnow6 says:   16 October 2009   728789  
that sound so sad...makes me want to cry for all those little poor
innocent babies...I wish ppl never get the word ABORTION....i wish
every1 would forget that horrible word...
EpicFaith says:   18 October 2009   851872  
D: aww..poor baby. making meh sad right naw.
kattany3 says:   21 October 2009   711111  
ooooh!!! and btw =P the baby is upside down. Elce its a breech. head
comes out first no?
HollyInHorrorLand says:   23 October 2009   927278  
dosent it turn e.e?
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   23 October 2009   726571  
Fine you become pregnant. You lose your self-esteem.
God, the baby doesn't even exist properly.
If the governments ban abortion, then it will just happen illegally by
untrained doctors.
‹Xilovehimx› says:   23 October 2009   434139  
Awweh yeah i've seen something simular to this...  kidnapps
‹Mentality› says:   23 October 2009   384524  
What if you had to have a baby? And you had a condition that
endangered both your life and the baby's? And then you end up dying
because you were too caring (read: stupid) to realize that the life of
a probably unwanted parasite was just as important as a person who has
needed 13+ years of resources. And even if you DO live, you'll be
remembered as the girl who almost died because she was a stubborn
‹Mentality› says:   23 October 2009   656769  
And even if you do end up having the kid, and it's healthy and all
that blah blah, if it was an unwanted child it might end up in a home
that is much worse than just dying early on and not having to suffer.

An example right here in Kupika.
ThE_dEvIlS_kId_ says:   26 October 2009   384481  
its not all that bad! oh my fucking god get over yourselfs! yes its
wrong but its not your choice if someone doesnt want a child its their
choice! what if you were raped? would you want to have the mans child?
and look into their eyes and remember that man?! and what if your
young like 15? having a kid could kill you! also what if your poor and
your life isnt working out would you screw up the kids life?
‹WHITENOISE› says:   27 October 2009   154537  
m-matured for giant nipples?
RoxRox says:   29 October 2009   266530  
mommy i have toes 
RoxRox says:   29 October 2009   807472  
this is sad '3' ..i like the tummeh!
Espada0 says:   29 October 2009   973521  
reminds me of my sis but she died naturally....
bittersweetsymphony says:   5 November 2009   961206  
This is really beautiful.
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   7 November 2009   400990  
Omg.... beautiful is nothing this is outstanding! So sad....
Prismatic says:   7 November 2009   810413  
Prismatic likes this. 
‹SoraKudo.♥› says:   14 November 2009   423958  
You have an amazing way with explaining this. :] 
kattany3 says:   14 November 2009   944145  
O.o thank you?
WorldendDominator says:   19 November 2009   505865  
What the fuck is your problem.

This. Is amazing. 
hannahboo says:   22 November 2009   180140  
awww thats sooo sad
HollyInHorrorLand says:   23 November 2009   958731  
Thanks so much :3
(= ty
Thanks :D 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   24 November 2009   135348  
I'd just like to point out: Grammar fail.
Also, children don't develop conciousness fully until they learn how
to express their thoughts in words, e.i. not when they aren't born.
I'm not saying babies don't think, but thought patterns aren't
detected in newborns.
‹Miscellatheistic Theologist› says:   12 December 2009   183998  
life has no real value on the individual scale. couldn't care less
about abortion, really. now ima go take a walk, its raining and colds
ans i like eet  ^^
Yotsubato says:   20 December 2009   783975  
You can't really judge people on what they choose. Stupidity isn't
good, but there are other reasons why they would get pregnant. And
even if you don't and end up having it in an orphanage, that is very
hard and depressing for a child. 
My dad did this show at an orphan adoption fair at some school. One of
the little boys went up to him and said, " What's going on? Am I going
to finally find someone who's going to love me?" It's really sad. He
said it felt like buying animals, seeing which 'one' was good for you.
It's sad both ways but it depends on how you look at things. You truly
don't know how its like until it happens to you and you have to make
the choice.
Hawkeye15 says:   25 December 2009   881224  
I hate how people fight over who's opinions are right instead of
talking and trying to understand each other. Those people end up
missing the entire point of the original topic, which really bugs me.
Unfortunately, aportion is one of these topics.
I am for the most part, against abortion. If you have a job, if you
are married and perfectly healthy, I don't see why you would want to
deny a baby the right to live. Think of the other people who can't
have children that would gladly adopt that baby.
On the other hand, abortion is okay, not really a great choice but
still, if you were raped, had a healt condition that endangered your
life during pregnancy, etc etc . . . Ask yourself this, would you want
to look at the child everyday and remember the pain and embarrasment
you felt when you were raped. I wouldn't.

But anyways, the picture ir really sweet and I like it. The only thing
I can really say is to look at the stomach again. The stomach isn't
right underneath the breasts, it just looks odd to me. Otherwise, very
good job on this. :D
‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   1 January 2010   409455  
Okay, oekaki, but you peoples sob story bullshit is pissing me off.
NOT ALL ABORTION IS THE SAME. For one there is a HUGE difference
between abortion and latent abortion. At 4 months hell yes it's
fucking wrong to have an abortion, THAT is murder. But when your only
like a month in they're not developed at all hardly! I'm not condoning
abortion in ANY way, i see it as wrong, but it's not OUR choice, it's
that persons. Plus, how woulc you feel if your uncle raped you and
then you got pregnant because of that. Would you want that baby? Would
you want it knowing how it got there? There are MANY circumstances of
abortion people! Some is for the greater good!
dark_winged_dragon says:   10 January 2010   883625  
babies, until they come out of the womb, are parisites. You are their
host, and they suck life out of you. Simple as that.
‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   13 January 2010   896177  

Dude, your a douche bag, go fuck yourself. Your the one acting like
you know all the facts and your word is all thats left to say. She
voiced both sides of the argument you arogant piece of shit. If you
can't deal with the fact that somebody thinks differently than you,
maybe you should go die in a hole. 
‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   13 January 2010   879183  

Dude, your a douche bag, go fuck yourself. Your the one acting like
you know all the facts and your word is all thats left to say. She
voiced both sides of the argument you arogant piece of shit. If you
can't deal with the fact that somebody thinks differently than you,
maybe you should go die in a hole. 
‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   13 January 2010   624365  

Dude, your a douche bag, go fuck yourself. Your the one acting like
you know all the facts and your word is all thats left to say. She
voiced both sides of the argument you arogant piece of shit. If you
can't deal with the fact that somebody thinks differently than you,
maybe you should go die in a hole. 
sagebff says:   17 January 2010   397595  
I almost cried reading that.. I showed that to my mom
and my husband.. And my friends..
abortion is MURDER.
and its so sad that she says..
mommy.. I still love you...
‹windofdusk› says:   11 February 2010   184403  

It's not murder after 7 weeks.
Louhoo222_11 says:   16 February 2010   624864  
Oh...this makes me really sad...poor kid. I don't know how to
describe how it made me feel.
‹<3Mad_Hatter<3› says:   7 March 2010   604327  
aFJSdgkhGHLSDK im tired of abortion wars

its your choice
‹*The Girl In The Rainbow Converse*› says:   9 March 2010   618006  
Awwww that's so sad..... *tear*
mikamoru says:   5 April 2010   243093  
this is really sad.... I partly agree with abortion and then again I
don't, it just depends on the siguation.... Like if a couple deciced
to have sex and the girl got pregnant, thats a dumb reason for
abortion, but if someone was raped why would you want to see the
features of your rapeist on your child and live with that memory? And
why put a child through consant rejection at an orphanage or have to
let the adpoted parents deal with the child finding out that they're
an orphan? idk.....
deidarasgurl says:   7 April 2010   872906  
my sister got an abortion..are you calling her a murderer??she's 14
and she got raped.She got raped by a you think abortion
is wrong??THINK about what certain cases like my sis!abortion at 4
month- They should be ashamed and and they're evil and should die!!If
they don't have a reason-they should rot in hell for eternity!!if you
got raped and your really young like my sister and abort the baby at
like 4 WEEKS-okay not murder.the baby hasn't really even formed.
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   17 April 2010   497343  
So sad but like the above said its not all bad, but i know alot of
people who had stupid flings and cheated on their boyfriends and used
abortions as contraceptives thats when it goes to far :/ so sad, its a
life, something that lives and depends on them and they destroy it
like its something they can stop and forget about
Jman440 says:   20 April 2010   134502  
Now that is deep. Kudos to the artist. This is the most beautiful
this I've read in a while. It puts abortion into perspective. Btw I
doubt the mom would go 2 heaven tho.
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   20 April 2010   286022  
Okay. Leave religion out of it. If you are against abortion because
of religion, that's your own choice. Here is how I see it.

Abortion should NOT be illegal. Why? Let's look at it this way. You
all are against it because you think it's murder? It is not murder.
The fetus is not technically alive until it is actually born. It just
has the potential to BECOME a life. How is any different than what a
female does every month for most of her life? It's not, other than the
fact that the egg has been fertilized. Also, what if having the baby
would kill the mom, and quite possibly kill the baby as well. That's
two deaths, not one. Which would you rather have? Another thing. It's
a personal choice. It is the womans body, it should be HER choice on
what she wants to happen to it. What if the woman were to have the
baby, but she couldn't take care of it? What kind of life would that
leaver for the child? Nobody wants to live growing up like that. There
IS adoption, but there are so many children still waiting to be
adopted and the truth is that many of them do not end up in homes.
What if the baby had some type of medical condition? Would you want
him or her to go through a life of pain and suffering? I think not.
The point I'm trying to make here is that either way you might
possibly get a bad situation. Sure, you could not 'kill it' but is it
really any better to force the child to live a life of hardship? NO,
abortion shouldn't be an excuse to get pregnant, but you need to look
at the reason for the abortion. Like it's been said before, every case
is different. It's a choice, and nobody should force somebody to not
have one if it is needed. 

But believe what you want. If it goes against your religion, fine.
Then if you have to face this decision, don't get one. But not
everybody believes as you do. It's their decision, not yours.
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   20 April 2010   858104  
Oh yeah, then there's rape. Who would want to care for a child that
would remind them of that?
xXx___BrokenWings___xXx says:   8 May 2010   643136  
wtf one of my best friends was born from her mom getting raped and
they still luv each other more than anthing :
xXx___BrokenWings___xXx says :   8 May 2010   603188  
this is a little.....depressing

i luv it tho good job
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